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2/20/2012 2:52:04 PM
Tues 2/21 - Queensland Kathmandu Chunky Fibre Content: 85% Merino Wool/ 10% Silk/ 5% Cashmere
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 14 st/4 inches 6.50mm (US 10.5)
Yardage: 130 m (142 yards)
Size: 100g (3.50 oz) ball
Price: US$6.89

In a rich array of colors, this exotic fibre blend creates a beautifully soft tweed!

Some colors available in lesser quantities - shop early to avoid disappointment!
Standard price for this yarn is US$19.95 - discounted price saves you as much as 65%!

blocked, unblocked & Ravelry link

Ok, so just because I have some DK in my stash doesn’t mean that I am in love with this yarn. Yeah, right! I lied. What’s not to love? Yes, I know, it will probably pill, but geez, this blend is just heavenly. It knit up without a snag, frogged well and just basically behaved all around. The gauge didn’t change after the block, with the fabric just getting squishier as the cashmere bloomed.

The yarn consists of 3 plies and it reminds me of a felted-type yarn. I could knit and purl without looking. It spit splices well (meaning no weaving in ends!). There were quite a few comments giving this yarn some love and a couple that said their sweater grew after blocking in length. As my swatch didn’t budge with blocking, I have to wonder if the problem lies in the weight of the garment pulling it down. Most projects were smaller accessory pieces, so that wouldn’t really happen with those.

One comment specifically mentioned she had been wearing her sweater for a number of years with no pilling at all!! So maybe the slightly felted feel to this yarn helps with that problem. My pill test didn’t really show me any pilling, but the fiber content suggests the opposite.

I kinda like it. You might, too.

- US10.5 (6.5mm)
- pre and postblock gauge: 14s/4”, 5rpi
- Frogged fine for me
- No splitting
- 3 ply, like a felted feeling yarn
- Spit splices well
- Pilling is a possibility, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
- Tons of colors to choose from
2/27/2012 8:45:43 AM
Tues, 2/28 - D Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Chunky Fibre Content: 85% Wool/ 15% Angora
Made In: Ireland
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 12 st/4 inches 6.5mm (US 10.5)
Yardage: 100 m (109 yards)
Size: 100g (3.5 oz) skein
Price: US$6.89

Classic, luxurious tweed yarn spun in Kilcar, Ireland!

Some colors available in lesser quantities - shop early to avoid disappointment! Standard price for this yarn is US$19.95 - discounted price saves you as much as 65%!

Unblocked, Blocked and Yarn Page

(sorry about the crappy cell phone pics)

This was much like last week’s yarn: a tweed with the feel of a “felted” yarn. It’s actually a 2 ply yarn, loosely plied with the tweedy flecks in both plies. In hand, it’s a bit dry, but knits up into a nice fabric. It made my hands feel somewhat dry after knitting with it.

The is not a lot of stitch definition in this. I’m sure cables would be ok, but you’d really lose anything delicate. Not that you can do much “delicate” knitting on a chunky weight. The stitches kind of blurred together, making counting the row gauge interesting. I had no problems with snagging or splitting the yarn. The three rows I frogged didn’t show any signs of it and knit right back up. The pill test did make a lovely halo, but I didn’t get any obvious pillage. Note, however, that it will probably pill in areas where there is friction: underarms, elbows, cuffs.

It’s not an especially springy yarn, but that’s expected from a felted-type. Gauge changed a smidge after blocking, but I didn’t hit gauge to start with on the recommended needles.

Lots of projects, a few comments. Most notably that this yarn has a rustic look and feel to it. I’d agree wholeheartedly. Lots of love, though.

So, with a pretty decent yardage (especially for a Debbie Bliss yarn) and some lovely colors to choose from, if you’re looking for a chunky, you might like this one. Of course, be prepared for the same thing that happened last week.

Crash That's the sound of the website at noon tomorrow

- US10.5 metal
- Unblocked gauge: 12s/3.5”, 4.5rpi
- Blocked gauge: 12s/3.75”, 5rpi
- Frogged well
- Broke easily
- May pill
- Did not split or snag
- Soft after block
- Rustic texture
3/5/2012 4:52:25 PM
Tues, 3/6/12 - Madil Absolute Fibre Content: 70% Pure New Wool/ 30% Cashmere
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 20 st/4 inches 4.0-5.0 mm (US 6-8)
Yardage: 110 m (120 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$3.98

Cashmere and pure new wool for utter luxury! Some colors available in lesser quantities - shop early to avoid disappointment!

Standard price for this yarn is US$11.50 - discounted price saves you as much as 65%!

Unblocked, Blocked & Ravelry Link

I swatched on all three suggested sizes. Unblocked, 6’s gave me 20s/3”5/8ths; 7’s was 20s/3”3/4; 8’s was 20/4”. Came up with gauge finally on the US8’s, but it grew in blocking. That being said, I really like the fabric at all gauges, but for better coverage, with a tighter fabric, choose the 6’s. For just a bit looser fabric, great for something you’ll wear with a shirt under it, the 8’s are still great. I suspect I’d have hit gauge, blocked, with the 7’s.

I expected the yarn to bloom a bit, but found that it. The block smoothed everything out and lined up the stitches evenly. This yarn would hold cables (at a tighter gauge) or lace (at a any gauge) well. It’s an evenly spun 4 ply that didn’t break, snag or split. I frogged it three times going from the 6’s to the 7’s (1), 7 to the 8’s (2) and the BO (3) because I bound off too soon and had too much yarn left. Didn’t show any signs of wear or stitch memory even by the 3rd frog. Actually, if knitting at a looser gauge, you might want to consider that the fabric will sag, since it really didn’t have any stitch memory by the 3rd frog. That would be the cashmere.

