Do you have yarns in your stash previously purchased from Elann? Perhaps you're having trouble deciphering the washing instructions on a ball label, or perhaps you're wondering what the yarn's recommended tension is. Over the years, we've offered many beautiful yarns, and we have kept useful information about them on file. Below is a list of these yarns. Just click the plus sign beside each yarn name below, and full fibre, care, gauge, and yardage information will display.

For some of the yarns we've offered in the past, the possibility exists that we'll be able to re-stock. When this is the case, you'll see an envelope icon in front of the yarn name. Just click on the envelope, and you'll be notified if we bring in new stock.

Product Name Started By:

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R2 Fuzzi Felt, from Rowan Yarns  
Real Indigo Cotton - 4oz Skein  
Real Indigo Cotton on Cone  
Reynolds Garden Tweed  
Reynolds Mandalay  
Reynolds Ole-Ole  
Reynolds Pebble Beach  
Reynolds Saucy  
Reynolds Saucy Swirl  
Reynolds Soft Touch  
Rodel Baby-Merino Superwash  
Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran  
Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic DK  
Rowan Amy Butler Sweet Harmony  
Rowan Bamboo Tape  
Rowan Big Wool  
Rowan Big Wool Fusion  
Rowan Big Wool Tuft  
Rowan Biggy Print  
Rowan Calmer  
Rowan Chunky Cotton Chenille  
Rowan Chunky Print  
Rowan Classic Yarns Cashcotton 4 Ply  
Rowan Classic Yarns Cashcotton DK  
Rowan Classic Yarns Cashsoft 4 Ply  
Rowan Classic Yarns Cashsoft Aran  
Rowan Classic Yarns Cashsoft DK  
Rowan Classic Yarns Cotton Jeans  
Rowan Classic Yarns Luxury Cotton DK  
Rowan Classic Yarns Silk Wool DK  
Rowan Classic Yarns Soft Lux  
Rowan Classic Yarns Soft Tweed  
Rowan Cork  
Rowan Cotton Braid  
Rowan Cotton Glace  
Rowan Cotton Rope  
Rowan Cotton Tape  
Rowan Designer DK  
Rowan DK Handknit Cotton  
Rowan DK Tweed  
Rowan Donegal Lambswool Tweed  
Rowan Fox Tweed Chunky  
Rowan Holiday  
Rowan Kaffe Fassett Kid/Silk  
Rowan Kidsilk Haze  
Rowan Lenpur Linen  
Rowan Linen Print  
Rowan Magpie Aran  
Rowan Pure Wool DK  
Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton  
Rowan Rowanspun 4 Ply  
Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 Ply  
Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran  
Rowan Scottish Tweed Chunky  
Rowan Silk Twist  
Rowan Silken Tweed  
Rowan Spray  
Rowan Super Chunky Tweed  
Rowan Tapestry  
Rowan Wool and Cotton  
RYC Soft Tweed from Rowan Yarns