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2/23/2004 9:06:20 AM
Need Cat Advice Hi
Some people never get the hint. We have a couple of neighbours who feed the deer - small island, no natural predators, climate that encourages many luscious green shoots, you`ve got the picture.

Cats, though, are another matter. Ours are house/deck cats who never set foot on real dirt, but if they did go outside, I`d be furious if someone were feeding them. Perhaps some flyers about the neighbourhood explaining the dangers of cats accepting food away from home might arouse a class action.
On a positive note, go to a high end garden centre and look for spray cans of `cat off`. There are various brands depending upon where you live. Spray this liberally on everything in a line/circle as far away from your house and as close to hers as you can. Gardeners use it to protect specimum plants. Another gizmo, used mainly for deer and dogs, but should work for cats, is a sprinkler with a built in motion sensor. Animal comes into range, animal is discouraged by a sudden blast of cold water. With reasonable water pressure, the device should squirt in a 40-50 foot radius. Again, a garden centre purchase.
Most cats are fairly fastidious, so how about a large pile of sand at the far edge of your territory. If most are house cats, the ultimate would be one of those inexpensive plastic baby baths full of cat litter close to where she feeds them. It would be worth the cost of bulk kitty litter to keep everything `over there`. Your elderly neighbour would think you were being kind, and might even change it daily.

Good luck!!!!
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
3/1/2004 8:13:26 AM
Suggestion for an Einstein Hi All

I knitted an Einstein last October from Gjestal Naturgarn No.1 (new stock last month). It worked out just great. I`ve worn it all winter, every day, with jeans to dress pants, on ferries, sat on it in class, out to dinner, etc, etc. To date it has produced perhaps six little pills which I have simply pulled off. It hangs very well and looks as fresh as it did when I first started wearing it. If you want an Einstein (and who doesn`t) I highly recommend it. Even daughter (early 20`s) wants one!

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
3/10/2004 10:01:12 AM
Plus Size Addis Hi
I have Addi circular in US #19, and I had no trouble at all with it. I do think, though, that I should rent it out to recoup some of the cost. It was about $25CDN when I bought it, BUT, I just had to have it, right then, so add on the cost of a ferry trip to the Big Island and a 45 minute drive to the LYS in Nanaimo which had it in stock! Just start looking for more patterns that require that size.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
3/16/2004 8:55:07 AM
Benne where in Tennessee? Hi Les
I can picture that drive. That`s why I left Alberta. Didn`t intend to spend 30 years in eastern Canada after I left, though. After spending nearly an hour getting home to Banff from the East Park Gate, with cars off the road everywhere, and that was June, I decided no more winters here.
Off to the ferry now, with the second of a pair of socks to finish. Flowers out everywhere. Only snow on the tops of mountains.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
3/22/2004 8:34:44 AM
Being brave about this...USM/ISM and machine knitters? Hi All!
You`ve just made me feel much better.I`m a full-time grad student this year (older than most but not all) so the dust bunnies have become rather assertive and definitely viscious. There are piles of books around the house, everywhere actually, knitting ones and such titles as "Mind, History, and Dialectic", "Historical Representation", "Time and Narrative" for this week`s paper. Then there`re the knitting projects in progress. Mindless knitting on my desk to work on whilst reading - at present a side-to-side cotton top in stripes using up leftover balls of yarn, a fair isle yoked cardigan on the needles downstairs as a sample for this year`s retreat. It`s in a Bohus pattern from "Poems in Colour" in Samoa cotton instead of the traditional Shetland wool. It looks different, no halo, but working out well, and I think more wearable for women over 30. Yoke`s finished and I`m part way down one sleeve, so that`ll move upstairs once the striped one is finished. I have a jacket in New Zealand 12-ply awaiting the bands up the front - needs concentration. There`s a furry black thing in a box downstairs that is growing into apullover for DD. Then I have socks in a little bag that goes back and forth with me on the ferry. This week`s are patterned in shades of black, white, and grey. The dust bunnies just can`t compete!

