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Christmas Blanket

Contest Entry: Summer 2013 Designer Contest

Knitter/Crocheter: diedre
Gauge: DK / 8 Ply
Project Type: Afghans
Project For: Home D├ęcor
Yarn Used: Peruvian Pure Alpaca
Pattern Used: Original design

This blanket is made entirely of alpaca. It was knitted into squares, which were then sewn together. It is lined in cotton on the backside. The corners of each square are quilted. Once the squares were assembled, I edged it with a cable stitch. There are three scenes and two end sections. The center is a Christmas tree and the immediate attached squares are a combination of holly design. The corner sections have stars done in reverse SS. The lower is Santa with sleigh and reindeer. The top section is a house & trees covered in snow. The strip at the bottom contains the final lines from A BISHOPS WIFE. It took 3 yrs working on it off and on to finish.

7/25/2013 9:37:04 PM
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Your blanket is just beautiful, great job!
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