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9/14/2011 5:58:19 AM
Shawled Collared Cardigan Rossini Yarn For the Center Front Shaping:
The increases look asymmetric: k1, inc1 at one end Knit to last 3 sts then inc1 and k2.

I know this sounds asymmetrical, but if you do a kfb, it ends up symmetrical. A kfb increase give you a knit stitch then a purl stitch. So at the beginning: k1, inc1 (kfb) gives you two k stitches then a purl. At the end then, k to last 3, then do the inc (kfb) into that third stitch from the end, will give you a k, p (of the kfb) then the last 2 k stitches.

Try it out on a scrap swatch.
9/19/2011 5:44:20 AM
Tues, 9/20/11 - Elann Ltd Edition Puccini 80% Wool/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon
Made in Italy - Hand Wash/Dry Flat
DK Weight - 21-22 st/4 inches 3.75 mm (US 5)
50g (1.75 oz) ball - 140 m (151 yards)
$2.98 USD/$2.86 CAD

Delicate single-ply cashmere blend that blooms to a luxurious cloud after finished project is washed!

Unblocked & blocked

First off, if you get this and feel it without having the snips or the sample skeins, you’re going to be scratching your heads wondering if Ducki fell off her rocker. Actually, if you have the snips or sample skeins so you can feel it before buying, you might wonder the same thing about me. Rest assured, my rocker is still firmly planted under my duckbum.

I admit, it wasn’t really pleasurable to knit with; the feel was somewhere between a cotton and a raw silk. The best I can describe it is, it feels kind of powdery dry. I know. NOT the best description. But, and this is a “baby got back,” big kinda but, this stuff blooms and softens like nobody’s business with a dunk and dry. I actually let it soak for an hour (way longer than most blocking soaks for me). The results were spectacular. It grew and is now nice and squishy, soft and, while it is 2 plied singles, looks like a one ply single.

This one broke easily and frogging left the strand a bit softer and untwisted a little, so multiple froggings may not be your friend. But that actually gave it a better hand. I’m at a loss as to how to really describe how this feels to knit. There isn’t much of a feel of wool in it, although it’s nearly all wool! All I know is, if you want a lovely after-product, get some of this. The knitting won’t be the worst experience you’ve ever had (the old Sonata was a worse experience, IMHO), but it won’t be like knitting with a lofty, bouncy merino either. There is a bit of give to the yarn while knitting, but if you knit tightly, you’re might not be happy. I didn’t split any stitches.

My sample is sugared maple. I wasn’t sure I like the color at all while knitting, but find, after the block, it’s growing on me. It’s not that the color changed at all, but more of the change in the fabric itself. Before the block, the fabric was quite dense and firm. After, its soft with more give. The pill test shows some fuzzing, so it may pill with wear, but with only 10% cashmere, it may take awhile before it shows that wear. The color palette is definitely autumnal.

This one is gonna be great for cowls, shawls, hats, mitts, even sweaters. Just keep the end product in mind while knitting with it.


- US5 (3.5mm) metal
- Preblock gauge - 5.75spi/7rpi
- Blocked gauge - 5.33spi/8rpi (suggested gauge is 5.25-5.5)
- Broke easily
- Will probably pill with heavy use
- Slight dry feeling while knitting
- Blooms and softens significantly with blocking
- 2 singles plied together, nearly looking like a plain single
- Frogging untwisted it slightly, multiple frogging not suggested
9/26/2011 8:49:10 AM
Tues, 9/27 - Monika Design Cashmerino Soft 57% Extra Fine Merino Wool/33% Microfiber/10% Cashmere
Made in Italy - Machine Wash, Cold, Gentle/Dry Flat
DK Weight - 22 st/4 inches 4.0 mm (US 6)
50g (1.75 oz) ball - 130 m (142 yards)
$2.98 USD/$2.86 CAD

Rich and lustrous cashmere blend in a warm, luxurious palette!

Unblocked & Blocked

So, how long do you think it will take to crash the Elann site with this one? Yes. It’s that nice. The September Spoilers thread had some great detective work going on, so this one seems like it could be a rebranding of a rebranding of a particular, popular rowan cashsoft yarn. I’d be able to tell you how similar if my other yarn wasn’t in storage 200 miles away.

Suffice it to say, O.M.G. I’m in lurve. No splitting, no problems frogging, great smooth and even stitch definition. It has a subtle luminescence. It feels and knits up like a wool/silk blend, even though there isn’t a hint of silk in it. It flew off my needles and I was sad when I ran out of my sample.

The colors are limited, but are lovely soft fall shades (well, maybe not the pink) and would replicate the colors used in the Impasto Shawlette, easily (SusannaIC, IK summer 2010), besides being the correct yarn weight.

I couldn’t break the yarn and my pill test showed it fuzzed up a bit, so those who are leery, it will probably pill with use, but didn’t while knitting. Softness test, smoftness test! Didn’t bother with one. I mean, really, this stuff is like buttah (only without all the fat content!). Cables or lace your thing? Yep, will probably be great for that too. This is just a good, overall, yarn.

