Logging In

To Log in, click on the "member LOG-IN" option in the top right corner of the page. Enter the email address you use for your account, and the password you selected, then click "Login".

To View Your Cart

After logging in, click on the "View Cart" option at the top center of the page.

Adding Items to Your Cart

To add items to your shopping cart, type the quantity you desire in the quantity window displayed on the product page, and then click the "add to cart" button. For products available in different colors or sizes, you may enter the desired quantity for each color or size you would like to purchase at one time, adding them all to your cart with one click. Each time you click "add to cart, " you will be taken to your cart page.

Updating Quantities in Your Cart

When viewing your cart, each item you have added is listed with the quantity initially added. To update the quantity, simply change the number in the quantity field and click "Re-calculate" immediately above the "Check Out" button. You may update your entire cart with one click.

If you have proceeded to the check-out page and would like to change the quantity of an item, click on "Change quantity of items" in the lower left of your screen, and follow the above instructions.

Removing Items from Your Cart

When viewing your cart, you have two options for removing items:

If you have placed several variations of the same item in your cart (i.e., different colors of the same yarn, or different sizes of the same brand knitting needles) and would like to remove them all, simply click the "remove" option to the right of the item's heading. Doing so will remove every item that falls under that heading from your cart.

If you would like to remove single items, click the "remove" option directly right of that item's description from your cart.

Continue Shopping

Click on the "Continue Shopping" button at the bottom right of your shopping cart or your check out page.

Merging Multiple Orders

Elann orders are processed in 12 hour batches at 12 noon and 12 midnight Pacific Standard Time. At noon and at midnight each day, orders are closed for shipment, but until that time, you may add to your order to have everything shipped together to save on shipping costs.

If you've just placed an order and need to add to it, and your order has not yet been designated "closed for shipment" in your order history, you will be able to place a second order, choosing the same shipping method as you chose for the first order, and you'll be automatically asked at the checkout if you want your second order merged with the first to save on shipping charges. Just be sure to choose the same shipping method for your second order as you chose for your first, so that both orders can be shipped as one.


Problems with Pop-Up Windows

First, be sure that your pop-up blocking software is turned off, or add to your list of websites from which to accept pop-ups.

Sometimes pop-up windows can take a little time to load, particularly if your connection is a dial-up. Try giving your first click a little time before trying to open a second window. Having more than one or two windows open at a time can also sometimes be the cause of problems for subsequent openings.

Our pop-up windows open on a Java Script command. Check the settings for your browser to be sure it is Java-script enabled.

Pop-up window problems may also be caused by an error occurring in your browser. Try shutting down your browser, re-opening it, and then opening just one pop-up window at a time (i.e. be sure to give the first window time to open, and then close it after moving onto another pop-up window selection).

Registration Problems

If you've tried to register, but each time you click "Your Cart" you are asked to register anew, your information has not been registered with us successfully. In order to register successfully, your browser must be set to accept cookies. This site uses temporary cookies to remember what products you have in your shopping cart. Rest assured that we do not store any other information but the contents of your cart on these temporary cookies.

If you've recently downloaded a new browser version, it may not yet be set to accept cookies, and it may just need to be set to accept cookies to allow you to go to the checkout.

Difficulty in Printing Free Patterns

If you are finding that part of the pattern instructions are cut off on the right hand side when you print our free patterns, do not print by clicking the printer icon at the top of your browser. Instead, call up the print command by choosing "File" and then "Print" from your browser menu. This way, you'll have the option of choosing to print the patterns in "Landscape" orientation (11" x 8 1/2").