Do you have a library of beautiful pattern books with no yardage information included to help you make informed yarn substitutions? Our Yarn Info Finder's aim is to provide you with as much information as we can about yarns used in pattern books in current circulation. Below is a list of yarns we have found gauge, yardage, and ball size information for. Whenever possible, we have also included fibre content and needle size information too. Just click the plus sign beside each yarn name below, and yarn substitution information will appear.

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Laines du Nord Amerino  
Laines du Nord Bebette  
Laines du Nord Cleo  
Laines du Nord Eros  
Laines du Nord Follia  
Laines du Nord Giglio  
Laines du Nord Kiddy Print  
Laines du Nord Lampi  
Laines du Nord Madras  
Laines du Nord Modella  
Laines du Nord Ombre  
Laines du Nord Opaline  
Laines du Nord Papavero  
Laines du Nord Portofino  
Lana Gatto Algeri  
Lana Gatto Ambra  
Lana Gatto Aquamarina  
Lana Gatto Camel Hair  
Lana Gatto Class  
Lana Gatto Colorado  
Lana Gatto Cucciolo  
Lana Gatto Cucciolo Stampato  
Lana Gatto Dakar  
Lana Gatto Damasco  
Lana Gatto Germania  
Lana Gatto Illinois  
Lana Gatto Inghilterra  
Lana Gatto Kansas  
Lana Gatto Louisiana  
Lana Gatto Macrame  
Lana Gatto Mignon  
Lana Gatto Mohair Royal  
Lana Gatto Montana  
Lana Gatto Opale  
Lana Gatto Socks  
Lana Gatto Super Soft  
Lana Gatto Washington  
Lana Gatto Wool Gatto  
Lana Grossa Basics Stop/ Stop Print  
Lana Grossa Benduccia  
Lana Grossa Binario  
Lana Grossa Binario Print  
Lana Grossa Bingo Mouline/ Bingo Print  
Lana Grossa Bingo/ Bingo Chine  
Lana Grossa Boots Stretch  
Lana Grossa Boston Basics  
Lana Grossa Caldo/ Caldo Print  
Lana Grossa Caramella  
Lana Grossa Caramella Print  
Lana Grossa Cat  
Lana Grossa Colore/ Colore Stripes  
Lana Grossa Cool Wool 2000  
Lana Grossa Cool Wool 2000 Print  
Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big  
Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big Print  
Lana Grossa Couture  
Lana Grossa Dasolo Stripes  
Lana Grossa Dasolo/ Dasolo Print  
Lana Grossa Dito/ Dito Print  
Lana Grossa Domino  
Lana Grossa Doppio  
Lana Grossa Due Print  
Lana Grossa Due/ Due Chine  
Lana Grossa Easy/ Easy Print  
Lana Grossa Elastico/ Elastico Print  
Lana Grossa Estivo/ Estivo Print  
Lana Grossa Fancy/ Fancy Print  
Lana Grossa Favola/ Favola Print  
Lana Grossa Fresco  
Lana Grossa Fumo/ Fumo Print  
Lana Grossa Funky/ Funky Print  
Lana Grossa HP 31 Basics/ Basics Print  
Lana Grossa India Cotton/ India Cotton Print  
Lana Grossa India Ribbon  
Lana Grossa Inserto  
Lana Grossa Joker/ Joker Print  
Lana Grossa Kidair  
Lana Grossa Klimatika  
Lana Grossa Leggero Bambino  
Lana Grossa Leggero Stripes  
Lana Grossa Leggero/ Leggero Print  
Lana Grossa Lucido  
Lana Grossa Luna  
Lana Grossa Lux  
Lana Grossa Mega Fiamma  
Lana Grossa Mega Stoppino  
Lana Grossa Mega Stoppino Print  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit 6 Ply Fun  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit 6 Ply Fun & Stripes  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit 6 Ply Multijacquard  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit 6 Ply Tweed  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Colortweed  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy   