- US 6 (4mm) bamboo
- Preblock: 22.5st/4”, 7rpi
- Postblock: 22st/4”, 7rpi (Got gauge! Yes!)
- May pill
- 4 ply, good twist
- Did not split
- Frogged well
- Soft, with luminescence
- Could not break
- Possibly a rebranding of a popular name yarn
10/2/2011 5:21:09 PM
Tues, 10/4/11 - Viking Superwash 100% superwash wool
Made in Norway
Machine Wash cold, gentle/dry flat
DK - 23st/4” US4-6 (3.5-4mm)
50g - 109 yds (100m)
Standard $4.95US/$4.85CAD
Elann $2.48US/$2.43CAD - 50% Savings

Soft, easy care, pure wool in a versatile DK weight. 24 colors, plus 2 more in lesser quantities.

Preblock & Postblock

I wanted to like this one for all of you waiting with baited breath. Really, I did.

First impressions: felt like Red Heart. Bad first impression, huh? And I had just finished up a Christmas stocking (on commission) in RH, so there was no question what that felt like. As I was unwinding my sample skein, I kept thinking, “This stuff feels stiff and plasticky (new word!).” It knit up ok. I split, oddly enough, the stitch below while knitting on the garter stitch rows.

I’m not certain it’s a true superwash. I read throught the comments in the projects, as there are no comments on the comment’s tab. Only a couple mentioned the yarn itself: one said it felted in the wash; and, the other mentioned it growing with wear. My swatch didn’t want to play nicely. It curled like the devil (hence the before photo showing me trying to hold it down, while my husbunni held the tails to help me) preblock and went a little funky out-of-shape afterblock. The tails fuzzed and nearly felted. And the swatch itself was fuzzed. This didn’t bode well for the pill test. It took only 30 seconds of rubbing to get this: Pill tested

It’s just the tiniest bit itchy on my neck. I couldn’t break this one, even after the wash loosened the tail’s twist (4 plies). Oddly enough, the only thing that worked for me with this one was gauge. It didn’t change from preblock to postblock and it was dead on - 23s/4”, 7r/1”. Go figure! The fabric density at this gauge is fluid. Not too tight, not too loose. If you’re looking to get 20s/4” (some of you were, I know), you might get it with a US7 (4.5mm), but the fabric might be too loose for the drape/fabric density of the project.

If you’re jonesing for this one, plan on handwashing. I did dunk it in a soak, but forgot to grab a pic of it. It didn’t fuzz up with the hand wash/air dry. Just with the machine wash cold, gentle/air dry. Frogging this one was fine, because it was before it was machine washed. The yarn is smooth out of the skein. Actually, all the problems, for me at least, came after or because of, the machine wash!


- US6 (4mm) metal
- Handwash/air dry or you won’t be happy
- Pills with suggested machine washing
- Preblock gauge - 23s/4”, 7r/1”
- Postblock gauge - 23s/4”, 7r/1”
- Could not break
- Feels like acrylic to knit
- Sensitive skins will feel a little itch (this after the machine wash fuzzed it up - a handwash might not produce the itch)
- Frogged well preblock, but wouldn't want to frog after a machine wash block
10/9/2011 2:30:08 PM
Tues 10/11 - Queensland Collection Rustic Wool 100% Superwash wool
Made in Italy
Machine wash, cold, gentle/dry flat
Aran weight - 16-18st/4” on US7-8 (4.5-5mm)
50g - 99 yds (90m)
Standard $8.00US/$7.84CAD
Elann $3.20US/$3.14CAD - 60% savings

Easy care wool in both tone-on-tone and variegated colorways. 18 colors available, plus 3 more in lesser quantities.

unblocked & blocked

This one got much different results than the Viking of last week. No weird, squeaky superwash feeling while knitting. It was pretty smooth flowing and I didn’t split a stitch. It frogged well (3 rows - 1 frogged twice!) with nary a sign. I couldn’t break the yarn; 4 plies with good twist. My color, one of the multis, isn’t my cup o’tea, but used alternating with a solid (their solids are still a little tonal) for some stripes would be cool.

The fabric I got was very flowy, almost flimsy. You can see in the Blocked picture, especially, the white of the paper showing through. I worked it up on the US8’s, but would definitely knit this yarn on US6’s if I were going to make a garment in which I needed coverage.

Some of the comments agree with this review. Some don’t. But note that more than one comment reported underweight skeins. You might want to consider an extra ball, over and above your usual “extra ball” when ordering.

Washing in the machine evened out the stitches and smoothed the swatch, as it wanted to curl up quite a bit before it’s run through. I laid flat to dry, but there was one comment about machine drying working well. Up to you if you want to try it, maybe with your swatch. You all do swatch, don’t you? evilgrin

My gauge didn’t come agree with this yarn being Aran weight. Worsted is more like it, because it didn’t even swell with blocking. Gauge didn’t change one bit!