This one is going to pill, sadly. Another reason to use the US6’s instead of the 8’s. The tighter the gauge, the less chance of those little fibres popping out to pill. And it’s soft. Baby-bum soft. Peach fuzz soft.

With 16 pretty colors, I’d imagine this one will go. Maybe not as fast as the Kathmandu, but it will go. Did I mention it has cashmere in it and no man-made fibers?

- US8 metal
- Unblocked - 20s/4”, 6.5rpi
- Blocked - 20s/4.25”, 7rpi (only blocked after swatching on the 8’s)
- Did not split
- Could not break
- Will pill
- Soft
- Cashmere!!
3/13/2012 7:10:30 AM
Tues, 3/13 - Grignasco Knits Tweed Fibre Content: 50% New Wool/ 25% Alpaca/ 25% Viscose Rayon
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 16 st/4 inches 5.0-5.5 mm (US 8-9)
Yardage: 78 m (85 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$2.98

Supple and softly draping, with the textural depth of tweed!

Standard price for this yarn is US$9.95 - discounted price saves you as much as 70%!

Unblocked & Blocked

This yarn isn’t in Ravelry’s database, but there are a couple Grignasco Yarns that have the same content, just different weights. This one Elann calls a chunky in their description for the pattern they’ve chosen to go along with this yarn, but it is really a heavy worsted or aran weight, by gauge and needle size.

I had no problems with the 4 plies splitting, since it has a somewhat tight twist and is along the lines of a felted tweed. It spit-spliced nicely. The frogging went smoothly and I could break it easily enough.

The fabric I got was smooth, with even stitches and definition and was dense enough for my tastes, though I did not hit gauge on the smaller needle size. I probably would have on the larger needle size.

No pills or even fuzzing up with the pill test and it is pretty soft, once you block it. Was on the “dry” side while knitting it, as most of these felted-type tweeds have been lately.

I like that the tweed is natural flecks; no weird primary color flecks that you scratch your head over wondering why. There aren’t lots of color choices, but I think this one is worth taking a risk on if there are any colors you like.

- US 8 metal
- Unblocked gauge - 16s/3.5”, 7rpi
- Blocked gauge - 16s/3.75”, 6.5rpi (it grew width and height)
- Frogged well
- Spit-spliced beautifully
- Did not split
- Tighter twist, felted-type 4-ply
- Probably won’t pill
- Even stitches (would look great in cables!)
3/20/2012 7:01:02 AM
Tues, 3/20 - Gedifra Satata Fibre Content: 90% Cotton/ 10% Nylon
Made In: Romania
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 15 st/4 inches 5.0mm-6.0mm (US 8-10)
Yardage: 60 m (65 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$2.38

Unique braided construction creates a stunning cotton fabric!

Preview a total of 11 designs for Satata available now!
Standard price for this yarn is US$7.95 - discounted price saves you as much as 70%!

Unblocked & Blocked

This was a strange one for me. Although it has 90% cotton, it felt much like knitting up a 100% manmade. That 10% nylon is all I felt. The braided chainette construction makes a fabric that looks very much like terry cloth. If I wanted to knit a bathrobe, this would by my yarn (of course, it would be a really expensive bathrobe, unless I made it pretty short). The hand on this was actually quite nice, as the braided construction gave the cotton some give.

This particular braided construction is much like icord, but the yarn is flat, like a ribbon yarn and I couldn’t just unchain it, like I’ve been able to with other chained construction yarns. On big needles, with blunt tips, I had no problems with it catching on the chainettes. It happened only once, on the BO, no less.

Because of the braided feature, it’s impossible to break. I don’t think pilling will be a factor at all, but I do foresee the possibility of snagging and not being able to coax the snag back into place. That would be because the snag would happen in a bit of the braided chain, not with the whole stitch, thereby making it impossible to just play with the stitches on either side of the snag to take up the extra.

The fabric I ended up with was a bit loose and did grow in blocking, which meant I didn’t hit gauge (either before or after!). But seeing what my swatch did with blocking, I know now that I’d have to go down in size to hit gauge and get a fabric that was a bit firmer.

Lace would get lots in this, as would intricate patterns. If you have a bulky cardi pattern, calling for a cotton blend, and don’t mind the look of terrycloth, you could use this one. I suspect it might make a nice summer cardi, and I’d even be tempted to use a looser gauge then (I know, I just contradicted myself), otherwise the weight will make it sag.

Anyone expecting a grandchild could use this for burp cloths or bibs, knit at a tight gauge. The cotton/nylon blend would be easy care! And since gauge wouldn’t be an issue with those type items, I’d throw it in the washer/dryer, too, even though care says to handwash/lay flat dry. Just ton’t tell anyone I mentioned that part, ok?

