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1/10/2014 7:14:45 AM
Alternative to P2Tog TBL? Since I had problems with the **p2tog tbl** (that it looks even and lined up properly) and I know a lot of knitters do too, I did a lot of trying and came up with this solution (I just knit those two sts from the front as follows):

* ... you purl right to the 2 sts you should **p2tog tbl** than **turn your work**, working yarn to the back (you're at the front now) lift off the first st from the front with the left needle, lift off the second st from the back. Put the second st back to the right needle and **knit** the first st, than pass the second st over (Slip / knit / pass over). **Turn your work** and put the last knitted/purled st back to the right needle, pull on the yarn and work your cont. sts on the back side. Sounds more complicated than it is - just try !
This way the k2tog, p2tog and the ssk are lined up nicely and neat.
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