- US8 (5mm) metal
- Pre & Post block gauge - 5spi/6rpi (did not change)
- Machine washed beautifully
- Could not break
- Did not split
- Pill test showed a tiny bit of fuzzing
- No squeaky superwash feel while knitting
- Worsted, not Aran?
- Stitches evened out after block
- Next to skin soft
10/24/2011 2:06:31 PM
Tues, Oct 25 - Karabella Yarns Mirage 72% Kid Mohair/28% Nylon
Made in Italy
Hand wash/dry flat
Aran weight - 18st/4” on US7 (4.5mm)
50g - 245yds (225m)
Standard $9.95US/$9.75CAD
Elann $4.48US/$4.39CAD - 55% savings

Luxurious, light as air kid mohair blend, with a subtle jewel-like sheen. 5 colors available, plus 1 more in lesser quantity.

before & after

I agree with the one comment in the projects on the yarn (at least my more obvious variegated) pooled in little blotches. Ugh!

Oh, and that Ugh! can just be the whole review, but I know you are all wanting something a bit more objective. I really dislike mohair. Period. This one stuck as I was just trying to get the little skein unwound so I could knit with it, hence I didn’t even bother with the frog test. Was in no mood to fight with it more than I already had. So, please, please, do not mess up and need to frog. This mohair blend is long and very hairy. This will make you a very unhappy frog queen.

One comment had it shedding, though I had on a navy fleece and wasn’t covered in little mo’s. YMMV, so just beware it may shed.

The stitches aren’t really even, because of the mohair catching on itself so much and blocking did nothing to the swatch to help even out the stitches. It didn’t change gauge at all with the block. Those stitches stick together like gum on the bottom of your shoe.

I’d guess this stuff would be good as a carry-along with a hearty felting wool if you’d wanna try felting with it. Would make a great hairy purse or slippers.

Broke with a really hard tug, which dug into my fingers! So while it’s a pain in the ass fuzzy-wise, it’s a tough little hairy yarn.

It doesn’t itch so much as feel just way too itchy, fuzzy. I can’t describe it any other way. Like that fuzzy that just keeps tickling your nose or the back of your neck that annoys the hell out of you.

As with all the other mohairs of late, if you’re a mohair fan, you might like this one, but it’s really sticky. If you don’t like mohair, you’ll want to be sure to stay far, far away.


- US7 (4.5mm) bamboo
- Pre & Post block gauge: 18s/4”, 6rpi (hit suggested gauge)
- Hard snap to break
- Fuzzy itchy
- Sticks like crazy
- Do Not Frog unless you have booze and a box of tissues
- No mohairs offered for November! Yay!
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11/7/2011 4:26:49 AM
Tues, Nov 8 - Karabella Yarns Empire Silk 100% Italian silk
Made in Italy
Handwash/dry flat
Aran weight - 18st/4” on US6 (4mm)
50g - 83m (90yds)
Standard Price: $16.95US/$17.63CAD
Elann Price: $6.98US/$7.62CAD (58% savings)

The supreme luxury and luster of pure silk! 10 colors, plus 2 more in lesser quantities.

Unblocked, Blocked, Growth hang test, and Post-hang test

Silk - one slippery little bugger if not using the proper needles. Went with the bamboo straight from the get-go with this one to alleviate that tendency of this stuff to slip right off the needles. It’s a common comment in the projects as to how hard it was to work with because of the slipperiness. On the bamboo, I had no problem controlling this one. It’s a 3 ply, made up of 6 strands in each ply, making a firm yarn. I rather expected some problems with splitting and didn’t have any! The stitches are smooth and even, the fabric fluid, but not loose on the suggested needle. I’d maybe go down one size to help combat droop, if making a garment. A shawl or scarf, I wouldn’t bother changing needle size.

If you read the one comment left for this yarn, you’ll laugh a little, as it kind of reads like one of my reviews. Yet, I didn’t experience the problems she had. Then again, my sample skein was only 5 yds long, so I had very little to work with. As you can see in the photos, it’s a tiny little swatch.

I did a hang test, to see what growth problems this one might have. Silk is known to grow, much like cotton. I clipped it to the fridge with magnet clips and hung a bag clip on the bottom weighted with a small lock (McGuyver ain’t got nuttin’ on me). Unfortunately, I think the swatch was just too small to really show anything this way. The swatch grew a little in the block width-wise and shortened up row-wise, then was back to it’s unblocked measurements after the hang test. So suffice it to say, this one is gonna droop and get narrower and longer as the day goes on. Not a bad thing, so long as you plan for it in your project.

Ravelry has this listed as aran weight, but Yarndex has it listed as a worsted. At the gauge Elann has given and how it worked up, I’d definitely say it’s closer to a worsted. I didn’t hit gauge with the suggested needle. To get gauge, I’dve had to go up one or, even, two needle sizes. Then the fabric would have been so loosy-goosy that it for sure would be down at your ankles by the end of the day - even if what you’d made was a hat!

I couldn’t break this one and it held up to frogging. I frogged my whole first swatch, as I’d cast on too many stitches and ended up with a swatch only 7 rows high. Not many comments in the Ravelry project notes, but those that are there are contradictory: some people loved this stuff; some hated it.

Silk isn’t for everyone. It’s not an easy fibre, if it’s 100%, to work with. It grows and if you don’t do a large enough swatch, in pattern, and do a hang test, your gauge will most certainly lie to you. It’s delicate when wet. It will look beautiful in lace (there is one navy blue tank that is gorgeous in the projects), but may not hold it’s shape.