- US 10 plastic with really blunt tips
- Unblocked gauge: 15s/3.75”, 5rpi
- Blocked gauge: 15s/4.25”, 5.5rpi
- Won’t break
- Won’t pill
- Could snag and not be easily fixed
- Soft enough, with a terry cloth texture
- Easy on the hands
3/25/2012 1:28:56 PM
Tues, 2/28 - D Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Chunky My sample skein did not have a smell, nor does the a yarn I have in my stash. You can wash it first, though that might be a pain. I would set it out and let it air, if possible. Sometimes the dye and oils in the processing can leave a smell. If you have plenty for your project, maybe swatch a small bit and wash it and see if it helps with the odor.
4/1/2012 4:44:52 AM
Tues 4/3 - Nashua Natural Focus Ecologie Cotton Fibre Content: 100% Naturally Dyed Pima Cotton
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash, Cold/ Dry Flat
Knit: 20 st/4 inches 4.0mm (US 6)
Yardage: 100 m (110 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball

Supersoft pure Pima cotton in a sophisticated palette of shade-on-shade, naturally dyed colorways!

Standard price for this yarn is US$8.95 - discounted price saves you as much as 70%!


Unblocked, Blocked, link

This cotton was quite nice to knit. It had a soft enough hand, but I didn’t try anything special with it either. I’m not certain I’d want to try p2togtbl, unless I was working with a much looser gauge. It frogged just fine, but I was having a bit of a problem with it splitting. You can actually see one little loop, in the unblocked photo, on the righthand side of the swatch about halfway up the edge where I didn’t catch all the plies in the stitch. Regardless, there was no stress to my hands/wrists while knitting this one up.

One surprise, which you wouldn’t be able to tell from the pictures at Elann is the subtle shading, even though they do describe the yarn that way (see above). It wasn’t until I got the whole swatch knit that I could see the shading. And it does show in the swatch pictures.

This yarn is 8 plies of 2 plies, with a pretty decent twist, but, as I said, it does split (any cotton with that many plies will tend to split), so you won’t be able to knit this one by feel alone. The stitches were even and smooth and the fabric, prior to it’s bath, seemed to want to bias just a little left, but it could have just been my eyesight last night. It wasn’t biased at all after the blocking bath.

No pills, barely even a halo of tiny little fibers, after my roughing it up for a good long while. It’s nice and soft, too.

I was prepared to not like this one (generally, I’m not a fan of 100% cottons), but I actually do. Maybe because it’s Pima cotton. Maybe because I’m getting soft in my old age. Lots of projects, a couple comments, but all are seeming to love this yarn (beware one comment about dye running in the blocking bath).

- US6 (4mm) metal
- Unblocked gauge: 20s/3.5”, 7.5rpi
- Blocked gauge: 20s/4”, 8rpi (hit it dead on!)
- Soft hand
- Splitting was a problem
- Could not break
- Pilling should be minimal, if any
- Blocks beautifully
- Frogged well
4/10/2012 6:16:34 AM
Tues, 4/10 - Gedifra Licati Fibre Content: 84% Cotton/ 16% Nylon
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 13 st/4 inches 7.0mm-8.0mm (US 10.5-11)
Yardage: 60 m (65 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$2.25

Cotton blend, quick-knitting bulky weight ribbon yarn in a fun palette of variegated colorways!

Standard price for this yarn is US$7.50 - discounted price saves you as much as 70%!

Unblocked, Blocked and Ravelry Link (even if only two people have it stashed and there is only one project)

Not sure why they call it a ribbon yarn, as it’s really a tube that’s flattened in the process of skeining it. And it twists and turns all around while you’re trying to knit with it. It had a few good qualities: it frogged well and it doesn’t split. Since you use gigantic needles, it’s not easy to snag this stuff either, as the tube is knitted at a very tiny gauge. Unless you decide to use lace tips, then you may have a problem.

You can see what I mean at the top of the Unblocked picture. If you snagged this, post completion of a project, it would be mighty difficult to fix, as you’d be snagging the knitted tubing, not necessarily a whole stitch.

While knitting, all I felt was the nylon. Had to actually go looking for fiber content to see if it had something else in it. The unblocked swatch was a bit looser, but oddly enough, really didn’t make a difference in gauge after blocking.

I’m certain there is a place for this yarn in someone’s stash. It just won’t be mine. The fabric is lumpy, bumpy and stitches end up uneven with these “ribbon-type” tube yarns. The short/long color repeats (yep, this had both) makes for weird splotches. Although, if you wanted to knit a snow leopard costume or dalmatian costume, the colorway I received might do the trick.

- US 11 (8mm) plastic, blunt tips
- Unblocked gauge: 13s/3.5”, 4.5rpi
- Blocked gauge: 13s/3.5”, 5rpi (the cotton plumped but didn’t make the swatch any wider, just a little shorter! Weird, huh?)
- Frogged fine
- Lumpy, uneven end fabric
- Flattened, knitted tube “ribbon-type” yarn
- Was easy to knit and fast.
- Didn’t pill
- Can feel the cotton postblock, not really soft
4/16/2012 4:20:13 AM
Tues, 4/17 - Nashua Handknits Zinnia Fibre Content: 74% Cotton/ 26% Nylon
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 15-16 st/4 inches 5.0-5.5mm (US 8-9)
Yardage: 73 m (80 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$2.38

A quick-knitting chunky weight cotton blend boucle with a rich texture and beautifully saturated colors.

Standard price for this yarn is US$7.95 - discounted price saves you as much as 70%!

Unblocked, Blocked and Ravelry link

Not a lot of projects and no comments! This is a pretty typical cotton boucle yarn. It reminded me quite a lot of the Elsebeth Lavold Bamboucle offered awhile ago. The boucle nubs are pretty small, so with blunt tips and larger needles, I had no problems with snagging. It even frogged well enough, not getting too stuck on itself. I did have to be careful with the reinsert of the needle into the stitch loops, though. A couple times, I didn’t get the complete stitch on the first try.