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Fondo  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Fun  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Maya  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Multiringle  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Spirit Basics  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boots  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Wool  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Wool Fun  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Wool Fun & Stripes  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Wool Mouline  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Wool Multi-Effekt  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Wool Multijacquard  
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Wool Tweed  
Lana Grossa Micro Lungo  
Lana Grossa Mix Up  
Lana Grossa Mix Up Plus  
Lana Grossa Multicot/ Multicot Print  
Lana Grossa New Cotton/ New Cotton Print  
Lana Grossa Nicole  
Lana Grossa Niki  
Lana Grossa Numero Uno  
Lana Grossa Numero Uno Fancy  
Lana Grossa Numero Uno Print  
Lana Grossa Numero Uno Tweed  
Lana Grossa Nuovo  
Lana Grossa Nuovo Print  
Lana Grossa Opaco (1)  
Lana Grossa Opaco (2)  
Lana Grossa Opaco Print  
Lana Grossa Palma  
Lana Grossa Pashmina  
Lana Grossa Pastello  
Lana Grossa Pep Blocco  
Lana Grossa Pep Color/ Pep Print  
Lana Grossa Pep Lusso  
Lana Grossa Pep Special/ Pep Tiger  
Lana Grossa Pep Stripes  
Lana Grossa Pep/ Pep Leo  
Lana Grossa Perla  
Lana Grossa Piccolo/ Piccolo Print (1)  
Lana Grossa Piccolo/ Piccolo Print (2)  
Lana Grossa Point/ Point Print  
Lana Grossa Pon Pon/ Pon Pon Print   
Lana Grossa Presto  
Lana Grossa Pulcino  
Lana Grossa Quattro/ Quattro Print (1)  
Lana Grossa Quattro/ Quattro Print (2)  
Lana Grossa Quick/ Quick Print  
Lana Grossa Rainbow  
Lana Grossa Ritz  
Lana Grossa River  
Lana Grossa Rotonda/ Rotonda Print  
Lana Grossa Royal Tweed  
Lana Grossa Silk  
Lana Grossa Soft Cotton/ Soft Cotton Print  
Lana Grossa Telaio Print  
Lana Grossa Tender  
Lana Grossa Tender Bicolore  
Lana Grossa Tiramasu/ Tiramisu Print  
Lana Grossa Toccata Fino  
Lana Grossa Toccata Soft Print  
Lana Grossa Toccata/ Toccata Print  
Lana Grossa Tratto  
Lana Grossa Tre  
Lana Grossa Tre Mouline/ Tre Print  
Lana Grossa Trefilo  
Lana Grossa Twin/ Twin Print  
Lana Grossa Veneto  
Lana Grossa Venezia/ Venezia Color  
Lanas Stop Duo Bambu  
Lanas Stop Flock  
Lanas Stop Indigo  
Lanas Stop Isis  
Lanas Stop Koala  
Lanas Stop Mink  
Lanas Stop Moon  
Lanas Stop Rabbit  
Lanas Stop Seal  
Lang Yans Artemis  
Lang Yarns Aiko  
Lang Yarns Alexa  
Lang Yarns Alpaca Superlight  
Lang Yarns Alpaca Superlight Lame  
Lang Yarns Amalfi  
Lang Yarns Amber  
Lang Yarns Anais  
Lang Yarns Andina  
Lang Yarns Anouk  
Lang Yarns Aria  
Lang Yarns Arktis  
Lang Yarns Arte  
Lang Yarns Astrakan  
Lang Yarns Baccara  
Lang Yarns Bambini  
Lang Yarns Bebe Fantasy  
Lang Yarns Bebe Fantasy Print  
Lang Yarns Bebe Lang  
Lang Yarns Bebe Lang Color  
Lang Yarns Bebe Lang Jacquard  
Lang Yarns Big Cotton  
Lang Yarns Bombastic  
Lang Yarns Cabana  
Lang Yarns Calypso  
Lang Yarns Carezza  
Lang Yarns Cashmere  
Lang Yarns Cashmere Classic  
Lang Yarns Cashmere Luxe  
Lang Yarns Cashwool  
Lang Yarns Colora  
Lang Yarns Cotone  
Lang Yarns Delta  
Lang Yarns Denim Cotton  
Lang Yarns Donegal  
Lang Yarns Estio  
Lang Yarns Estrella  
Lang Yarns Eve Color  
Lang Yarns Evita  
Lang Yarns Exotic  
Lang Yarns Fantomas  
Lang Yarns Fantomas Colors  
Lang Yarns Fay  
Lang Yarns Filo  
Lang Yarns Filo Color  
Lang Yarns Fiorina  
Lang Yarns Fiorina Color  