- US6 (4mm) bamboo
- Preblock and post hang gauge: 22s/4”, 7rpi
- Postblock, but pre-hang test gauge: 21s/4”, 7.5rpi
- Frogged well
- Could not break
- 3ply, 6 strands in each ply
- Lustrous and slinky
- Won’t pill (pill test didn’t even bring up halo!)
- Hey, mom, look at me grow!
11/13/2011 11:31:52 AM
Tues, 11/15 - Queensland Rustic Wool DK Tues, Nov 15 - Queensland Collection Rustic Wool DK
100% Superwash Wool
Made in Italy
Machine wash cold, gentle/dry flat
DK weight - 22st/4” on US6 (4mm)
50g - 120m (131yds)
Standard Price: $8.00US/$8.32CAD
Elann Price: $3.20US/$3.33CAD (60% savings)

18 colors of sumptuous, saturated colorways, DK weight, easy care wool!

Blocked & Unblocked

Let me first say that this one knit up just like it’s bigger sibling (aran weight review), with one exception; it biased toward the left just the tiniest bit! I was surprised. I think you could probably adjust this with a pinned block. I don’t pin out the swatches, as I like to let them dry naturally to whatever shape they are going to end up, with only minimal finger smoothing.

It’s a good solid yarn, creating a smooth even fabric. It wanted to curl like mad before the block, but laid flat nicely after. This one is a 4-ply which broke with a good hard yank. No splitting, easily frogged without wear and no plastic superwash feel.

While my pill test did fuzz it up ever so slightly, I could make it pill. There are few comments on this yarn, even within the project notes, but the ones that are made are positive.

Some of the colors are highly variegated and other are more tonal. Looking through the projects will give you a real good idea of how the different colors work up. My sample, burnished gold, knit up into a zigzag pooling pattern. I think I’ll keep to the more tonal colors. YMMV.

All in all, it’s a decent yarn at an okay price.

- US 6 (4mm)
- Preblock gauge: 21s/4”, 6.5rpi
- Blocked gauge: 21.5s/4” 6.5rpi
- Biased left just a little after block
- Frogged well
- Did not split stitches
- 4-ply
- Broke with hard yank
- Fuzzed only lightly
- Even, smooth stitches
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11/22/2011 11:35:33 AM
Tues, 11/22 - Sorry! I've been so swamped trying to get unpacked in our new home (we closed last week) that I've totally lost track of what day it is! Duh!

I will return next week, I promise. Now off to find the box with the sample skeins and my knitting needles in it.

Thanks for understanding.
11/29/2011 5:41:32 AM
Tues, 11/29 - Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Silk 100% Silk
Made in Italy
Hand wash/dry flat
Worsted weight - 20st/4” on US6 (4mm)
50g - 110m (120yds)
Standard Price: $8.95US/$9.31CAD
Elann Price: $3.98US/$4.14CAD (55% savings)

The drape and texture of raw silk with a fabulous matte finish! 12 colors, plus 1 more in lesser quantity.

Unblocked & Blocked

This one was okay for me. I prefer nubby, raw silk to the slippery, more refined silks. There was a tendency for the yarn to split, but from picking up strands of the loop from the row below when doing the couple rows of garter stitch. No splitting occurred on the stockinette rows.

This one is tough, too, as it wouldn’t break at all. No pilling, either or even fuzzing of any sort. The matte, slightly slubby finish makes it feel like a cotton. While there may be some sagging, as there always is with yarns with no fiber memory, I’d have to guess that it will be minimal. That matte finish and little rougher texture will help hold it in place. The yarn consists of three plies, each with their own 3 plies. While this makes a nicely rounded yarn, the stitches flatten out somewhat with the block. The swatch evened out nicely and didn’t want to roll, even unblocked.

Frogged about 6 rows, just for the halibut, and it showed nary a sign, not even untwisting the twist. While there are no comments for this yarn on Ravelry, there are some projects with comments about the yarn in the notes; all of them positive.

Not a ton of give to this one (hence the cottonlike hand), but it wasn’t hard on the hands to knit. I imagine cabling might not be easy if you’re doing it over more than a couple stitches, but one of the most popular projects is a Nashua-designed top with cables. They all look stunning!

I did not hit gauge. That being said, I like the fabric I got, though. Had I hit gauge, the fabric would have been a little too loosy-goosy and see-through for my tastes (for clothing, at least).

- US6 (4mm) metal
- Preblock gauge: 24/4”, 7rpi
- Blocked gauge: 22/4”, 8rpi
- Could not break
- Will not pill
- Matte, nubby finish
- May split stitches
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12/6/2011 4:55:42 AM
Tues, 12/6 - Elann LE Boccaccio Boucle 53% wool/23% acrylic/14% cotton/10% nylon
Made in Italy
Hand wash/dry flat
Aran 10 ply
18st/4 in US6 (4mm)
50g (1.75oz) - 130m (141y)

A poetic wool blend, rich with texture and nuance!

Unblocked & Blocked

The little tufts of the lighter color making up the boucle wanted to flick out with my needle tip, as they are just short little pieces spun into the yarn held by the nylon. They stayed in place fine with the frog, though. It was only if I caught the needle tip in it without catching the running yarn, too.