My unblocked swatch came up a bit short on making gauge, but I wasn’t too worried since I figure the cotton in it would make up for it in the wash. I was right. This is why you always want to dunk your swatch and let it dry. Gauge really can change quite a bit after a bath. Although, I do have to say that it was nearly impossible to count row gauge, what with my having the black color to swatch! Had to put a needle through each stitch to count it!

The swatch behaved well after the block, smoothing it out and making it very even. You can see in the unblocked photo how out of shape that little rectangle is. It looks and feels much like terrycloth. The pill test shows it may pill, but who is going to see them on the nubby fabric? LOL The pill test actually helped with the softness. The swatch was a little stiff after it had dried and wasn’t awfully soft. But a good rub and it softened right up. This is probably going to be one of those yarns that gets softer with use. I’ve had cotton sweaters that are stiff as boards once they’ve air dried, but softened right up once I put it on and wore it.

There’s not a whole lot of memory in this yarn, even with the higher nylon content, so it’s not going to hold ribbing well. One project did have cables in it, which surprisingly, showed up well enough, but frankly, I wouldn’t go to the bother. There’s enough going on with a boucle yarn.

Would make great kitchen towels, facecloths, even a summer baby blanket.

- US9 (5.5mm) metal blunt tip
- Preblocked gauge: 15s/3.5”, 5.5rpi
- Blocked gauge: 15s/4”, 5rpi (got gauge, spot on!)
- Will pill (but who will see them?)
- Frogged well
- Be careful of reinserting needles after a full needles-out frog (not just tinking back)
- Did not snag on boucle nubs
- Stiff once dry, softens with use
4/23/2012 8:26:14 AM
Tues, 4/24 - Elsebeth Lavold Cool Wool Fibre Content: 50% Wool/ 50% Cotton
Made In: China
Care: Machine Wash, Cold, Gentle/ Dry Flat
Knit: 20 st/4 inches 4.0mm (US 6)
Yardage: 100 m (109 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$2.78

A perfect balance of wool and cotton for easy care, softness, and superb drape - this worsted weight feels like cotton next to the skin, but knits like wool!

Standard price for this yarn is US$6.95 - discounted price saves you as much as 60%!

Unblocked, Blocked and Ravelry link

(unblocked - on left - and blocked - on right)
unblocked blocked

This was a joy to knit. It definitely knits up like a wool, but you can feel the cotton in it. That being said, comments are not great. Lots of knots and shedding/pilling.

It is very soft. It might help with the shedding to knit at a tighter gauge, but I really like the fabric I got on the suggested needle size. And I hit gauge! Unfortunately, not even 15 seconds of fiercely rubbing the swatch together brought up a nice, big old pill.

The yarn is made up of what looks like four singles plied together, which would account for the pilling. And although the 4 plies have a nice twist, the singles don’t have much twist at all. Another reason for the pilling/shedding.

I had no problems with the frogging. The hand was lovely and stretchy for a 50/50 blend. My fingers didn’t hurt at all after knitting this. And even though it might shed, I couldn’t break it by hand to save my soul. (Yeah, well, my soul could use saving, at times.)

There are plenty of lovely colors. It’s soft to the point of pilling, but knit it tighter and you might fare better. I was going to get some, until I started reading the comments. Reading through the notes on project pages shows more love for this yarn. Lots of comments about wonderful stitch definition and cabling. Not many comments on wear, though.

Now I’m on the proverbial fence. Do I buy or no?

- US6 (4mm) metal
- Unblocked gauge: 20s/3.75”, 7rpi
- Blocked gauge: 20s/4”, 8rpi
- Frogged well
- Did not split stitches
- Will pill
- Very soft
- Between a DK and Worsted weight at suggested needle/gauge.
4/29/2012 6:06:45 PM
Tues, 5/1 - Louisa Harding Merletto Fibre Content: 46% Viscose Rayon/ 34% Nylon/ 20% Linen
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 22 st/4 inches 3.75mm (US 5)
Yardage: 90 m (98 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$3.18

DK weight Merletto blends viscose for sheen, nylon for loft and durability, and linen for perfect polish!

Standard price for this yarn is US$7.95 - Elann discounted price saves you as much as 60%!

Unblocked, Blocked & yarn page

Like many of the comments, the first thing I noticed about this yarn are the hairy strands that stick out. Most think it’s the rayon, but really it’s the linen strands. The rayon and nylon are smooth, but the linen in this is the coarser bits. It is a bit scratchy and you cannot pull all the hairy bits out. Some are spun in well enough, but for that little 1/2” end sticking out. I imagine you could try to shave it once you had a completed item, but it’d be a toss up if that worked. You can really see them in the unblocked picture.

I had no problems with splitting stitches, but I used dull bamboo needles to knit this. But I did have a problem with that when I frogged, as picking up the loops to put them back on the needles did split the stitches. I, generally, pull the needle right out and rip back 2-3 rows for the frog test and sometimes do it twice.

The unblocked fabric was a bit loose with very uneven stitches. It wanted to roll and wobble all over. But the soak helped it behave. Took care of the roll just fine and did improve the stitch definition, but not all that much.

I got gauge (been getting lucky lately!), but if I were to make a top with this, I’d want to go down a needle size. I think this stuff is gonna grow lengthwise. The rayon and nylon being slippery and shiny, along with linen and no memory will make for a knee dragger sweater if you knit it too loosely. If you want a looser, drapier fabric, then knit it a bit shorter than you would normally to account for growth. I didn’t do a growth test on this, but experience tells me you might want to if you want to determine how much shorter to knit something to account for that growth.

