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10/10/2003 5:07:27 PM
Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls... If one chunk of lint should fall off the blankie, then the whole blankie shall be the lesser for it.

Just me, kiddo-do NOT agitate your wool-you could end up with a felt placemat. I`ve had terrific results with a product called Euclan-fill up the washer, add the soap, let it mix in...throw in the sweater in to soak for 5 minutes, DO NOT AGITATE, do not rinse, just spin out the water. Easy. It`s 10.00 per bottle, but you get lots of washings, OR you could go drop 10.00 at the cleaners.

As far as the cake, refrigeration gnerally toughens baked goods, unless they`re soggy anyhow, like fruitcake. It could be the best of cakes OR the worst of cakes. Just refrigerate the icing, if made from scratch.

And when you have labored long and hard and your day is done (paraphrased) go to sleep under the blankie in peace. God is awake.

John Donne, Dickens, and Hugo. Back atcha,
10/11/2003 4:14:59 AM
Fran`s shawl-to-be and other great stuff Geez, and you`d think Eileen and I could get a break, I finished 2 projects this past week, and only started one, so the knitting algebra of UFOs is improving!

Actually, my big project is getting some ROOM for my stuff! I can`t set up my Bond or my sewing machine. Everyone else in my house has room for their stuff but me. I also made a beaded lanyard for one of the ladies at work who is moving, so I just joined the local bead club, too.

I also just signed up for the TKGA convention in Houston in 2 weeks. I signed up for designer day, because let`s face it, we all have good ideas, but lots of times there`s no pattern to go with them, so we do it ourselves. I know I am average, but also have enough ego to think that if I am looking for something, someone else wants it too.

So that`s what`s going on at my house. The project I started is a little "fisherman" type sweater from Sirdar, in that varigated Emu DK superwash that was here last winter. This is nice yarn, if they offer it again, the colors don`t stack up, they just splotch up with a nice randomness. The sweater is for my grandaughter, who will be a year in Jan, and she`s only received 2 knitted items from Gram!! Horrors!

Go Fran, knit something cozy to battle the chill.
10/11/2003 4:19:52 AM
Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls... Thanks Theresa, I feel like a horse now....

10/11/2003 5:04:45 AM
I *Think* This Will Work... Wow-that is sooo nice! I`m glad you gave your mum something to brag about-that`s always nice! You deserved to win for that! It`s truly beautiful!

Now I have to go look at the pattern....B
10/11/2003 7:56:50 AM
Fran`s shawl-to-be and other great stuff I thought about this some next project for me will be a very simple Adrienne Vittadini pullover-scullyknits/Christina has seen the pattern and SHE approves, it`s in the new fall leaflet. As soon as this lil Sirdar/Emu sweater is done, I shall start on AV. I`ve got some beautiful GGH rosy angora-mix (L`amour, I think) that was offered this past spring. Good color, good shape for me, NICE yarn!
10/11/2003 8:00:22 AM
baby blanket

Marion, check here, they have quite a few free patterns. I was impressed with the variety of freebies, but I didn`t see any photos. How is your sense of adventure?

10/11/2003 8:00:22 AM
Baby blanket

Marion, check here, they have quite a few free patterns. I was impressed with the variety of freebies, but I didn`t see any photos. How is your sense of adventure?

10/11/2003 8:00:22 AM
Baby Blanket

Marion, check here, they have quite a few free patterns. I was impressed with the variety of freebies, but I didn`t see any photos. How is your sense of adventure?

10/11/2003 8:00:22 AM
baby blanket

Marion, check here, they have quite a few free patterns. I was impressed with the variety of freebies, but I didn`t see any photos. How is your sense of adventure?

10/12/2003 6:08:45 AM
DSIL`s Gift I think that`s a terrific idea, Theresa! Look at her favorite sweaters-are they crew, or turtleneck? Do women in her profession wear cardis? I cast my vote on a 3/4 sleeve pullover with a jewel neck, which seem to be all over in the shops now anyhow. If you have leftovers, and I suspect you might, I suggest a cap-sleeved tee, perhaps trimmed with her favorite neutral, or with a textured panel in the front. Of course, I work with a bunch of computer geeks wearing blue jeans and polo shirts (my daughter tells my husband all his colleagues look like stoners...ha ha!) but I think it`s hard to go wrong with a plain pullover under a jacket. There is a pattern for a machine knit top in an ancient VK-if you have issues from the 80s (insert joke here) let me know, and I`ll go look up the issue. (I know this because I made it last year.)
10/12/2003 6:32:56 AM
Fran`s shawl-to-be and other great stuff Don`t worry, Theresa, the grey yarn is in a nice safe place....(ha ha, I do it all the time!)

Fran, my granddaughter turns 1 the day after yours does. Hurry up and knit something before she starts needing the size BIGGER than the one for the amount of yarn you bought! I too bought a dress pattern, looked at it the other day and thought "No, she won`t wear it!" Which is why I`m working on Sirdar 3084 in the green/turq/rose mix(vineyard, I think)Emu. I also bought the periwinkle mix and the dark red mix. I REALLY like these. I must confess I am not the person to ask about a shawl, I can`t see myself wearing one because I picture myself shambling around with a miniature afghan slung around my shoulders. It`s too warm here anyhow.

