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5/29/2005 8:52:07 AM
Viva Ponchos Take a look at Knit`n Style for April 2005 (#136), there`s a "Lacy Cable Poncho" from Tahki*Stacy Charles on page 27. The design is knitted in 100% cotton #5 weight. I knit this during the first few days in Scotland from some alpaca from a friend`s animals - a sample for this year`s retreats. Very fast. Instead of the drawstring around the neck, I did a cabled edge, which is more flattering for the over 25 group than the peasant neck.

Take a good look at the construction, and then work out a simple pattern with strong definition to make the same width. It`s unlikely that Tahki*Stacy Charles would give you permission to use their pattern for items for sale in time for this season, so use the basic shape - two rectangles 26 inches by 13 inches, add fringe and neck trim - design and go for it. I`ll post separately about a case of `using` other people`s patterns.

Salt Spring Island
5/29/2005 9:21:19 AM
A Case of Spin-offs in Scotland DD and I, in the constant search for things knitted, wandered into a little stop in Edinburgh claiming to be selling `hand knits`. A number of attractive sweaters and cardigans were displayed on the walls and racks in strong, distinct heathery colourways with vibrant patterns using traditional celtic motifs and designs. (Some of you have guessed already where this is going?) The various sweaters were priced between $60 and $190US for adult sizes. The woman proclaimed that she designed and knit them all herself, and indeed, she was sewing a garment together by hand as she spoke.

I looked more closely, something was very familiar. The garments were hand-framed (domestic-type knitting machine) not handknit, but that was not the big problem. The designs and colourways had been lifted from Alice Starmore`s books - especially The Celtic Collection - even down to the same colours. I didn`t say anything about that difficulty, but announced cheerfully that I was planning to bring a group of knitters to Scotland next year. Her immediate response was "Don`t bring them to my store" and went on in a tirade about knitters coming in, taking pictures, and leaving. DD wanted to escape, but the woman`s attitude to real knitters was just too fascinating to cut short. Once outside, DD figured that she realized that I recognized that she was selling spin-offs and just wanted to get us out of there without taking any evidence with us.

Moral is, don`t knit other people`s designs for sale without getting their permission in writing -
it`s their livelihood you are stealing.

Salt Spring Island
5/30/2005 10:17:20 AM
Help with Coat Pattern Hi Martha
The hem/border is knitted on 123 stitches, then you decrease to 118.
Knit sections as follows:
A Next is the section in astrakan - 4 st repeat x 29 + 2 edge stitches = 118

B chain stitch - 8st repeat x 8 = 64 }
stocking stitch - 6st repeat x 9 = 54 } 118

C repeat astrakan = 118

D small plait - 2st repeat x 8 = 16
zigzag - 6st repeat x 7 = 42 } 118
stocking stitch - 4st repeat x 15 = 60

E repeat astakan

F turban stitch - 8st repeat x 8 = 64 }
stocking stitch - 6st repeat x 9 = 54 } 118

G repeat astrkan

H leftward plait - 4st repeat x 5 = 20
rightward plait - 4st repeat x 5 = 20
plait small - 2st repeat x 6 = 12 } 106
stocking stitch - 4st repeat x 10 = 40
stocking stitch - 2st repeat x 7 = 14


I repeat astrakan

J chain stitch - 8st repeat x 7 = 56
stocking stitch - 6st repeat x 6 = 36 } 106
stocking stitch - 7st repeat x 2 = 14

K narrow astrakan section with decreasing for shoulders

L stocking stitch with final decreasing

I downloaded and printed the pattern 30/11/2004. If you downloaded ealier, it`s possible that corrections were made. Recount the sections on your chart carefully - I only have 8 repeats of the chain stitch, not 10 in Section B. Back is not the same as twice the front. If you follow the number of repeats I have typed above, the stitch count will come out.

Double stitch - knit a swatch in the one-line pattern for all rows - front and back. If you don`t like the look, purl the wrongside rows.

Write back if you need more

Salt Spring Island
5/30/2005 10:19:56 AM
A Case of Spin-offs in Scotland It`s a big problem, she was stealing from Alice Starmore. I think she figured out that I knew what she was doing.

Salt Spring Island
6/1/2005 8:55:30 AM
Input Request - Highland Color Card Group What fun!