It was, actually, one of the easiest boucles I’ve ever knit up. I had no trouble finding the loops on my lefthand needle, as you do with some heavier boucles in which to insert my righthand needle. But if you are a tight knitter, you’ll want to go up a size or two on the needles, as the nubs sometimes didn’t want to be pulled through to make the stitch. And I didn’t get gauge on the suggested needle size. I did get a fabric I liked though; not airy, but not dense.

There is just a tiny bit of fuzz after the pill test, so I’d say it will wear well for quite awhile with minimal pilling. The wool gives it a bit of stretch, you don’t really feel the cotton and it’s soft and not itchy for me. The texture of the fabric is totally lost in the boucle, so the stitches blend all together (which made it impossible for me to get a row count!) and I wouldn’t suggest any intricate patterns or cables. Frankly, I like the purl side better than the knit side! It presents more of a terry cloth-like look.

If you like boucle yarns, give this one a try. The tone-on-tone colors and the texture give this yarn life.

- US6 (4mm)
- Unblocked gauge: 22st/4”
- Blocked gauge: 20st/4”
- Broke easily
- May pill down the road
- Won’t show patterns or cables well
- Frogged well
- Lighter colored boucle nub can be pulled out with needle tip
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12/13/2011 5:23:17 AM
Tues, 12/13/11 - Gedifra Samina Fibre Content: 75% New Wool/ 25% Nylon
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 21 st/4 inches 5.0mm (US 8)
Yardage: 150 m (164 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball

Wool wrapped in nylon mesh for marvelous drape and sheen!

Unblocked, Blocked and Nylon wrapped ply

Ravelry link

This one is interesting. If you have any rough skin or nails, you’ll snag on the nylon wrap. I found that I was snagging it with the needle tip, also, but I was using my new Hiya Hiya Sharps (their lace tip) needles. I was too lazy to run upstairs to grab my bamboos with the blunter point. It’s a slippery yarn too, so those bamboos would have helped with that issue also. Rav comments support this, as many noted it was a lovely yarn, but that it snags like crazy. Loved the comment that it was like wool roving in pantyhose.

Otherwise, the stitches won’t split on you, if you use a blunter tip needle to eliminate the snagging. Once I got the hang of that, the swatch flew off my needles. It frogged well and didn’t show any signs of pilling. That nylon casing over the wool will keep it in check.

The unblocked swatch was a little wonky and out of shape. But the blocked swatch smoothed out and behaved quite nicely. The wool puffed and filled in to make a nice fabric. I was, actually, nicely surprised with the feel of the blocked swatch.

If you like slightly shiny and don’t mind working with slippery yarn, you might like this one.

- US 8 (5mm)
- Unblocked gauge - 23st/4”, 7rpi
- Blocked gauge - 21st/4”, 8rpi (suggested gauge!!)
- Single ply wool wrapped in chainette nylon
- Broke with a good hard tug
- Frogged well
- Not gonna pill
- Shiny from the nylon
- Is gonna snag on the nylon
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12/19/2011 10:49:31 AM
Tues, 12/20/11 - Elann LE Neapolitan Tweed Fibre Content: 65% Wool/ 25% Cotton/ 10% Nylon
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 26 st/4 inches 3.00 mm (US 2)
Yardage: 200 m (218 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball

Soft, warm wool with a hint of tweedy color!

Featured Design: Neapolitan Belted Cape, designed and knit by Flora Yang using our Limited Edition Neapolitan Tweed, is simply worked in one piece from the top down with increases absorbed into single cables from neck to hem. Secured with a belt, it is available in one size fits most (finished length from back neck to hem 28”), and uses just 11 balls of Limited Edition Neapolitan Tweed!

This exclusive pattern will be available in the Free Patterns section of our website for as long as quantities of Limited Edition Neapolitan Tweed remain.
Standard price for this quality is US$6.50 - Elann mill direct price saves you as much as 65%!

Unblocked & Blocked

The wool/cotton/nylon blend feels and knits like a wool single. It tends to worm, though, on what I’m going to assume is the nylon core. Not badly though, but beware, as I had to keep gently easing it out smooth. The tweedy bits look like the cotton wrapped around the nylon at intervals, then plied in with the wool single. It broke pretty easily with a pull. And I kept snagging on the single, so you’ll have to pay attention.

On the suggested needle size (US2), I didn’t hit gauge, but I do like the fabric. And I tried to keep it really loose, to try to help with the worming. I could probably move up to a US3 and get gauge and still like the fabric (especially in cables). The pill tests was negative. For a somewhat single ply, it didn’t even fuzz up more than it was after it’s bath. The stitches evened out and the tendency to roll went away with the block.

The way the tweed is worked into the yarn leaves little nubs. There is no way the little nub of tweed can be pulled out though, as I said earlier, because of the wrap of color around the nylon core at intervals. I wouldn’t suggest using this for socks - those nubs would hurt your soles pretty quickly. It is soft, though.

I did notice on the Sneak Peak page that all the colors offered seem to be flecked with the same couple of colors - a mustardy gold, a pink and a brownish taupe. Unfortunately, the color swatches I got aren’t long enough to show all the flecks of tweed on each of the 3” long pieces.