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
3/23/2004 8:39:14 AM
"momma told me there`d be days like this" Les
Sympathy, sympathy. I even know where Okotoks is. I`ve been there, several times!
Deer are a real hazard here as there are no natural predators on the island. They do tend to be small, though, as the larger ones become "dinner". Our neighbour has a large dog, but she can`t be bothered to chase them even when they are munching away right in front of her. We are going to have to put up deer fencing, but it`s a bit tricky on a thirty degree slope of sandstone covered by a centimetre of dirt.
Les, you need to prescribe yourself a whole evening of knitting without interruption. Got to be careful about delayed shock, you know. Cables are good for knitting yourself back together.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
3/27/2004 8:56:50 AM
Ladies -vs- Real Women Yes, the potato really works. If the pot is really salty, add two or three cut up in chunks. Just don`t forget to fish the pieces out before they cook to mush, or else the problem repeats itself. If you burn the bottom of the pot at the same time, because you just had to finish that row, add tomato juice, or those over-ripe tomatoes you have been wondering what to do with.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
3/27/2004 9:05:15 AM
Kaffe Fassett I met Kaffe Fassett at the quilt festival in Sisters, Oregon last year. He was happily knitting away just knotting on lengths of new yarns as he needed them, and catching the ends as he knitted for an inch or so. He said that as far as he was concerned knots were just fine as long as they were firmly tied. As to the ends, who would want to go back later and darn them in, just cope with them at the time. He was using lengths about a yard long, hanging loose on the backside until he needed a particular colour. No bobbins for him!

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
3/27/2004 9:21:44 AM
Has anyone here ever… Hi
I`m knitting the Bohus The Blue Shimmer Cardigan right now as a sample for the knitting retreat in June. Instead of the wool/angora mix(angora makes me sneeze), I`m using the Samoa cotton from Elann. Much more suitable for women over 50. Of course, it has no halo, but really looks very nice. I`m using `Storm` for the background and colour ranges in blues and greys. I worked in one of the painted colours of Samoa as well. I`ve finished the yoke and 2/3 of one sleeve so far. The fair isle was fun to do. There were only a few rows of 3 colours, which I don`t much like doing. I use the two-handed method a la Philosopher`s Wool - knit one colour continental with the left hand and the second colour thrown with the right - with the `other` colour woven in every other stitch. This eliminates floats on the back, and tends to prevent the tension from tightening up.
I have the Poems of Colour book. Some of the instructions, such as short-rowing to make the back neck higher, are not the usual method, but work out well, with clear directions. Now that I`m at the plain-knitting part, I can knit it as I read. Got to get those term papers written.
If I can be of any help, e-mail me.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
3/28/2004 8:05:38 AM
Has anyone here ever… Yes, The Blue Shimmer is in "Poems of Colour" in several styles, cardigan, jacket, pullover, etc. It was apparently their most popular design. Got to the second sleeve last night, the body will go really fast. I`ll post a picture of progress after I get my term papers done, or if a child turns up for a weekend, it would be a wonderful `help mother` project to arrange it(on needles) and photo. They are almost 23 and almost 25, so more than capable.
I purchased the book from `Mad about Ewe` in Nanaimo, B.C. I know Toni does mail orders. Maybe Ann can get it in?

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
3/28/2004 4:26:12 PM
Ok, roll call! Who`s working on what this week? Oh, dear. When I count up the projects, it`s daunting, but when I don`t see them all in one place, it`s just fine.
Upstairs, beside my computer, is a mindless, striped side-to-side summer top in leftover cottons. Got the body done, and am knitting on the first sleeve of that one. Downstairs, there`s the Bohus cardigan in Samoa cotton, yoke done, knitted down one sleeve to the cuff, and now about 1/3 down on the second sleeve. Hiding behind that is the celtic cardigan from Knitter`s Stash with the bottom fair isle band completed and maybe four more inches. That`s in the Peruvian lama/wool. Then there`s the slip-stich scarf in black Mama Mia with two blocks of different patterns in Amethyst metallic at each end. The third pattern to finish and a fourth to add on - it`s another sample for the retreat. It looks great, but I have to semi-pay attention. Then there are the socks in my sock bag for knitting on the ferry and whilst reading on campus - one finished and the second one started for the pair I cast on last week.
Then there are the things that needed finishing - several pairs of ferry socks waiting for the ends to be darned in, a jacket from Jean Frost`s book to be sewn together, a new Zealand 12ply jacket awaiting checkerboard bands up the front, a Nancie Wiseman jacket asking for less fancy bands than in the pattern, a black hairy sweater for DD somewhere downstairs.
There, I feel much better now. Anyone want to come and help?
Got to get back to a historiographical essay on `time in narration` that absolutely has to be done.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
3/31/2004 9:48:38 AM
Finished a sock! Come out to the coast with your sock, it`s closer!
Are you knitting on 2 circular needles? Much easier, quicker, and safer. When you need to drop the knitting, you just push the stitches to the middle of the cables and let go. I knit two pairs about every three weeks on the ferry and when I`m reading on campus. I now have one of my classmates (much younger than I) doing hers on two circulars, and she`s taught her friends in their knitting group.
When I`m teaching the technique, I call one needle Annabel and the other one Beatrice, Annabel`s stitches stay on Annabel and Beatrice`s on Beatrice. Some colour code the needles so they can remember who is who. E-mail me if you need more directions.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
4/8/2004 8:51:32 AM
Why I Love MOM Add this:
Put the stack of papers she has just marked, the lesson plans and books she needs for class next day, and a note to remind her to call Susi`s mother after she gets to school, but before 8:30, in a neat pile by the door to the garage so that she doesn`t forget anything, and then it`s about right.

