Do you have yarns in your stash previously purchased from Elann? Perhaps you're having trouble deciphering the washing instructions on a ball label, or perhaps you're wondering what the yarn's recommended tension is. Over the years, we've offered many beautiful yarns, and we have kept useful information about them on file. Below is a list of these yarns. Just click the plus sign beside each yarn name below, and full fibre, care, gauge, and yardage information will display.

For some of the yarns we've offered in the past, the possibility exists that we'll be able to re-stock. When this is the case, you'll see an envelope icon in front of the yarn name. Just click on the envelope, and you'll be notified if we bring in new stock.

Product Name Started By:

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Kaido Lame  
Karabella Yarns Aurora 8 Space Dyed  
Karabella Yarns Boise  
Karabella Yarns Empire Silk  
Karabella Yarns Lace Mohair  
Karabella Yarns Manipur  
Karabella Yarns Mirage  
Karabella Yarns Puffy  
Karabella Yarns Soft Tweed  
Karabella Yarns Supercashmere Fine  
Katia Alba  
Katia Alpina  
Katia Ancla  
Katia Baltimore  
Katia Beetle  
Katia Bolero  
Katia Bonita  
Katia Bufalo  
Katia Calipso  
Katia Capri  
Katia Caribe  
Katia Cindy  
Katia Colorado  
Katia Colorado Tweed  
Katia Country  
Katia Damasco  
Katia Danubio Style  
Katia Denim  
Katia Diva  
Katia Dolby  
Katia Extra Pel  
Katia Fanny  
Katia Firenze  
Katia Florida  
Katia Granada  
Katia Himalaya  
Katia Himalaya Style  
Katia Hippy  
Katia Idea  
Katia Idea Jeans  
Katia Idea Mix  
Katia Idea Mix  
Katia India  
Katia Irish Tweed  
Katia Jet  
Katia Joya  
Katia Memory  
Katia Mississippi  
Katia Mississippi 3  
Katia Niebla  
Katia Ola  
Katia Papiro  
Katia Park Avenue  
Katia Pisco  
Katia Portofino  
Katia Promesa  
Katia Regata  
Katia Reno  
Katia Reno Plus  
Katia Rumba Mix  
Katia Scala  
Katia Scotch  
Katia Serpentina  
Katia Sevilla  
Katia Sherry  
Katia Soft  
Katia Sonrisa  
Katia Sport Cotton  
Katia Spray  
Katia Surf  
Katia Swing  
Katia Tecno Fur  
Katia Terra  
Katia Twist  
Katia Venecia  
Katia Venecia  
Katia Venus  
Katia VIP  
Katia Zarina  
KFI Ella Rae Angora Extra  
KFI Ella Rae Kasbah  
KFI Ella Rae Shibu  
KFI Jumbo Merino  
King Cole Anti-Tickle Merino Blend  
King Cole Carolina Cotton  
Knit One Crochet Too Arabesque  
Knit One Crochet Too Camelino  
Knit One Crochet Too Douceur Swirls  
Knit One Crochet Too Fringe  
Knit One Crochet Too Geologee  
Knit One Crochet Too Linus  
Knit One Crochet Too Merino Gold  
Knit One Crochet Too Mousse  
Knit One Crochet Too Pure Cashmere  
Knit One Crochet Too Temptation  
Knit One Crochet Too USDK  
Knitting Fever Euro Yarns Thick n Quick Merino