- US2 (3mm) bamboo
- Broke fairly easily
- Wormed a bit
- Probably won’t pill
- Unblocked and Blocked gauge remained the same - 28s/4” 9rpi
- Soft, but nubby at the tweedy flecks
- Snags/splits
12/27/2011 5:41:18 AM
Tues 12/27 - Karabella Aurora 8 Space Dyed Fibre Content: 100% Extrafine Merino Wool
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 18 st/4 inches 7.0-8.0 mm (US 4.5-5)
Yardage: 90 m (98 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$4.25

Plush, pure merino softness and a gorgeous variegated palette!

Standard price for this yarn is US$9.50 - Elann discounted price saves you as much as 55%!

Unblocked & Blocked

Ravelry link, for those who use Ravelry.

This yarn is lovely. It doesn’t split, snag, bias or pill. It didn’t tantrum (Oh wait, that was me who didn’t tantrum) at all while knitting. The frogging and reknitting was painless. Couldn’t break it.

You will notice that the suggested needle size seems off - that’s because, in typesetting, things got transposed. It should be:

Gauge: 18st/4” on US 7-8 (4.5-5.0mm)

And I got it on the 8’s preblocked! But it grew by just a 1/2 stitch over those 4” after. If you knit tightly, stay with the 8’s; looser knitters should try a 7.

My one and only complaint: the variegation. You can see on the sample sweater has a ziggy-zaggy, old analog TV out of focus, wavy line thing going on. My sample did, too. That’s the crudshoot of a short-space dyed yarn. It helps to eliminate large areas of pooling, but can, instead, create that weird zigzag thing. I would certainly use this lovely, lovely yarn for accessories. Not so sure I’d want to induce a seizure in anyone by using it for a sweater.

The Rav page contains no comments, but the few projects that do contain comments on the yarn relate softness and squishyness.

- US 8 (5mm)
- Unblocked gauge: 18s/4”, 6rpi
- Blocked gauge: 17.5s/4”, 6.5rpi
- Did not split
- Did not pill
- Soft, squishy
- Variegation can be overwhelming in a large item
- Loves frogs
1/2/2012 5:18:17 PM
Tues, 1/3/12 - Elann Peruvian Highland Wool Discontinued Colors Full Bag Sale
Fibre Content: 100% Highland Wool
Made In: Peru
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 19 st/4 inches 4.0 - 4.5 mm (US 6-7)
Yardage: 100 m (109 yards) per 50g ball
Size: Bag of 10 x 50g (1.75 oz) balls
Price: US$22.00

Our soft and lustrous virgin wool!

We are revamping our color offerings of Highland Wool for the 2012/2013 Fall/Winter season, and are now clearing select colors in a special full bag blowout sale at $22.00 USD per bag of 10 50g balls - a savings of as much as 63%. Some colors available in lesser quantities - shop early to avoid disappointment!

Unblocked & Blocked

Ok. This one sucks. No, really, it’s that bad.Ok, so maybe I just want it all for myself

Nice round 3 ply. Easy to knit, frog and reknit. Broke with a hard tug. This one flew off my needles without a snag, split or tantrum. Comments have it pilling, and my pill test showed this to be the case. But a few comments also noted that after a couple of shaves/depills, it’s good to go without further pilling. Nice smooth, even stitches, no biasing or rolling of edges once blocked.

Ravelry link, which will show this is a popular yarn choice, with more than 4,000 projects; stashed over 3,800 times; and 25 comments. While the comments do mention it’s a bit on the itchy side, I don’t find it completely intolerable. I put conditioner in it’s bath.

With 24 discontinued colors to choose from, one might wonder how many new ones there are going to be? So get the colors you want while you can. This one is worth the money!


- US 7 (4.5mm)
- Gauge: 19st/4”, 6rpi - Blocked & Unblocked - gauge didn’t change for me and I got suggested gauge!
- Will pill, but should be ok after a couple shaves
- Slightly itchy, may be better not next to skin
- Frogged well
- Broke with a hard tug
- I signed up for a stashdown this year, so I could be so screwed!
1/10/2012 4:42:25 AM
Tues, 1/10 - Baby Lace Merino Disc. Color Bag Sale ibre Content: 50% Baby Alpaca/ 50% Fine Merino
Made In: Peru
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: Lace Weight (2/22)
Yardage: 550 m (600 yards) per 50g ball
Size: Bag of 5 50g (1.75 oz) balls
Price: US$16.50

Our own baby soft, multi-seasonal, lace weight blend!

We are revamping our color offerings of Baby Lace Merino for the 2012/2013 Fall/Winter season, and are now clearing select colors in a special half bag blowout sale at $16.50 USD per bag of 5 50g balls - a savings of as much as 63%.

Some colors available in lesser quantities - shop early to avoid disappointment!

Unblocked & Blocked

Well, since I already have some of this in my stash, I’m happy to finally play with it. It’s wonderful stuff. I had no problems with splitting. It frogged and reknit well. I could break it easily, but it spit spliced back together like a charm. The pill test was negative and it shows lace patterns well.