I actually didn’t mind knitting with it. The hand was, oddly, soft and knit up quickly, for it being a slightly scratchy yarn. But there is so much rayon and nylon in this that the linen doesn’t kill your hands.

It’s 8 stranded; 2 shiny and 6 matte. I’m thinking the shiny is the nylon and the matte is a combo of the linen and rayon. Could absolutely be wrong though. The pictures on Elann make the yarn look like it has white threads, like a silky tweed, but the yarn is actually dyed all the same color. The different fibers take the dye differently, which makes the shiny nylon seem white in the photos. It’s just picking up the light and reflecting it in the photos as white.

Some of you will like this. For me, there’s not enough linen and I’m not fond of shiny. The colors are pretty.

- US5 (3.75mm)
- Unblocked gauge: 22s/3.75”, 7rpi
- Blocked gauge: 22s/4”, 7.5rpi
- Splits (for me on reinsertion of needle from a frogging)
- Could not break
- A bit scratchy from the linen hairs sticking out
- Won’t pill
- Uneven stitch definition
- Shiny
- Ironically soft hand
5/8/2012 6:07:21 AM
Tues, 5/8 - Elsebeth Lavold Bambool Fibre Content: 80% Bamboo Viscose/ 20% Merino Wool
Made In: China
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 19-21 st/4 inches 3.5-5.0 mm (US 4-8)
Yardage: 84 m (92 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$2.78

A worsted weight blend of bamboo, for incomparable drape and sheen, and merino wool, for just the right touch of elasticity!

Standard price for this yarn is US$6.95 - Elann discounted price saves you as much as 60%!

Unblocked, Blocked and the Ravelry page link

As expected, this yarn was lovely to knit with, having a soft hand and drape. It is a yarn consisting of six 2-plies twisted together. I couldn’t break it and I only had problems with it splitting on the garter edge stitch, as how I inserted my needle would pick up a ply from the purl bump of the stitch below. I didn’t split any knit or purl stitches as I was knitting across the row.

It frogged well, but I did have to pay attention to reinsertion of the needle to make certain I got all 6 plies on correctly. This wouldn’t be a problem if you are just tinking back stitch by stitch. The stitch definition is lovely and the fabric I ended up with still has fluidity and drape, even though I used the smallest recommended needle.

I was tempted to do a hang test to see how much this was going to grow lengthwise, but read through the comments first. It will grow. Take that into account when you are determining your project lengths. The bamboo is a lovely fiber, but not one that has any memory or bounce to it. And the 20% merino in this blend isn’t, IMHO, enough to counteract the weight of the bamboo. I don’t know why bamboo ends up feeling like such a heavy fiber, but it does.

Be aware, too, that while this yarn is assigned a “worsted” category, the gauge/needle size covers both DK/light worsted and Worsted weights. A fabric knit on US8’s in this would be way too loose for clothing where you want coverage, but probably perfect for a lace cardigan or shawl.

One very important point (at least I think it is): I swatched and blocked this at around noon yesterday (Monday, 5/7) and by this morning, as of this writing, the swatch is still damp! Even 100% cottons have dried faster than this swatch. So the pill test has been done with it slightly damp. Even damp, it showed it’s going to pill. And your FO is going to take forever to dry.

Lots of comments about the growth. Some about pilling. Lots of projects. Pretty sheen, without being shiny. YMMV.

- US4 (3.5mm) dull tip bamboo
- Unblocked gauge: 21s/3.5”, 8rpi
- Blocked gauge: 21s/3.75”, 8.5rpi
- Frogged well
- Can split purl bumps in garter stitch
- Could not break
- Takes a long time to dry
- Will pill
- Sheen and drape are beautiful
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5/15/2012 4:21:42 AM
Tues, 5/15 - Schoeller & Stahl Cotton Mix Here is the review on Ravelry that was done when this yarn was first offered a year ago. I concur with the review.

The only thing I might add is that I'm just as confused by bulky weight, short yardage cottons as Geeklet was! So many ends to weave in and russian joins wouldn't help!

I will say, however, that if you are making small projects, like facecloths, burpcloths, bibs, this one would work.
5/21/2012 10:19:59 AM
Tues, 5/22 - Ella Rae Rimini Fibre Content: 50% Cotton/ 45% Viscose Rayon/ 5% Silk
Made In: Romania
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 22 st/4 inches 4.00mm (US 6)
Yardage: 90 m (98 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$2.78

DK weight Rimini boasts cotton for comfort, plied with rayon and a touch of silk for subtle lustre!

Standard price for this yarn is US$6.95 - Elann discounted price saves you as much as 60%!

Unblocked & Blocked

I liked this, but for one thing: splitsville! The twist on this yarn is very loose and it has lots of plies! I’d count, but they can be seen (kinda, sorta) in the unblocked pic.) At this point, I should apologize for the craptastic photos this week. Not feeling well, still, and I just couldn’t get a clear picture. It did have a nice hand while knitting, not a ton of sproing, but still nowhere near feeling like knitting butcher’s twine as some cottons can feel.

Other than having to pay attention so as not to split my stitches (better than busting a stitch, as anyone who has done that after surgery can attest), this yarn worked up nicely. It frogged well, though you have to be careful to get all the plies back on and it kinked a little, but reknit just fine. I had to work really hard to pull up anything even resemble fuzz on the pill test, so my best guess is this will wear well, with little pilling.

