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12/17/2002 9:13:54 AM
Removing pills & fuzzing What is the best way of removing pills and excessive fuzzing from finished projects? I`ve seen De-fuzz-it combs, sweater stones and also little electric shavers designed specfically for this purpose. Just was wondering what has worked for most people.
12/21/2002 9:31:43 PM
Removing pills & fuzzing Mary Maxim has it, page 47 of their Spring 03 catalog or try their website, It is listed at $19.99 for regular size or $24.99 for larger size.
1/8/2003 6:36:42 PM
short row I`ve done short rows when making seamless sweaters to raise the back neck and also to make the back of the sweater longer. Good references for me were Meg Swansen`s Knitting book (there was also a 4-part series in Knitters magazine starting Spr 2000 by Meg that also explained how and why to short row). Also Maggie Righetti`s Knitting in Plain English and Sweater Design in Plain English. My quick references for where to place yarn etc. when turning and hiding wraps are The Knitter`s Companion by Vicki Square and also every Knitter`s magazine issue has a "Knitter`s School" page which briefly covers techniques including short rows. Short row technique for socks may be different though.
1/8/2003 6:47:22 PM
Yarns I also had been searching for a non-itchy wool and was told by a yarn store that Merino is the best as far as being smooth next to the skin. Also wool that has had the superwash treatment I`ve heard feels smoother. Though I recently bought some superwash yarn over the internet that feels rough and also I knit a sweater out of some Filatura di Crosa Tower yarn from this site that is 100% wool, not superwashed treated and not Merino and yet is very nice and soft. I guess my best suggestion is to try a sample first also has yarn reviews where knitters frequently comment on whether a yarn is scratchy or not.
1/11/2003 6:37:39 PM
Can machine knitting & hand knitting be combined? I am seriously thinking of buying a knitting machine to use up my stash more quickly. I`m thinking of starting out a sweater on the machine and doing 2/3 of the body (plain stockinette stitch) on the machine and then when the armhole shaping begins, switching to hand knitting. The remaining bodice could also be done in a knit/purl texture like a Guernsey sweater style by handknitting. Thus the long boring part could be done by the machine.
Just wondering would this work? How hard is it to transfer a piece partially done on a machine to hand knitting needles? Also would welcome any comments in general on pros & cons of machine vs hand knitting.
1/16/2003 6:48:54 AM
Yarns I am currently knitting with Gedifra Cordilla that I bought from this site a couple months ago. It is 55% alpaca/45% wool,is marvelously soft and a pleasure to knit with. I`m hoping the alpaca content will help it to wear better than my past 100% wool and wool/acrylic blend sweaters which tended to fuzz up before they were even off my needles. So far so good!
1/31/2003 2:01:50 PM
does yarn have a nap/grain to it that would affect the knitted fabric? I`ve always worked with center pull balls or skeins of yarn so this hasn`t come up before. But I have some hanks of 100% cotton Intermezzo which I must wind into balls first. I`ve noticed and remember reading somewhere that if you rub your fingers in one direction and then the other on a yarn strand one direction will feel smoother and you want to take this into account with which yarn end you start knitting with. Should I make the ball so that as the yarn is fed it is in the direction that feels smoother, and would this also depend on whether you`re making a bottom-up or top-down sweater? Also would the sheen of the knitted fabric vary with which end of the yarn you started with (like with cordoroy or velvet)?
2/1/2003 1:41:53 PM
It can make a difference Thanks for replying! I`m glancing over the article now and see that I`ll have to read it in depth. One thing mentioned about yarn twist in the article that hadn`t occurred to me was that your style of knitting (Continental or British) affects whether you tighten the twist or release the twist resulting in a looser or denser fabric. Perhaps that`s why when I was knitting my last project the yarn seemed to untwist as I knit it (stitches seemed to split easily) and pilled up after a couple wearings. On the other hand when wet blocked it was very pliable and also has a nice fluid drape when worn.
5/12/2003 7:51:16 AM
Elann sample skeins - what to do with them? I save my Elann swatches & accompanying newsletter in a binder. The swatches are put in translucent three-hole pouches (the kind used to hold pencils & misc in binders). That way if new stock is ever received on a previously sold-out closeout, I still have the swatch and color samples to go back to. Being not long at knitting and new to all the fiber choices out there, I just love to go back and feel the swatches and contemplate what kind of project they could become!
5/12/2003 7:57:48 AM
Euroflax Heathers 100% linen Hi Thelma,
Actually, I had a question for you! I haven`t knitted with 100% linen yarn before, but have heard it is difficult to knit with. Is this true, and does it need to be dry cleaned?
5/12/2003 8:25:41 AM
Short row magic! I`m in the finishing stretch of a cable & moss stitch jacket out of some olive Gedifra Cordilla alpaca/wool yarn that I bought from this site and found short rows were my saving grace for some "Uh, oh" moments in the project. First one: Had finished back and fronts, sewn shoulder seams and applied collar. Found that the arm openings were way too large for set-in sleeves (10 1/2" as opposed to 7 1/2", maybe the alpaca stretched or I mismeasured?). It was too late to unravel the shoulders since I had already sewn the seams and put on a decent looking collar. The shoulder width was good, just needed extra fabric under the armhole, so I picked up stitches all around the armhole and did about three short-row pairs under the arm and bound off -- voila, arm opening size was perfect! This short row fix is not noticeable in this case because the bulk of it is under the arm, also tends to blend in with the moss stitch texture and the fuzziness of the alpaca/wool blend. Anyone else have any stories of saving projects from disaster?