But something else has popped up on the horizon-the elderly aunt is visiting in 2 weeks with her boyfriend (don`t think about THAT too long, it`s like staring at the sun!) and since she`s from Chicago, perhaps a Soft Hair scarf or mobius? And one for her sister, my FAVORITE aunt? Geez, gotta finish the bebe sweater, because the mobius pattern is on order.

We only do this because we`re GOOD at it.

10/13/2003 4:41:05 AM
Done, done, done - to quote Bets! Yay!

And CCC Christopher was delighted? Terrific! Yay! I plan on taking a picture of my spouse today for the photo gallery(in his sweater)...can you do the same? I`m anxious to see the incredible speed afghan!

10/13/2003 4:54:49 AM
Fran`s shawl-to-be and other great stuff Hi-

Actually all, I went back in time to July 4th on this board. Alice had given me a pattern for a mock Turkish stitch mobius. It`s very lacy, and I have about 10" done. Which is good, because I have two aunts to take care of here. This is a nice pattern, and I STRONGLY recommend going back to July and printing it out, because Christmas IS coming. One ball of yarn per gift is NOT too shabby!

The baby sweater back is done. As far as knitting for small`s ok, this is a miniature fisherman style sweater in a gender neutral (green gold magenta denim/cadet blue-neutral if you are Asian, I guess, but we are) color, so after she wears it for 3 months, mama can save it for the next. Planned this way on purpose.

And the aunt`s paramour-shoot, I just wanted lil goodie bags for the ladies, the only thing I`m required to do is take them for Mexican food at a place that`s very popular with out of towners. Just worried about the aunts, and don`t worry, there will be candy in the bag he can weasel in on. And Texas made candles. AND scarves.

I`m telling you Theresa, don`t worry, finish the sock, the yarn is in a VERY safe place! The first sock I ever made for myself was a felted bootie-those are REALLY quick. I think that was in a Threads or Cast-on booklet.
10/13/2003 4:56:45 AM
Done, done, done - to quote Bets! Getting ready to go to work! Gonna wait a bit to see what the "special" is, tho. I bought that Elite pattern, it is SO pretty!

Go find a lovely new project for yourself!
10/13/2003 5:02:24 AM
Easy Christmas gift lace pattern-thank you Alice and Fran Over the July 4th weekend, I put in a post looking for easy peasy lace scarf patterns. Alice and Fran responded with their all time favorites. I printed them both out-I`m currently working on Alice`s design, and it`s NICE in Soft Hair-1 ball per mobius!. I think Fran`s favorite will be next. Have a look at those postings in early July, Alice`s is definitly a keeper for the ages (like t`was the night before Christmas, and oh I forgot a gift for....!)
Regards all!
10/13/2003 9:53:59 AM
Done, done, done - to quote Bets! I just bought a ton of Desiree from (another place). Desiree is this PRETTY wool and angora blend that they had here this past spring-if they ever have more, I recommend it! I made my daughter a cute sweater (that she won`t wear arrgghh!) in it, and that`s what I plan to make Moonlight in. Maybe I can beg her to put it on so I can take a picture.

I ended up skipping work today-took my poor old dog to the groomers, and that was pretty traumatic, and I had to hold him so he wouldn`t bite the lady doing his toes. I usually leave for work at 6:30 a.m.

Mild swears? Ha. I have to say "flippin" a lot. I also borrow like crazy from BBC, because "wanker" is much better, never mind.

I`d say you aren`t an insomniac, you are still on GMT!

Have a good day!
10/13/2003 10:03:52 AM
Fran`s shawl-to-be and other great stuff Hi-
I saw the Holiday VK last week at Borders...I restrained myself because I know my subscription will come in the mail ummmm, whenever. There wasn`t anything that really knocked me out anyhow. I`ll just stand by the mailbox tapping my toes.

I can`t believe your mother needs another garment so quickly. Please let it be an easy one!

I`m neither coffee/tea loyal...Lady Grey, Celestial Seasoning`s green tea, or Germna coffee. Tazo Chai (NO MILK OR SUGAR!) is yummy. Diet soda by the IV.

Anyhow, back to the mobius.
10/14/2003 4:43:01 PM
Fran`s shawl-to-be and other great stuff U.S. Ovaltine is different from European Ovaltine. Ours has more sugar in it. (go figure...)
10/14/2003 4:47:04 PM
Done, done, done - to quote Bets! Come on Eileen!

(Bet you heard ENOUGH of that!) Those spinners have to do something with their yarn! I took a class, and it was ok, made a tote bag and incorporated my pitiful 30 yards of single ply into in, then felted it. There are worse things on this planet. But since we`re on this subject, if you are drop-spindle spinning, what can you do with that big glob of yarn so you can keep going without breaking it, yet still make room?


10/15/2003 3:45:49 AM
Done, done, done - to quote Bets! Hi-
And mind you I took exactly one class...we had a drop spindle-a stick with a disc on we`d spin a little, then wind the stuff on a stick. I guess they do this in (Peru?) south america, but when that stick gets good and full, what do you do with the yarn? Stop and break it? (ewww!) leave a long fuzzy tail, so you can smash it in with the next bit you do? I just don`t GET that part.

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