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6/27/2014 6:10:50 PM
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I have just finished knitting a shawl / poncho (my own pattern) and I wish to add buttons so that I can wear it several different ways. I have not been able to purchase any buttons that I like (I live in a rural remote part of Australia). I want to make my own buttons (round like a ball) out of the same yarn and add some glass seed beads that I already have to dress up the buttons. I am happy to either knit or crochet the buttons as the shawl/poncho is knitted and has a crocheted edging. I want the buttons to be about 1/5 cm in diameter.
I have used lace weight yarn doubled for the garment. I have tried making a bobble in crochet but these do not end up round and don't look right.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. I think I have found a solution, I found some round buttons and knitted a small square in the same wool and then used one of the threads on the end as a draw string (by threading it in and out of the border of the square with a sewing needle) to pull the knitted square to cover the whole button and tied off underneath. I then sewed the buttons on the garment with the left over draw string. I tried knitting the beads into the square but it didn't looks as good as I though it would, so I made the squares without the beads.
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