5/13/2003 11:12:18 AM
Euroflax Heathers 100% linen Thanks Mestin for replying! I`ll keep that in mind, definitely want to try linen, maybe a summer shell to see how I like working with it. I`ve used a Diane Soucy pattern this past winter -- the V-neck cardigan and liked it so much I sent in for her side to side cardigan pattern to use for some Elle Mohair Print that I bought from this site last fall. Hope to get some slimming vertical stripes from the result!
5/13/2003 11:23:48 AM
Elann sample skeins - what to do with them? Not having long hair (or any daughters, sigh!), how are scrunchies made? Are they knitted/crocheted tubes with elastic inserted in them? Are they a decorative covering for the rubber band around a pony tail? I do have a niece who is a dancer in her spare time with the seemingly requisite long hair to pull back in bun/ponytail. That would be great to present her with a box of assorted beautiful Elann scrunchies!
5/14/2003 7:01:23 AM
Elann sample skeins - what to do with them? Went to the site you mentioned--scrunchie patterns galore. Thanks, Tam! Should satisfy my craving for crochet. Every so often when I get tired of my current knitting project I start scouting out for something to crochet: undo my Elann knitted swatches & make crochet swatches but nothing has worked out so far for that perfect pattern/yarn combination. As far as crochet goes, do you find that certain yarn contructions work out better (i.e, cabled or tightly twisted plies)? I was crocheting a swatch with Austerman Saba and found that the fiber came untwisted quite easily and I`d have to go slower and be careful to hook all the plies. Thanks again for the heads-up on the crochet site--I`m going to have fun exploring it for my someday crochet project :-)
5/14/2003 6:44:15 PM
Elann sample skeins - what to do with them? Thanks, Tam for the great info! My recent experience (last 2 years) in crochet has only been a potholder in Lily Sugar and Cream, and a teddy bear in Lion Brand chenille, and before that a worsted weight vest many years ago, so I really appreciate your input. I like the speed of crochet but when I look at the yarn requirements for many patterns, it does seem to take a lot compared to knitting. I came across a Leisure Arts crochet leaflet at Joanne`s called "Cool Summer Sweaters" that I`m tempted to use for my first garment. I like that the patterns in it don`t look like crochet trying to look like knitting--the cover short sleeve pullover has a lot of open work and is shown worn over a chemise. The patterns call for sport weight cotton yarn no name brand specified. So now whenever I see an Elann offering that is a sport or light DK weight yarn ,I go hmmmm..., how would that look in crochet? Anyhow, thanks again for your reply and happy crocheting or knitting, whatever you`re doing now!
5/16/2003 1:03:46 PM
Euroflax Heathers 100% linen Thanks for the info! I don`t really like to work with anything thinner than dk and I thought Elann did offer some euroflax, but very light weight, so I ignored it.
It`s useful for future reference to know that it can be knit with multiple strands with good results.
6/15/2003 10:24:13 PM
Sample Skeins Subscription Fran,
I just started my second year of the sample skein subscription and I think it is worthwhile even though it has gone up in price since last year. Having the actual skein to try out has saved me many times from purchases that I would have regretted later; so in the long run I think it has actually saved me money! Also, if the sample is "ample" :-), I can actually do a gauge swatch for the pattern I`m considering and see if it would work out. The only problem is I spend too much of my precious knitting time knitting samples and dreaming about possibilities; takes time away from the current WIP, which might have reached a troublesome point!
6/15/2003 10:35:37 PM
Which Magazines? Darla,
Funny, I was thinking of doing the same thing with my knitting magazines when I got the time, probably never at the rate I`m going! I guess one thing that bothered me was not having an index for the technical articles; it is like sitting on a treasure trove of knitting techniques that might be used if one remembered one had it or where it was. The patterns that I may want to use in the future are just marked in the magazines with sticky book marks, but no concise list!
6/23/2003 11:51:51 AM
Crafter`s Choice Their introductory offer is great! I joined 3 years ago and got Big Book of Knitting, Simply Beautiful Sweaters, Meg Swansen`s Knitting and Vogue Knitting: Very Easy Knits for just some nominal amount plus s/h. It was worth it for me at that point because I was just starting out and owned no knitting books. After the introductory offer though, the prices especially with the shipping and handling added on are not too good. And standard shipping is third class, book rate which means you could wait as long as 3 weeks before you get your shipment. I stayed on as a member until this spring; it was getting to be too much of a hassle to remember to decline the montly selection and when I forgot and received "365 Handmade Birthdays", completely out of my field of interest, that was the last straw! Now I like to buy my knitting books from Amazon/ (30% off retail) or have recently been checking out (40% off retail). Ecasey, I hope you get your last introductory book from them; I know they have a phone number, I used it to cancel my membership.
7/5/2003 8:50:59 AM
knitting Hey Polly, welcome! I`d like to also recommend the Knitter`s Review Forum (, also check Elann`s Links under Features to jump to this site. Excellent bulletin board for knitters, and organized well, according to topic, quite a few interesting discussions going on there. Also check out, a free online knitting magazine. Good luck and have fun!
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