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7/16/2012 8:43:36 PM
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Fibre Content: 100% Pima Cotton
Made In: Chile
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 16 st/4 inches 5.00 mm (US 8)
Yardage: 133 m (145 yards)
Size: 100 g (3.5 oz) skein
Price: US$4.18

Big 100g skeins of quick-knitting chunky weight, kettle-dyed, pure pima cotton!

Standard price for this yarn is US$11.95 - elann.com discounted price saves you as much as 65%!

Unblocked, Blocked and Ravelry.com yarn page

So much for bulky cottons yarns. I can see this making beautiful cardigans or sweaters that will end up sagging down to your knees! That being said, it really is a pretty nice yarn. Accessories? Baby blankets? Just not sweaters, unless you’re willing to knit it at a very tight gauge.

One discrepancy to note right away, an annoyance more than anything, but the Elann gauge is for 16 stitches/4 inches on US8’s. On the other hand, Ravelry’s yarn page lists a gauge range of 16-20 stitches/4 inches on US6-9’s. So I was a bit confused what size needles to use. If I’m really supposed to get 16s/4 with the 9’s, then how am I supposed to get it using the 8’s? So I decided to swatch using the Elann stated gauge. Yep, didn’t really get gauge.

The ply, which you can see in the unblocked picture, is 5 or 6 strands; periodically within one ply of finer cotton, a thicker, fluffier ply is spun in. It runs for a bit that way, sometimes overlapping a bit, before going back to just the thinner plies. This makes the yarn more of a thick/thin, but not so much so that it’s really noticeable in the final swatch. It gives it more of a rustic finish, rather than smooth. Because of the fluffier parts, the hand is rather nice, with just a bit of give. I still wouldn’t want to do any k3tog, though.

It blocked out pretty evenly, and was very soft, especially after the pill test. But, it pilled like the devil. (Can you imagine a little horned red man with tiny woolie pills all over?) Comments confirm this.

I couldn’t break it. The finer plies are a bit shiny, so I’m thinking they are mercerized. I didn’t split it, which surprised me. Many comments have this yarn as splitting like crazy. It did frog well, but I only ripped 3 rows one time. If you are going to frog more than once, it may start to fuzz up on you.

Other comments had it shedding, which I didn’t have a problem with. Of course, I only had about 10 yds, so that probably isn’t indicative of what 10 skeins worth might do to your black pants.

At 145 yds, it’s pretty economical. Bulky cottons, and even some worsted weight cottons, usually come with far less yardage. Fewer tails to weave in!

- US8 (5mm) metal
- Unblocked gauge - 16s/3.25”, 6.5rpi
- Blocked gauge - 16s/3.75”, 7rpi
- Could not break
- Will pill
- Thick and thin, rustic
- Good yardage
- Frogged well
- May shed
- Very soft
- Nice hand
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