My only problem was deciding what size needles to swatch this one on, as there really isn’t a suggested needle size. Laceweight yarns can be knit using a very wide variety of needle sizes, so I looked at all the laceweight shawl patterns on Ravelry and then looked to see which needle size had the most patterns. Size US4 won! But there were patterns that went from a US0 all the way up to a US11!

This isn’t cashmere soft, but I find it nicely soft, so for those with sensitive necks you could probably wear it. There is enough toothiness in this one to grab the metal needles. I was just a bit afraid it would slide off a lot and would have to switch out to bamboo, but had no problems.

If I had thought about it, I would have cast on using one size larger needle. My cast on ended up being a bit tighter than my cast off.

- US4 metal lace tip
- On this size needle, preblock: 28s/4”, 10rpi
- Postblock: 28s/4.5”, 9rpi (This was not a hard block.)
- Spit splices well
- Did not pill or fuzz
- Broke easily
- Frogged well
- Get some while it lasts!
1/17/2012 5:51:03 AM
Tues, 1/17 - Elann Incense - Disc. Colors Full Bag Fibre Content: 50% Wool/ 25% Silk/ 25% Bamboo
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 19 st/4 inches 4.5 mm (US 7)
Yardage: 105 m (114 yards) per 50g ball
Size: Bag of 10 50g (1.75 oz) balls
Price: US$33.00

A gleaming luxury fibre blend with a soft hand and great stitch definition.

We are revamping our color offerings of Incense for the 2012/2013 Fall/Winter season, and are now clearing select colors in a special full bag blowout sale at $33.00 USD per bag of 10 50g balls - a savings of as much as 63%. Some colors available in lesser quantities - shop early to avoid disappointment!

Unblocked, Blocked and Ravelry yarn link for comments/projects

Lots of comments on this one about knots and slubs and just as many comments that people love this yarn!

I had no problems with my sample skein and really like this yarn. My one concern, as with all yarns with silk or bamboo content, is that it will grow, grow, grow. But, reading through the projects, I found a couple that stated there was no problem with this yarn holding it’s shape well! That’s a Yay! for me.

This one is definitely a hand wash, though, as there were comments about it felting in a gentle wash. Now, since I don’t know if this meant a gentle machine wash, I can only comment that I do not swish or agitate at all when I am blocking in the sink, so am not certain how the people washed theirs which ended up in felting. I had no problems with felting in mine.

I was able to fuzz it up enough to get one little pill, but really had to work at it. This is a nicely rounded, three ply yarn that gives good stitch definition. I didn’t quite hit gauge but would use the suggested needle size for anything I wanted soft and drapey. Otherwise, I would definitely go down a needle size or two, even, because the fabric wasn’t really dense enough for my taste for a garment that wouldn’t be see-through, like a pullover or tee.

I couldn’t break the yarn. The bamboo/silk gives it a nice sheen without it being shiny. This one was soft enough for me, but some comments do mention it feeling a bit scratchy, so if you are really sensitive, you may want to swatch and wear the swatch around to see if it’s soft enough for you.

- US7 (4.5mm)
- unblocked gauge: 19s/3.5”, 6.5rpi
- blocked gauge: 19s/3.75”, 7rpi
- Frogged well
- Could not break
- Did not split
- May pill lightly
1/24/2012 8:18:37 AM
Tues, 1/24/12 - Peruvian Highland Chunky Fibre Content: 100% Highland Wool
Made In: Peru
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 15-16 st/4 inches on 6.0 mm (US 10)
Yardage: 70 m (76 yards) per 50g ball
Size: Bag of 10 50g (1.75 oz) balls
Price: US$22.00

Our most popular wool in a quick knitting weight!

We are revamping our color offerings of Highland Chunky for the 2012/2013 Fall/Winter season, and are now clearing select colors in a special full bag blowout sale at $22.00 USD per bag of 10 50g balls - a savings of as much as 63%. Some colors available in lesser quantities - shop early to avoid disappointment!

Unblocked, Blocked, and Ravelry link

What can I say? Another of of Elann’s favorites! Loving this wool chunky, gliding right off my needles and this is one you can knit without looking. (I love to freak out my kids and hubby by doing that!)

Frogged well and smoothed out nicely after it’s soak and dry. Some pilling comments, but my swatch didn’t fuzz too much on me. I find it soft enough, but those with super sensitivity might not like it next to skin. Definitely would be great outerwear, knit at a bit tighter gauge. Some projects/comments show it felting well, as one would expect with a 100% wool.

I got gauge, but would actually go down a needles size for most garments. The fabric I got was just a little too drapey and loose for my taste in a chunky wool. However, I might actually go up a size if I wanted to make a nice warm, winter-weight oversized shawl with this (I’m thinking along the lines of Caireen or Snowflake, by SusannaIC).

All in all, if you’ve used this and loved it, you’d better get the colors while they have them. If you haven’t used it, you might want to try to beat out those who have, cuz it’s gonna go fast.


US 10 bamboo
Preblock gauge: 15s/4” 5rpi
Blocked gauge: 15.5s/4” 5rpi
Felts well
Frogged well
Couldn’t break
May pill
Semi-soft, probably not next to skin (unless you’re Jen!)
2-plies of singles with nice twist
2/6/2012 7:08:24 AM
Tues, 2/7 - Lana Gatto Super Soft Fibre Content: 100% Extrafine Merino Wool
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 21 st/4 inches 4.0mm (US 6)*
Yardage: 125 m (137 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$4.25

Luxurious extra fine Merino wool, in an amazing palette of 54 colors!