Lang Yarns Fox  
Lang Yarns Franca  
Lang Yarns Furore  
Lang Yarns Furore Fantasy  
Lang Yarns Golf  
Lang Yarns Graffiti  
Lang Yarns Ivana  
Lang Yarns Java  
Lang Yarns Java Color  
Lang Yarns Jawoll  
Lang Yarns Jawoll Color  
Lang Yarns Jawoll Color Aktion  
Lang Yarns Jawoll Cotton  
Lang Yarns Jawoll Jacquard  
Lang Yarns Jawoll Jacquard & Stripes  
Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic & Degrade  
Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic 6 Ply  
Lang Yarns Jawoll Reinforcement Bobbins  
Lang Yarns Jawoll Sport  
Lang Yarns Joy  
Lang Yarns Korfu  
Lang Yarns La Paz  
Lang Yarns Lanalux  
Lang Yarns Lara  
Lang Yarns Latino  
Lang Yarns Lea  
Lang Yarns Linda  
Lang Yarns Lino Royal  
Lang Yarns Loft  
Lang Yarns Lulu  
Lang Yarns Lurex  
Lang Yarns Lyon  
Lang Yarns Malou  
Lang Yarns Marisa  
Lang Yarns Marisa Color  
Lang Yarns Max  
Lang Yarns Max Color  
Lang Yarns Max Mouline  
Lang Yarns Maxima  
Lang Yarns Merino  
Lang Yarns Merino 400 Lace  
Lang Yarns Merino Color  
Lang Yarns Merino+  
Lang Yarns Mila  
Lang Yarns Mille Colori  
Lang Yarns Mille Colori Big  
Lang Yarns Mille Colori Socks & Lace  
Lang Yarns Mille Fiamme  
Lang Yarns Moana  
Lang Yarns Montana  
Lang Yarns Moon  
Lang Yarns Mosaico  
Lang Yarns Musica  
Lang Yarns Musica Color  
Lang Yarns Nobile  
Lang Yarns Novena  
Lang Yarns Nuvola  
Lang Yarns Opal  
Lang Yarns Opal Color  
Lang Yarns Opal Maxi  
Lang Yarns Pareo & Pareo Color  
Lang Yarns Passione  
Lang Yarns Piuma  
Lang Yarns Polar  
Lang Yarns Polar Color  
Lang Yarns Polar Fantasy  
Lang Yarns Polar Fantasy Print  
Lang Yarns Polar Mouline  
Lang Yarns Polar Tweed  
Lang Yarns Prisma  
Lang Yarns Roma  
Lang Yarns Samea  
Lang Yarns Saskia  
Lang Yarns Seta Tweed  
Lang Yarns Sierra  
Lang Yarns Sol Degrade  
Lang Yarns Stella  
Lang Yarns Studio  
Lang Yarns Supreme  
Lang Yarns Tahoma  
Lang Yarns Teddy  
Lang Yarns Thema Nuova  
Lang Yarns Thema Nuova Color  
Lang Yarns Tiffany  
Lang Yarns Time  
Lang Yarns Tonga  
Lang Yarns Tosca Light  
Lang Yarns Trinidad  
Lang Yarns Twin  
Lang Yarns Twin Color  
Lang Yarns Venezia  
Lang Yarns Vento  
Lang Yarns Venus  
Lang Yarns Vision  
Lang Yarns Viva  
Lang Yarns Xenia  
Lang Yarns Yak  
Lily Sugar'n Cream - Scents  
Lily Sugar'n Cream - Stripes  
Lily Sugar'n Cream - Twists  
Lily Sugar'n Cream Cones  
Lily Sugar'n Cream Original - Ombres & Print  
Lily Sugar'n Cream Original - Solids  
Lily Sugar'n Cream Super Size - Ombre  
Lily Sugar'n Cream Super Size - Solids  
Lily Sugar'n Cream Super Size - Stripes  
Lily Sugar'n Cream Super Size - Twists  
Lion Brand Al-Pa-Ka  
Lion Brand Babysoft  
Lion Brand Babysoft Print  
Lion Brand BIG  
Lion Brand BIG Print  
Lion Brand Bolero  
Lion Brand Chenille Sensations  
Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick  
Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick Print  
Lion Brand Chunky USA  
Lion Brand Colorwaves (1)  
Lion Brand Colorwaves (2)  
Lion Brand Cotton Thick & Quick  
Lion Brand Cotton Thick & Quick Multi  
Lion Brand Cotton-Ease  
Lion Brand da Vinci  
Lion Brand Fancy Fur  
Lion Brand Festive Fur  
Lion Brand Fettuccini  
Lion Brand Fishermens Wool  
Lion Brand Fun Fetti  
Lion Brand Fun Fur  
Lion Brand Fun Fur Print  
Lion Brand Glitterspun  
Lion Brand Homespun  
Lion Brand Homespun Baby  
Lion Brand Imagine  
Lion Brand Incredible  
Lion Brand Jamie 4 Ply  
Lion Brand Jamie Baby  
Lion Brand Jamie Baby Pompadour  
Lion Brand Jamie Baby Pompadour Print  