Like most cottons, it dried rather stiff, but softened up to be quite lovely as I rubbed it for the pill test. Nice and soft, it ended up. The different fibers in this one each take the dye a little differently so it’s a very subtle tonal, but won’t pool at all because it’s even throughout the yarn.

The only other comment I have is that, with my throwing, the yarn tended to loosen it’s twist even more, so I was really knitting loose strands with nearly no twist. Unusual for me, but not unheard of. Has to do with the type of twist used in the manufacture and if you throw instead of pick. Some yarns can add extra twist. This seemed to do the opposite.

For those who are looking at this one and aren’t opposed to the rayon content, give it a whirl. Just pay attention to your stitches.

- US6 (4mm) bamboo
- Unblocked gauge: 22s/3.75”, 8.5rpi
- Blocked gauge: 22s/4”, 9rpi (hit gauge!)
- Frogged well, but pay attention to reinsertion of needle
- Very unlikely to pill
- Stiff after a wash, but softens with use quite nicely
- Subtle tonal, because of how dye takes to different fibers
- Could not break
- Snagging could present a problem with the loose twist
5/29/2012 6:14:29 AM
Tues, 5/29 - Elann Bamboo Classic Bag Sale Fibre Content: 51.1% Mercerized Cotton/ 48.9% Viscose from Bamboo
Made In: Brazil
Care: Machine Wash, Cold, Gentle/ Dry Flat
Knit: 24 st/ 4 inches 3.5 mm (US 4)
Yardage: 127 m (139 yards) per 50g ball
Size: 10 50g (1.75 oz) balls per bag
Price: US$20.35

A sport weight, with the silky drape of bamboo and the comfort of cotton, for fantastic wearability!

Please note that full bags are returnable only as full bags. Quantities shown indicate number of full bags (10 balls per bag) available. Add “1” to your cart for one full bag.
Standard price for this quality is $5.50 USD per 50g ball - Elann full bag price of $20.35 USD per bag of 10 balls (500g) saves you as much as 63%!

Unblocked and Blocked

Only one major complaint. This yarn splits more than Berroco Comfort, which for me, is the all-time splittiest yarn on the earth. Yes, splittiest probably isn’t a word, but you all know what I mean!

The multiple, loosely spun plies on this made for an interesting knit. I chose the bluntest pair of wooden needles I had and I still had problems. I’d split the purl bump on the garter edge from the stitch below. I’d split the stitch I was trying to put the needle into. I’d split the yarn just trying to wrap it when I threw the yarn. I switch to picking (I can knit both ways) and still split the yarn. The bind off was a nightmare, trying make certain I got all the little loops of the stitch passed over the other stitch and kept all the little loops of the passed over stitch on the needle!

Otherwise, this one was pleasant. LOL! Enough rayon to give it a lovely hand. A pleasant lustre, without making it too slippery to work with on the wooden needles. The stitches were even enough once blocked. I had no problems breaking it with a good tug. One oddity was that I had a couple of the plies that wanted to worm. I have no clue why, but can guess that with a ply this loose, I noticed it was nearly untwisting completely as I wrapped the stitch and maybe wasn’t untwisting evenly enough, causing a ply or two to worm?

Mostly comments are about splitting and slipperiness. Note that this yarn is 4 plies of the cotton and 4 plies of the rayon viscose and each takes the dye differently so it is slightly tonal all the way through. It shouldn’t pool at all though.

My swatch shrank, both in width and in length, which I found odd, as it’s typical for a cotton to gain in width and shrink in length. I suspect it might grow a bit with wear because of the slippery bamboo.

- US4 (3.5mm) blunt tipped wood
- Unblocked gauge: 24s/3.75”, 8.5rpi
- Blocked gauge: 24s/3.625”, 10rpi (way off suggested gauge)
- Broke with a good tug
- Did not pill
- Splitting is a big problem
- Slick and sheen
- Wormed ever so slightly (but it could have just been me)
- Very soft after it’s bath
- Slightly tonal
6/5/2012 7:11:09 AM
Tues 6/5 - Luna Bag Sale Fibre Content: 55% Viscose Rayon/ 45% Cotton
Made In: Brazil
Care: Machine Wash, Cold, Gentle/ Dry Flat
Knit: 21 st/4 inches 3.75 mm (US 5)
Yardage: 97 m (106 yards) per 50g ball
Size: 10 50g (1.75oz) balls per bag
Price: US$22.00

A multi-seasonal DK weight with silken shimmer and a slinky drape!

Featured Design: This lovely crocheted shawl, designed by Flora Yang exclusively for Luna, is available in the Free Patterns Section of our website, while quantities of Luna last. It is worked side to side in an increase and then a decrease section, then edged with a delicate picot border. Suitable for beginning crocheters, its finished measurements are approximately 65” from end to end (23.5” finished length), and it uses 8 balls of Luna.

To purchase remaining single balls of Luna, Click here.
Standard price for this yarn is $5.98 USD per ball - Elann full bag blowout sale price saves you as much as 63%!

Unblocked & Blocked

Ok, ok. Down to bidness. The queue starts over there -------------------------->

Now, mind you, I don’t mind manmade fibers, so long as they add something to the mix. The rayon in this is the darker, shinier plies and it adds just a bit of give, making for a nicer, softer hand than straight cotton. But there is enough cotton to keep the fabric cohesive and in shape, for a cotton.

