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9/28/2003 1:59:10 PM
When is Betsy gonna shut up and knit???? Hi-

Thanks Eileen, I had noticed a few weeks ago that a HIDEOUS shade of burnt orange sold out in Landgraf...couldn`t understand WHY until I figure out that it was University of Texas orange. OH! Which brings me to the question of selling something at the local boutique...which means I need care labels. So-thanks! I realize I can`t get really specific (32 % cotton 30% wool, 25% acrylic, 13 % mohair) without a custom order, but it`s good to know where to get these if I need them!

9/29/2003 4:13:12 AM
Help in time of M-ths Hi-

You only alluded to G. G. Marquez a little---"love in the time of cholera" which is actually a good book. I`ve been reading something of his for about the past 6 mos...which means it`s no good-if it was good, I would have been done 23 weeks ago!

9/29/2003 3:36:55 PM
New knitting business Linda-

For the best buys, check here, check Smiley`s, and check e-bay. Mon-Tues & Thurs are the days things are added here. Also, if you are very brave (and of course you are) Colinette sells variety paks out of the UK website-they`re seconds, but hey!

Good topic!

9/30/2003 3:47:54 PM
Pingouin Soft Hair Hi-

No, I just ordered a bunch of it and the Anna tunic (because no adult woman in my family WANTS a vine wrapped around her rear end as shown in the pattern.) I considered the child`s but decided against it. Yours will probably come in sooner (I paid for the slow boat) so let us know how it is!

10/3/2003 6:02:49 PM
Pingouin Soft Hair Good-

I waited all month for that to come out, hope I like it as well as you! Hope your giftee (grandaughter was it?) feels like a princess in her cuddly new sweater!

10/3/2003 6:05:37 PM
Calling all College Knitters! Don`t laugh Suomi-alot of us were your age when we started! (Of course that was 20 years ago, in my case!) This IS the place to get budget yarn, buy Interweave Knits for new and challenging techniques, and remember to stretch your fingers...between the needles and the computer mouse, your hands need frequent breaks.

10/3/2003 9:29:24 PM
Elann, and Eileen Hi all-

Fran, I am nowhere NEAR anything...just someone who likes to play with string. And owns a ton of it.

Although I am dying to buy some of that recycled sari silk at 48.00 a hank, I think I`ll ask Santa for one. I`m semi-interested in getting a bunch of yarn together to make my OWN skein of Cool Stuff, and not for 48.00, thanks!

I think I inherited the frugality from my war bride Japanese mother (and if anyone has ever seen the wickedly funny Margaret Cho, you know what I mean "You like? I got it for 5.00 at Walgreens!" and I find myself bragging on bargains a lot. So what, I think it was because I was born in the year of the Rat-famous cheapskate hoarders, we are (that`s my story and I`m sticking to it!) But I work with people who are up to their necks in mortgage payments but have a fabulous house, and my little modest house will be paid off in 48 months-but I`d love a bigger house. Who`s right???? Who can judge that?

But I have taken myself firmly by the shoulder-and REALLY tried to get some projects DONE. I think it`s the saddest thing in the world to go onto e-bay and see TONS of estate sale yarn-that means someone`s dream yarn is going for .50 on the dollar. So quit saving your perfume for good (unless it`s discontinued, then you`d better hunt it down) and light your candles because you like the way they smell. Quit saving your treasures for good-you ARE good enough NOW!

Adore having yarn buddies!
10/3/2003 10:03:11 PM
Done! Done! Done! My sweater is done, and spinning out of it`s Euclan bath right now! The county fair is tomorrow (no, there`s no whiz bang prize, I just want the ribbon because I think I can get it!) So I`ll put it thru spin twice, and hope like crazy it`s dry enough to take in the morning.

If anyone`s interested, I made the men`s Continental Divide out of Knit n` Style (Aug 2003) out of Austerman Classica (dark green with sage slubs), did the contrast with two shades of Kureyon, and modified it with a shawl collar because it`s so cold at work (keeping the computer servers cold keeps us cold too) and my husband prefers the shawl collar!


Go Eileen! Waiting for your message, same subject!

10/4/2003 6:10:33 AM
Elann, and Eileen And while you`re at it, get out the good dishes and have some dessert and coffee. Your dishes are gorgeous, don`t you need to have a fancy snack for those who are really important to you?

My 18 year old daughter decided a few weeks back that it had been a while since we`d had our last tea party, so we made pecan pie and marshmallow puffs, got out my good china, and she made her boyfriend sit down to the tea party. He was fussing about what he`d tell his friends, and I told him "Shut up, your girlfriend made you pecan pie from scratch (his favorite), and now she`s making you eat it. Poor thing!" Point is, there`s more than one way to see things, so try for the good side!

