Knitting Lessons
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Knitting Lessons

Knitting Lessons

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By Lela Nargi

Tales from the knitting path. This book is not a set of instructions on how to knit. Instead, the author invites readers on a journey through the varied worlds of knitting and visits with the people who take obsessive pleasure in learning and mastering the ancient craft of knitting. She seeks to discover just what it is about the practice of knitting that draws people in and keeps them returning day after day to their yarn. Such intriguing chapter headings as “Williamsburg Diary – So Begins a Fetish” and “A Visit to Los Feliz, and All Around L.A. – The Addiction Deepens” will draw you into the pages of this very readable book. The book is completed with a bibliography and tips on a final page titled “So You Want to Learn How to Knit?” Hardcover. Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, 2003.

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