Featured Design: Shaped Cable Pullover is Lana Gatto Leaflet 1300. Columns of cables flow on the body of this turtuleneck pullover, resulting in a feminine shape. The cables repeat on the sleeves, which are finished with a gentle flare, for a polished finish. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL (finished bust 30.5, 34, 38, 42.5, 46.5, 50”; finished length 20, 20.75, 21.75, 22.75, 23.75, 24.75”), it uses 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 balls of Lana Gatto Super Soft. Permission has kindly been granted to to offer this pattern, as well as 3 others, in the Free Patterns section of our website for as long as quantities of Lana Gatto Super Soft remain.

Some colors available in lesser quantities - shop early to avoid disappointment!

Please note that some ballbands indicate an incorrect needle size. The correct needle size for Lana Gatto Super Soft is 4.0 mm (US 6).
Standard price for this yarn is US$8.49 - discounted price saves you as much as 50%!

Unblocked, Blocked and Ravelry link

This one reminds me of Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK in how it knits up. It is absolutely gorgeous on the needles. As was mentioned in the sneak peaks thread, this yarn is made up of two plies lightly twisted, then 5 of those lightly twisted together to make the 10 ply. This complex twist (or cable spun) make for great stitch definition. I had no problems finding many cabled projects using this yarn and they were all gorgeous.

I had no problems with it. Period. It frogged well, didn’t split, loved it’s wet and dry, is softer than a baby’s bottom and is springy and squishy. It stretched just a bit while wet, but bounced right back to shape in the drying process. I got gauge and love the fabric, but loose knitter’s will want to keep in mind that they’ll need to go down a needle size or two if they don’t want something see-through.

One drawback - yep, you guessed it! This puppy is gonna pill. If you’re willing to shave, knit at a tighter gauge or just use it for accessories that might wear better with less use, then I’d suggest you get in line. I think Jen has talked herself out of this one, so the sapphire is up for grabs!

One more quick note, before you all start setting up your camping equipment to start the line early for this one, as with many cable spun yarns, it does have the tendency to have one side of the knit stitch more predominant than the other. It’s a product of the s-on-s cable spun yarn, not necessarily of any particular knitting style. As quoted from Clara Parkes, Knitter’s, “The difference between S-on-S cabled yarns and traditional cable-spun yarns is all in the final ply. S-on-S cabled yarns are usually made from several two-ply strands that are then twisted together in the same direction as the original plying. With all that twist going in the same direction, your fabric can sometimes bias in the direction of the excess twist. S-on-S cabled yarns also tend to produce a tighter, completely vertical left leg in knitted stitches.” You can see this in particularly well in the blocked photo. My left leg is nearly a vertical column, while the right leg is nice and fat. But, my swatch did not bias at all, as these plies are very loosely spun.

- US6 (4mm) metal
- Frogged well
- Did not split
- S-on-S cable spun
- Preblock gauge: 21s/3.875”, 8rpi
- Blocked gauge: 21s/4”, 7rpi
- Will pill
- Soft, soft, soft
- Grows when wet, but bounces back once dried
2/14/2012 7:56:47 AM
Tues, 2/14 - Noro Wadaiko Fibre Content: 96% Wool/ 4% Nylon
Made In: Japan
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 14 st/4 inches 6.5-8.0mm (US 10.5-11)
Yardage: 91 m (99 yards)
Size: 100g (3.5 oz) hank
Price: US$9.98

Fabulous thick and thin boucle yarn in the superb colorways of Eisaku Noro!

Standard price for this yarn is US$25.00 - discounted price saves you as much as 60%!

Unblocked, Blocked & worming

This one isn’t a favorite. But then, I think you all know how I feel about boucle. It’s itchy (it is Noro), even after it’s bath, to me. The thick and thin wormed it’s way down the nylon core, as can be seen in the picture up there.

As a bulky, it knits up quickly enough. You could finish up an afghan rather quickly with this. The yardage isn’t bad, but the price is a little steep.

I might have suggested using it to felt, but one project made the comment that she did exactly that and it did not work out well. YMMV.

Can’t really say much at all that draws me to this yarn. Sorry for such a rotten review, but I think so far, it’s been my least favorite ever. And some of the boucle’s I’ve reviewed have been a pleasure compared to this one. :/

Sorry. Not my cuppa. Is it yours?

- US11 (8mm) plastic (yes, I still have plastic straights!)
- Preblock gauge: 14s/5.5” (way off), 3rpi
- Blocked gauge: 14s/6” (even more way off), 3rpi
- Did not snag (the boucle isn’t really pronounced loops)
- Frogged ok, but wouldn’t want to have to undo a BO
- Probably won’t felt well, even at 98% wool
- Not even going to guess at pilling. Who can tell with a boucle?
- Cranky duckbunni does not equal a good review on a crappy yarn. Sorry.
- Wormed
- Oh wait, I do like some of the colors (there’s a positive!)
- Broke easily
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