I split only the rayon strands just a couple times and couldn’t break it at all. And while I like the fabric I got, I wouldn’t use it for a top. The stitches were just a smidge too see-through for me. You’d have to hold it up to the light to see what I mean. I’d go down a needle size though (making it knit up at more of a sportweight), in a heartbeat, to use this for a top. The rayon gave it a very cool touch, but the cotton would help battle feeling like you’re wearing plastic bags.

I was able to get it pilled a bit, but with the softness of the finished swatch, it didn’t surprise me much. The stitches are nice and even and the swatch, had I done a hang test, probably would have grown in length a bit. The rayon adds just enough slippery for that. But since cottons tend to get wider and shorter, that rayon might balance that feature out by allowing it to lengthen as the wearing progresses.

Gauge, yeah well, it was a nice goal, but not achieved. Going up to a US6 would have made an even looser fabric, but would be really nice for a simple cardigan.

If I needed more yarn (like I need another hole in my head), I’d be in line for this.

- US5 (3.75mm) blunt tip metal
- Unblocked gauge: 21s/3.5”, 7.5rpi
- Blocked gauge: 21s/3.75”, 8.5rpi
- Frogged well
- Could not break
- A little splitting on the rayon plies
- Will pill
- A bit shiny and slippery
- Would knit up at a sportweight gauge better for a tighter fabric
edited by duckbunni on 6/5/2012
edited by duckbunni on 6/5/2012
6/12/2012 7:33:34 AM
Tues, 6/12 - Viking Alpaca Silk Fibre Content: 50% Alpaca/ 50% Silk
Made In: Peru
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 25 st/4 inches 3.0mm (US 2)
Yardage: 133 m (147 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$3.75

A sport weight with a perfect balance of soft as a cloud alpaca and lustrous silk!

Standard price for this yarn is US$10.95 - discounted price saves you as much as 65%!

Unblocked, Blocked & Ravelry page


No pushing
No shoving
No cutting in line
Do not pass go and collect $200
Unruly buyers will need to go to the end of the line

OOOOoooohhhh! AAAAaaahhhhh! This is one to set up the camp chair and wait in line for. There were no problems with this one except it wanted to curl up in stockinette, which all yarns want to do to some extent. It knit like buttah, frogged well, couldn’t be broken, didn’t split. It did still want to curl some even after a good long soak, but I counteracted that by laying it wrong-side up to dry. I couldn’t even bring up a pill on it!

Lots of positive comments in project notes. And the one comment it has mentions dye staining. The color did run just a smidge, barely tinting the water blue, so beware of that if you’re planning to use this for color work. You might want to give it a pre-soak in some vinegar water prior to knitting it up if you plan on using dark and light colors together.

On the suggested needles, it’s a very nice tight fabric. I’d actually prefer using this on US4’s to get a bit more fluidity and drape. The alpaca fuzzes just the slightest bit, so if you’re sensitive to scratchy, don’t wear this against your skin, as it will tickle. You don’t notice the silk in this at all, as the alpaca gives it a nice, toothy feel, but you see it in the sheen of the end fabric. It would make a lovely shawl.

- US2 (3mm - which is really a US2.5) bamboo
- Unblocked - 25s/3.5”, 8rpi
- Blocked - 25s/3.75”, 8.5rpi
- Frogged well
- Could not break
- Nice hand
- Tickly rather than scratchy
- Did not split
- Would work well on larger needle sizes (I did not hit gauge, so would have to go up a needle size anyway, for me)
- Showed minimal to no pilling tendency
6/19/2012 8:20:20 AM
Tues, 6/19 - Araucania Tolhuaca Fibre Content: 100% Pima Cotton Bottone
Made In: Chile
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 18-20 st/4 inches 4.5mm (US 7)
Yardage: 110 m (120 yards)
Size: 100g (3.5 oz) skein
Price: US$4.88

Big 100g hanks of artisan-dyed, supersoft, worsted weight Pima cotton with subtle textural nups!

Standard price for this yarn is US$13.98 - discounted price saves you as much as 65%!

Unblocked & Blocked

So, knowing my proclivity to disliking boucle, I was ready to gnash my teeth at this one. Not so. It was quite pleasing to knit. The yarn is made up of two shiny mercerized plies with the little boucle bits wrapped around two lightly twisted heavier plies of the cotton. You can see this in the After picture. The two outer wraps have a bit of sheen to them, along with being a slightly darker color, giving the resulting fabric some depth. The hand was medium, not super soft as a springy merino, but not like butcher’s twine either. The blocked fabric was nice and soft.

While it frogged fine, it was a bit tedious to get the stitches back on the needles. Attention needs to be paid to getting the two shiny outer plies on, while getting the solid core on. I had to fiddle with a half dozen, or so, of my 20 stitches. Though fiddly to reinsert the needle from frogging, I only split one stitch while doing the knitting, which I thought was pretty good. I expected the two outer plies to kind of worm their way down the inner strands, but it didn’t happen. I was very happy with that!

The fabric ends up just slightly nubby and cohesive, with most of the stitch definition being lost after the blocking, as the yarn plumped up nicely. While there aren’t many projects, there is one hat which has a lace pattern to it. You can see that the lace works ok, but does get rather lost. The best fabric, IMHO, would be stockinette, to let the yarn shine on its own.

Overall, if you’re looking for a heavier weight cotton for a simple pullover or cardi for cool 3-season wear, this might be a good choice for you.