0500 Black
0100 Natural
0401 Light Grey Heather

0282 Oatmeal Heather
0211 Mocha Heather
0294 Chocolate Truffle

1256 Celery
2308 Cedar
0651 Forest Glade Heather

3075 Antique Blue
1321 Tapestry Blue
0638 Dark Indigo Heather

2180 Autumn Peach
1004 Pumpkin
87M2 Red Maple

1742 Dusky Lavender
1012 Dusky Purple
2713 Aubergine

7132 Rose Pink
2055 Ruby
2020 Claret

2768 Butter
1150 Butterscotch
0744 Harvest Heather

My choices for this morning.

Salt Spring Island
6/5/2005 9:25:45 AM
Knitting Retreat in Scotland Hi All

I am booking the country house at the gateway to the Highlands for May, 2006 - a great leap of faith that I will find enough knitters - 12-14. For knitters, arrival will be Sunday, May 7th and departure during the day on May 19th. I will actually have the house from the afternoon of the 6th until the morning of the 20th so that we can do set-up and take-down.

Don`t know the final price yet, Jenny is busily pricing food from Tesco On-Line service, and I`m getting quotes for a large van/mini-bus for sightseeing. Cost will be all-inclusive from and to the Dunkeld-Birnam railway station which is on the line from Edinburgh/Glasgow. Airfare will be up to each knitter, so you can shop around for the best price, use air miles or Visa points, fly from where you want, and extend travel time before and/or after.[I booked seat sale tickets for DD and me, and extended hers for two weeks til the end of May for the same price, and she broke her return at London for the extra time.]

Accommodation: all the bedrooms are bright with good views. I want to charge the same per person for single as twin, the rooms for 2 are larger. Should I charge extra for a room with private bath? Or just assign them in the order that people pay their deposits?

Outings: Do you think knitters would want an outing every day? Some - such as going to Edinburgh and Glasgow to sightsee and shop would be a full day for each, as with going to Loch Lomond for boat cruise, etc. Others would be half a day - say knitting in the morning and trip in the afternoon to castle, gardens, etc. How many?

Project: A top-down cardigan with Scottish design in colour or stitch pattern has been suggested. Other thoughts?

Must-do: Knit in public at every possible opportunity - Scotland needs to return to knitting!!!

Salt Spring Island
6/6/2005 9:47:46 AM
A life ends Benne, I am so sorry. My thoughts are with you. Try to remember all the good times you had together.

Salt Spring Island
6/7/2005 6:15:08 AM
And not to be a copycat or anything I`m so sorry, Bets. Don`t forget to take care ofyourself when you are helping other people.

Salt Spring Island
6/7/2005 6:20:39 AM
I`ve been searching for a shawl pattern for the next few days Have a look at St. Seraphina`s "Easy Spanish Lace Shawl S14". It`s very pretty and doesn`t take too much concentration.

Salt Spring Island
6/9/2005 4:46:50 PM
Need an experts advice Staghorn cables are very attractive, but do draw in the knitting. Knit a swatch say 55 stitches wide, if you are doing the two cables and 32 if you are doing just one. Knit 7 stitches in stocking stitch, 3 stitches in reverse stocking stitch, the cable block over 16 stitches, 3 stitches reverse stocking stitch, the second 16 stitch block, 3 stitches reverse stocking stitch, and the remaining 7 in stocking stitch. knit at least 4 inches. Measure the width of the cable block carely, compare the stitches per inch to the stocking stitch parts, and add the number of stitches you need to make the front the required width.

To give you an example, I have the samples for next week`s retreat in front of me right now, - a 30 stitch sample with 3 6-stitch plait ribs and 4 3-stitch reverse stocking stitch spacers is coming in at 4.25 inches, blocked, in Highland Wool. I get 19-20 stitches = 4 inches consistently in Highland Wool, so you can see just how much 18 inches of cable pattern is pulling in.

Be brave! The worst that happens is that you knit two extra cables to go up the sides.

Salt Spring Island
6/10/2005 8:50:34 AM
Knitting Retreat in Scotland Will do, Uleta. How does outings every other day sound to you? Scenery in The Sma` Glen is spectacular, so great for strolls along the river as well as serious hiking on the in-between days.

6/10/2005 9:07:15 AM
Most Idiotic Converstion With a LYS Proprietor... This is not about an owner but the person John Lewis (big department store) has hired to serve its yarn customers in Glasgow - the only place that anyone could suggest for knitting yarn - wool or otherwise.

Customer: in a clear, distinct English voice - Where would I find patterns for fair isle knitting?

Clerk: What`s that?

Customer: Colourwork with little patterns.

Clerk: We don`t stock any of that.

Customer: to me - Do you think they call it something different here?

Me: Don`t think so.
I found her several patterns in books within five minutes, but none of the little one-pattern leaflets that she really wanted. A helpful, trained clerk might have sold her a book and the yarn to go with it, and sent her off happy with her purchases. I helped several other people find what they needed before DD wandered back.

