elann.com has been the online knitting community's standard for excellence in quality, value, and service since 1995. Every day, we strive to offer you yarns you'll love at prices you'll adore! elann.com offers you the best of all possible worlds by offering you two distinct yarn collections:

Our Market Collection - name brand yarns at amazing discounts.
From a host of internationally loved and trusted yarn companies, you'll find the very best the knitting yarn market has to offer, here at elann.com, at greatly reduced prices. Often these are discontinued lines and colors, and occasionally, they are special volume purchases of current market favorites.

Our elann.com Collection - quality yarns, spun for elann.com at fabulous savings.
From renowned and trusted mills the world over, we purchase top quality yarns in large volume, and then we pass the savings on to you. Through our own mill-direct collection, we strive to offer you the weights, colors and fibre mixes you want most, at the lowest possible prices.

New, Low Flat-Rates on Shipping
Now, regardless of where you're ordering from, elann.com offers you low flat rates, based on the weight of your order - see our rates! In addition, we save you even more on shipping by offering you the option of combining all orders placed within one of our two daily 12 hour processing windows - learn more!

Don't Miss Out
We offer something new almost every day of the week at 9:00 am Pacific Time! Find our newest yarns quickly with our What's New feature index, and stay in the loop by subscribing to our Email Updates. Visit our website often and preview what's coming next on our Sneak Peeks page!

Samples are available through our Sample Snips Subscription and our Sample Skeins Subscription, and for many of our elann.com Collection yarns, we offer Shade Cards.

Previously Offered Yarns
A list of yarns we've previously offered is displayed in our Yarn Archive. For those yarns where the possibility exists that we'll be able to re-stock, you'll see an envelope icon in front of the yarn name. Just click on the envelope, and you'll be notified if we bring in new stock.

Yarn Search
It's simple to find exactly the right yarn for your projects at elann.com. Whether you prefer to search by fibre, search by gauge, search by color, or combinations of all of these, you'll find our Yarn Search Engine is just what you've been looking for! For information about choosing the best yarn for your project, and how to determine how much yarn you need to buy, see our Yarn FAQs page, and for more information on fibres, see our Fibre Facts page.