I stepped off the world for an island life.
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
4/18/2004 9:29:18 AM
grams to ounces Hi Carrie

If you calculate 1oz = 30g This will give you a good approximation to use when you are standing in a LYS looking at bins of yarn. A ounce actually slightly less than 30g, so you`ll have a little insurance transposing this way. Going the other way, grams to ounces, add an extra ball just to be sure.

Do check the yardage! This is more important than the actual weight per ball/skein.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
4/19/2004 9:04:59 AM
Now It`s Time for Serious Knitting - Suggestions? Hi All!

Just have to tell you - I`ve finished the course work for my MA!!!!!!! Handed in the take-home exam for historiography on Friday afternoon. It won`t seem such a big accomplishment to the younger ones of you, but it`s the first time I`ve been a Sept-April full-time student in 35 years. The last time was when I took the grad course in education at McGill U, so this was quite different, too. Taking a slight break before I begin the research for my thesis.

Now I need to do some really serious knitting to get the samples finished for the retreat in late June. I need suggestions for small projects with fair isle and mosaic (slip-stitch) knitting. Last year for Moebius and Lace everyone worked on scarves and tams, so I need others, away from the neck and head regions, as there are several returnees. Socks were the year before. I`ve thought of cases for glasses (everyone has at least sunglasses to put into a case), little purses, or bags but need some more. The fair isle needs to be in the round but can be on two circular needles. Knitting the yoke for a sweater or cardigan is another option, but need more ideas.

I`ve reached the bottom ribbing of the Bohus cardigan, so that`s almost done. I think it`s going to be a bit big for me, so it`ll be more like a jacket. To work with the Samoa cotton and get it done, I changed the gauge from 28st=4" to 24st and picked a size in the pattern that seemed about right. I think I should have dropped down to the smallest size. I just didn`t have time to regraph, so I just went with the directions on a 24" circular needle. With 406 stitches at the bottom of the yoke, it was a hard to tell what size it would be, so I just knitted away as I read. The more generouly proportioned knitters will be pleased to have a sample they can try on.

I have a large bag of tapestry yarn, in those little individual skeins, from the thrift store which will make great samples.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
5/4/2004 8:55:59 AM
A suitable venue for an Elann meet-up Hi All

Renting a big house (castle?) in Europe for a week would be a possibility. Have a look at this site for possibilities. Reduce the search by putting in 14 bedrooms or whatever.

There are some amazing places just waiting for knitters.

Another possibility near here is Camp Columbia on Thetis Island. Out of camper season (July/August), accommodation in a large heritage building for 50 people or more runs about $40CDN per person/per day including ALL MEALS. Hard to beat. Easy access to Vancouver B.C.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
5/6/2004 11:01:00 PM
Getting Together This is the website for Camp Columbia on Thetis Island

It is an Anglican church camp but is open to children of all religions in the summer, and groups the rest of the time. It is not overly `churchy` at all, there is an outdoor chapel, in the woods, but I don`t think anyone would find its existence objectionable in any way. With the heritage house and winterized cabins, it can accommodate up to about 70. Big lounge, smaller library, and huge dining room. Go onto the site and click on rentals, and you`ll get floorplans, photos etc. There`s a good beach, dock, boats, etc, and other recreational facilities.
Remember, $40CDN = $30US
Getting there: ferry to Vancouver Island from Horseshoe Bay at the northwest corner of Vancouver, BC or from Tsawwassen at the south-west corner to Nanaimo, which is just north of Chemainus for the ferry to Thetis. Otherwise from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay outside of Victoria, but this is farther. Airfares are often less expensive flying into Vancouver. Ferry is 20-30 minutes south of the airport. Ferry fare is about $10CDN each way from the mainland, and to Thetis about $5CDN return. Examples of air fares in Canada -WestJet Calgary to Vancouver in September $129CDN + taxes each way, and Toronto to Vancouver $244CDN + taxes each way.

If you are interested in Victoria, BC - the best value in the summer is dorm rooms at the University of Victoria at $44CDN single or $55CDN with 2 twin beds B&B per night or cluster housing with 4 single bedrooms in a unit at $160CDN per night for the unit.
These are available May, June, July, and until the 3rd week in August. Website is:

Must jump into bed as I need to be on the 8am ferry tomorrow to take my car in. The backend has been rattling since I scraped bottom a few too many times on the ferry ramp when the tides were low - but now it has a most peculiar noise.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
5/8/2004 10:05:00 AM
Let`s readdress this Vancouver bit again- Hi

Heather didn`t include my retreat - Knitting with a Twist of Colour on Salt Spring Island - June 21-27. I`m booked up for this year, but certainly don`t object to a little publicity. Mine are all-inclusive once the knitters arrive on Salt Spring - tuition, accommodation, meals, snacks, outings. The first couple of years, I took charge of the cooking and hired a teacher; then faced with a last-minute teacher cancellation, I took over the teaching and hired a chef - much more reliable.