Salt Spring Island
6/10/2005 9:52:56 AM
Katia Serpantina Summer Top Pattern Question Hi Beth
I have just knitted a little swatch of the pattern, and think that it is as follows:

Row 1 is a set-up row, knit it once. Knit Row 2 once.
Rows 3 and 4 are the pattern repeats. The stripe moves diagonally because you are knitting an extra stitch before the pattern block and a stitch less after it on every RS row (the Row 3 of the written pattern.
When you reach the right shoulder, the stitch you are going to unravel is in the centre of the pattern block - it will stop at Row 1 because it started with a YO on that first row. The two cast-off stitches are right there, too, to prevent disaster.
Write back if this isn`t clear.

Salt Spring Island
6/10/2005 9:56:33 AM
Most Idiotic Converstion With a LYS Proprietor... It really is sad to see knitting almost dying out. Thus, everyone who goes to Scotland next year, must knit in public at every opportunity with crusader-like zeal. DH may try to disown us, but that`s his problem!!!!

Salt Spring Islander
6/12/2005 9:26:41 AM
Out of Touch for Two Weeks If you need to send an e-mail whilst here, DH will do it for you. Maybe we could get him to run off the elann chat once a day. If you want to contact Barbara, you can post say before 7:45 PDT, and I can print the message off and take it up to the farm for her. I leave my house about 8am as Jenny, the chef, does a dim view if I`m late for breakfast. (Jenny, if you are reading this, it`s only fair to insist that I arrive in good time.)
My home e-mail is now and I`ll ask DH to check it during the day.

Salt Spring Island
6/14/2005 8:37:33 AM
Happy Birthday, Les! Order lots of yarn, after all, it`s your birthday!

Have a great day
Salt Spring Island
6/14/2005 8:37:57 AM
Happy Birthday, Les! Order lots of yarn, after all, it`s your birthday!

Have a great day
Salt Spring Island
6/25/2005 3:10:20 PM
Silk City Cone yarns Hi Agnes

It`s good to knit with if you need a fairly fine yarn, but it`s just great to mix with other yarns. It moves along well and doesn`y tangle the other yarn. At present, my mindless knitting is a t-shirt with one strand of the Silk City in Cerise(?) from last year and a strand of some periwinkle blue slubbed cotton. The blue just looked too thick and thin on its own, but with the Silk City it has substance and knits up at 19 st = 4".
I`ve used the Silk City alone and with up to four other strands at various times. Very versatile.

Salt Spring Island
6/26/2005 8:32:56 AM
Casting on question I always use a long tail cast on for top-down socks. It`s my all-purpose, use for almost everything method, without discernible right and wrong side, stretchy, yet neat, that a Norwegian friend taught me years ago. I`ve no idea what it`s called, maybe "Norwegian cast-on" as Aase`s grandmother taught it to her.

Here`s a description - someone will recognize it:

Measure out one arm`s length of yarn for each 30 stitches, then make a slip knot at the end of the measured amount- the mid-point in your cast on yarn between the end and the ball of yarn. Make a loop counter-clockwise in the yarn, flip the loop over the long tail end of the yarn, put the needle over the loop, under the long tail strand, over the loop on the other side. Pull both ends until you have one stitch on the needle - don`t pull too tight.

This is for right-dominant people - lefties use your right thumb. With the long tail hanging towards the floor, bring the yarn vertically between your index finger and your thumb on your left hand, wrap the yarn counter-clockwise around your thumb 1 1/2 times, push the needle under the initial pass over your thumb,throw the yarn from the ball strand over the needle tip as if to knit British way, and pull the new stitch towards you BETWEEN the two loops around your thumb. Move new stitch in place beside last stitch. Repeat for as many stitches as you need.

With a little practice, this becomes quick. The little braid which forms along the bottom is very elastic.
Other than saying it`s the way women in Halden, Norway (near the Swedish border) cast on, I can add no more info. They proceed to knit continental with the Norwegian purl (no twisted stitches). This works from socks to shawls.

Salt Spring Island
7/9/2005 9:46:43 PM
Ok, let`s try again-any one have red or wine Sonata? Hi Bets

I have the following:

3 balls color 9520 lot 31115

2 balls color 9245 lot 31113

Is either of these the right shade? The first one is rather like wine spilt on a white tablecloth. The second ranges from bright red to a very deep red.

Let me know if either will do and I`ll pop them into the mail to you.

Salt Spring Island
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