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7/18/2011 5:18:42 PM
Project - Krista Lace Tee Wonderful idea! The Mulberry 100% silk that is up today would be good too.
8/21/2011 10:11:07 AM
Diamond Milky Way Diagonal Pattern Top Hi Dyanne
The instructions are telling you to cast off xxx stitches and then on the next row to cast on xxxxx stitches to make a hole for your arm to go through. Once you have cast on xxxxx stitches for the top part of this hole, you are to knit 4 more inches and then start the shaping for the neck (the hole for your head to go through). Have a good look at the schematic, take a gulp of faith that it will all work out, and knit the 4 inches. I think you'll be fine, but if not post again. Knits in the round are always a little bit 'different' from flat pieces.

Salt Spring Island
8/31/2011 9:46:09 AM
Birds Nest Smoke Ring pattern question Wind the yarn into a butterfly starting next to the provisional cast on. Use the free end to tie the butterfly securely around the middle and just leave it dangling from your knitting until you need it for the edging.

Salt Spring Island
4/11/2012 10:41:49 AM
Help with Top Down Long Wrap Sweater Hi Vickie
No, you do not bind off and pick up stitches separately.

Keep all of your live stitches from the garment on the left hand needle. Then when you knit the edging inwards from the outside edge, you join the last stitch of the edging to the next live stitch on the left hand needle - knit 2 together through back of loops.
Just remember, you are knitting the edging at right angles to the garment.

When I attach lace edging in this way I usually slip the first stitch on the return row. The pattern does not say to do this, but if you find it doesn't lie flat, try slip 1.
9/24/2012 9:37:46 AM
Liquid silver shawl Several ways:
a) string them onto the yarn you are using before you start to knit. Put on a few extras 'just in case'
b) string them onto a thin, strong carry-along yarn and knit the two yarns together placing beads where you need them.
c) using a crochet hook, draw a loop of the working yarn through the bead, and knit the loop with the next stitch

Check a good reference book or on-line video about knitting techniques to keep the bead facing in the desired direction

Have fun
Salt Spring Island
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