A significant part of the cost is renting the accommodation, if the person organizing the retreat does not actually own the facility. For instance, I rent a big log farmhouse on a working sheep farm overlooking the ocean, and pay the same whether fully booked or not, if people want single rooms, that, too, reduces the total number, and hence income. The chef costs the same, insurance is the same, and so on it goes. At $600US, I hope to do a little better than break even, I do it for fun, not as income to live on.

So, I don`t think that you are going to get an alpaca to take home.

For a smaller Elann group getting together the farm is a possibility. It sleeps 10 comfortably. Actually, if `you all` are interested, a few more could stay at my house. I`d be willing to cook, provided there`s a clean-up crew, and everyone chips into the food kitty. I only cater fairly high end (have to keep up the reputation!) So cost would be in the neighbourhood of $150CDN total per person for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks, and afternoon tea, for 5 days. That`s about $115US.
Now that I think about it, it would be little more expensive than Camp Columbia, but the food would be much better and rooms larger. Fall Fair is a weekend in mid-September - great fun!!! Sheep dog trials, sheep-shearing, horse show, 4-H exhibits, the biggest marrow, best jam, knitting, quilting, etc, etc, etc. It`s the kind of event that died out in most places in the 1950`s, but here it is alive and well.
It would certainly be an `event` to come to. Also, spinning mill, artisan studios, llama farm, mixed-breed wool-bearing animals farms, silk-fibre outlet, spinners, yarn dyers, weavers, birdhouse builders, etc. It`s a great island.
Maybe Ann would come with totes full of yarn - it`s a hop-skip-and a jump to the ferry from where she lives.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
5/9/2004 1:01:42 PM
How to Get to Salt Spring Island Hi
On a map, find Victoria on Vancouver Island, then look for the group of small islands to the north-east on the Canadian side of the international boundary - Salt Spring is the largest of this group. On an American map, go north from Seattle until you find the San Juan Islands, then a little farther north to the group above.
There are two ways of getting here - by sea and by air.
Ferries ( come to the island from the mainland and Vancouver Island.
From the mainland- a)big ferry from Tsawwassen to Long Harbour on Salt Spring Island, a scenic trip through the Gulf Islands. The `milk run` calls at three islands before arriving at Salt Spring and takes 3 hours. There are some `direct trips` which take about 80 minutes. Cafeteria, lounges, etc on board. b)very big ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island (the terminal for Victoria but not in the city) and then a little ferry on a `through ticket` to Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring. Fares are the same on either route - to Salt Spring - car (not including driver) $38CDN and person $10.25CDN and leaving Salt Spring to the mainland car $19.75CDN and person $4.75CDN. [There is an explanation why coming and going are different prices, but it only makes sense to islanders.]

Ferries from Vancouver Island a)(for people who live there, or coming from Anacortes on Washington State Ferries, from Port Angeles on the Coho, or on whatever is running this year from Seattle) Swartz Bay to Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring
b)(for people who live north of the Malahat, arriving on Vancouver Island at Port Hardy, or coming from the mainland through Horseshoe Bay) ferry from Crofton to Vesuvius Bay on Salt Spring. Fares on these routes are the same $21CDN for car and $6.50CDN per person ROUND TRIP.
Ferries are easy to manage either as walk on or drive on. They are all end-loading, drive straight on - drive straight off. There is no turning around on deck, backing up etc. on any of these ferries.
Several small airlines run scheduled float plane service into Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring from Vancouver airport and at least one from Seattle. Fare from Vancouver is about $70CDN each way. These are small planes which take-off and land on the ocean - great fun, but if the idea makes you turn green, take the ferry.
It`s very acceptable to knit on the ferries, but probably not enough room on the float planes.

Airport options for flying from a distance are Vancouver B.C. or Victoria - check prices carefully. Vancouver airport to ferry is a taxi, limousine, or bus ride. limo is about $25, bus about $10. Victoria airport to ferry is a taxi ride $10-$15CDN. Westjet has good seat sales, frequently, on the net.
I haven`t lost a knitter yet, so it`s not hard to get here.

Salt Spring Island
5/10/2004 8:16:35 AM
PatW -travel info Lesley

Right On!!!!

Salt Spring Island
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