- US7 (4.5mm) plastic
- Unblocked gauge - 19s/4”, 7rpi
- Blocked gauge - 18s/4”, 6.5rpi
- Frogged well, watch putting all plies back on needles
- Could not break
- Medium hand
- Soft after blocking
- May pill
- Slightly nubby fabric
- Best in simple stitches
6/26/2012 7:25:10 AM
Tues, 6/26 - Crystal Palace Bamboozle Fibre Content: 55% Bamboo/ 24% Cotton/ 21% Elastic Nylon
Made In: Taiwan
Care: Hand Wash or Machine Wash, Gentle/ Dry Flat
Knit: 16-20 st/4 inches 5-6 mm (US 8-10)
Yardage: 83 m (90 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$2.28

A worsted weight blend of bamboo and cotton for super comfort, with elastic for superior shape retention!

Bamboozle Tunic with Texture Stitch is now available free for the printing on the website, while quantities of Bamboozle Solids and Bamboozle Prints remain, by generous permission of Crystal Palace Yarns!

Standard price for this yarn is US$6.60 - discounted price saves you as much as 65%!

Unblocked, Blocked and yarn page link

Another strange yarn that didn’t knit like I expected it to. The elastic in this one is a quite evident if you look at the plies, yet isn’t that stretchy in the knitting. That, in itself, was a surprise. I have another yarn with elastic in it in my stash and I did not like swatching it at all. This one, to my surprise, wasn’t bad at all. While there are mostly comments on the splittiness of this yarn, I had no problems at all while knitting it, using bamboo straights, even though the bamboo needles actually have pretty sharp points on them. The one problem I did have was getting the needle reinserted after the frogging; had to pay close attention to get all the plies on. The few stitches that I missed, I was able to catch all the plies as I came to the stitch, so it was pretty easily corrected. You will just have to pay attention.

It was impossible to break this yarn. The cotton and bamboo are wrapped around the elastic, then the 5 plies are plied together. It’s not a tight twist and will definitely undo on any tails. You can see what I mean in the Unblocked photo in the upper righthand corner.

The fabric was nice, with good stitch definition and was soft before and after blocking. I couldn’t bring up a pill,much less even a fuzz halo. And I really put the elastic to the test, scrunching and pulling this thing out of shape. The elastic pulled it right back to shape. Mind you, it’s not like spandex, but will gently keep your garment in shape. I’m going to assume, as I didn’t do a hang test, that this will also help to keep the garment from sagging. I’d say, with the elastic, it’s a pretty safe assumption.

Frankly, I’ve always been a little hard-pressed to figure out what kind of knitting would need elastic in it, but I did keep thinking that this might make great baby pants. Yep, impending grandbaby on the brain. LOL!

- US8 (5mm) pointy bamboo
- Unblocked gauge: 20s/4”, 7rpi
- Blocked gauge: 19.5s/4”, 7rpi (barely a change, but it’s there!)
- Can’t break
- Won’t pill
- Soft
- Will un-ply at any end (simple knot until weaving ends time)
- May be splitty (per comments)
- Elastic gives the hand a bit of stretch, but not too much
7/2/2012 11:23:38 AM
Tues, 7/3 - Noro Maiko Fibre Content: 35% Wool/ 30% Kid Mohair/ 35% Silk
Made In: Japan
Care: Dry Cleaning Recommended
Knit: 22 st/4 inches 4.00 mm (US 6)
Yardage: 120 m (131 yards)
Size: 40 g (1.44 oz) skein
Price: US$4.88

This gorgeous DK weight single ply blend of wool, kid mohair, and silk boasts stunningly saturated colors.

Standard price for this yarn is US$10.95 - discounted price saves you as much as 55%!

Unblocked, Blocked & Ravelry Yarn page link

First off, this is not the typical scratchy, twinelike Noro yarn. It is softer in hand and feels quite like Queensland Kathmandu while knitting. That kind of dry feel you can get with silks or cashmeres. There is plenty of give, but it’s not sproingy, since it’s a single ply yarn. I broke it easily, so be careful whilst knitting not to tug too hard on the yarn.

The blocked swatch softened up even more, but if you are sensitive to mohair, it will be too itchy for you. There is still a slight itch factor to it, but I don’t find it bothersome. My itch tolerance is higher than some (and, I suppose, probably close to what Sweaterfreak likes and can handle). The finished fabric is smooth and cohesive, but the silk/mohair/wool blend gives it a more rustic look and feel.

I found I really was impressed with how well it behaved. Knitting was easy peasy by feel alone, allowing for TV knitting. No splitting or snagging. Frogged well and reinsertion of the needle was a snap.

Many comment in the projects mention that this really isn’t a true DK. I was able to achieve gauge and the result is a fluid, drapey piece. It could easily be knit at a sport or even fingering weight gauge if you want a bit denser fabric. I find I’m thinking about enough for a shawl, maybe a striped shawl (I’m drawn to all the colorwork/striped shawls lately!).

If you’ve wanted to try a Noro yarn, but had heard horror stories about kureyon being butcher’s twine and scratchiness, this might be your opportunity. Are there colors you’ve been eyeing?

- US6 (4mm) metal
- Unblocked gauge - 22s/3.75”, 7.5rpi
- Blocked gauge - 22s/4”, 8rpi
- Broke easily
- Fuzzed up, but I couldn’t get it to pill
- Slightly scratchy
- Frogged well
- No snags or splitting
- Nice hand, even though it feels “dry”
- Easy TV knitting yarn
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