Lion Brand Jamie Baby Print  
Lion Brand Jamie Classic  
Lion Brand Jamie Pompadour  
Lion Brand Jamie Pompadour Bonus Bundle  
Lion Brand Jamie Pompadour Bonus Bundle Print  
Lion Brand Jamie Pompadour Print  
Lion Brand Jiffy  
Lion Brand Jiffy Heather/ Multi  
Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick  
Lion Brand Kool Wool  
Lion Brand Lamé  
Lion Brand Landscapes  
Lion Brand Lion Boucle  
Lion Brand Lion Cashmere Blend  
Lion Brand Lion Chenille  
Lion Brand Lion Cotton  
Lion Brand Lion Cotton 1-lb Cones  
Lion Brand Lion Cotton Multi  
Lion Brand Lion Crochet Cotton  
Lion Brand Lion Suede  
Lion Brand Lion Suede Print  
Lion Brand Lion Wool  
Lion Brand Lion Wool Print  
Lion Brand Magic Stripes  
Lion Brand Microspun  
Lion Brand Monet  
Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair  
Lion Brand Mystery  
Lion Brand PolarSpun  
Lion Brand Pound of Love  
Lion Brand Terryspun  
Lion Brand Tiffany  
Lion Brand Trellis  
Lion Brand Velvetspun  
Lion Brand Watercolors  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Frost  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Glitter  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Heather  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Multi  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Mushroom/ Wheat  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Print  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Rainbow Mist  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight Frost  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight Heather  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight Multi  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight Mushroom  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight Print  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight Wheat  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight White  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sprinkles  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Heather  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Twist  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Wheat  
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Twist  
Lion Brand Woolspun  
Lotus Yarns Autumn Wind  
Lotus Yarns Bamyak  
Lotus Yarns Miya  
Lotus Yarns Pure Cashmere DK  
Lotus Yarns Sunset  
Lotus Yarns Tibetan Yak  
Lotus Yarns Winter Sun DK  
Louisa Harding Aimee  
Louisa Harding Albero  
Louisa Harding Amitola  
Louisa Harding Castello  
Louisa Harding Colline  
Louisa Harding Delphine  
Louisa Harding Fauve  
Louisa Harding Fleuris  
Louisa Harding Flotsam  
Louisa Harding Glisten  
Louisa Harding Grace Hand Beaded  
Louisa Harding Grace Hand Dyed  
Louisa Harding Grace Wool & Silk  
Louisa Harding Ianthe  
Louisa Harding Jasmine  
Louisa Harding Jesse  
Louisa Harding Kashmir Baby  
Louisa Harding Kashmir DK  
Louisa Harding Kimono Angora  
Louisa Harding Kimono Ribbon  
Louisa Harding La Salute  
Louisa Harding La Salute Quattro  
Louisa Harding lanthe  
Louisa Harding Liberty  
Louisa Harding Merletto  
Louisa Harding Mila  
Louisa Harding Millais  
Louisa Harding Mulberry Hand Beaded  
Louisa Harding Mulberry Silk  
Louisa Harding Nautical Cotton  
Louisa Harding Nerissa  
Louisa Harding Ondine  
Louisa Harding Orielle  
Louisa Harding Rossetti  
Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon  
Louisa Harding Simonetta  
Louisa Harding Thalia  
Louisa Harding Thistle  
Louisa Harding Willow Tweed