I do have to make a hat that I`ve promised, and I have a few baby patterns to work up. I think I`ll take a break from adult sweaters for two weeks or so. It`s charity time, and I could stand to turn in a hat. THEN I`d like to make a sweater out of the new Adrienne Vittadini book with the GGH L`amour I bought here during the spring. I think it`ll be fab!

Have a good day Fran and all!

10/4/2003 6:15:51 AM
Pingouin Soft Hair Ooooh-
I did that once-it was Christmas time and I was stationed overseas, and getting ready to come back January 11th. NO ONE in my family sent me a darned thing, not even a stinking card, because they figured "ah, she`s home in a few weeks, we`ll do Christmas then." Geezzz was I MAD! I`d mailed things for them weeks ago! So I drove myself into France and spent 200.00 at Anny Blatt...which, come to think of it, is still in my closet. Guess I`d better knit that up too!

We adore you Patricia, and want to wish you a happy birthday! May all your projects be flawless this year-especially that gorgeous sweater you want for yourself!

10/4/2003 10:19:08 AM
Pingouin Soft Hair Hi Patricia-

I was there 20 years after you-but my good friends got married at the castle. You should have SEEN the tourists taking her picture! She looked like a princess and they just ate it up!

Isn`t it unsettling...the media only focuses on the "newest" war, and yet we`re still digging out four other spots? I went to the Czech republic 3 years ago, and finally understood that communism=serfdom. And the whole region JUST got out from under Russia, so they think they have to brutalize each other? Grrrr.

You already bought the yarn and you don`t have the pattern? (Horrors! VGB!) Surely there`s some obscure pattern that you already own?

10/5/2003 10:34:12 AM
Done! Done! Done! Ok, it was a podunk fair. There was no merry-go-round, there were no pony rides. There wasn`t even any cotton candy, those....degenerates!!! Our big fair is in the spring, I guess they only know how to have one "good" fair a year.

But I did get First Place, Grand Champion and Best in Show. I don`t think I had much competition. But it`s ok, I just wanted the ribbon.

I had my daughter enter in the cooking division as well--they auction off the entries for the county scholarship fund, and she needed a little community service blurb (could come in handy on a scholarship package or internship application). She won First Place and Grand Champion for her peanut brittle (which is disgustingly easy, and has never failed yet!)


10/5/2003 10:38:53 AM
Is this feasible Hi-

Well, yes it is.

First, have you swatched the yarn yet? You might play with the needles sizes, and see if that can get you to the sweater gauge without any converting at all.

From what I can guess, the only place could need any wiggling/adjusting is the underarm/sleeve area (assuming it`s set in) and the neckline.

Can you describe this pattern to us?

10/5/2003 4:02:17 PM
Is this feasible I never follow the pattern. Really. Either I change it, or I substitute yarn, or do SOMETHING. Just pay attention to the measurements, it will be FINE!

10/6/2003 8:07:34 PM
Dropped Eyelash Stitches - HELP! Not me-I think I dug for a crochet hook and laddered them up that way. It was a pain tho, I`d be glad to hear someone else`s solution.

10/7/2003 3:45:00 AM
Knitting a new bathroom I second Fran`s advice. Make sure it`s not in an eyelash yarn!;-)
On the other hand, relish the fact that it`s not a DIY remodel, which always takes longer than you expect, and something is always crooked. If anyone swears, it`s not at you. If you hate it, or it`s done wrong, do-overs are possible.

(The Dumb optomist!)
10/9/2003 3:58:31 PM
Chatter`s Gallery Yay!

Now I can show off the sweater that, sadly, doesn`t fit my darling spouse. (It`s ok, I have another victim!) I also can`t wait to see Eileen`s fab afghan!

10/9/2003 4:02:42 PM
I *Think* This Will Work... I *think* that`s a terrific sweater. Did that come out of your head, or is there a pattern book I need to look at? I hope your mother ADORES it! I certainly do!

10/9/2003 4:12:02 PM
Patricia is right! Yarn you must buy! (ha ha!) About a week and a half ago, Patricia ordered the Pinguin Soft Hair! I finally got my box in today (yes, I was trying to economize-it`s not like I could have a yarn emergency...) This yarn has a definite "ooh!" factor when you open the box, and I don`t even LIKE pastels! This is very nice for the price @ 2.10 per ball, and will make terrific gifts for VERY little money! It`s a 100% acrylic price for a 75% mohair and wool yarn. Consider it! Patricia has excellent taste! How is that granddaughter sweater coming, anyhow?
10/10/2003 4:55:29 PM
Patricia is right! Yarn you must buy! (ha ha!) Well goodness, I`m glad we`re here to help you keep your sanity. (And didn`t you think you were semi-retired??? Ha!) I know that the girls are better off with you than daycare, but I also know you are tap-dancing your toes off. I am certain your son appreciates it.

Go make the girls play their heads off. Throw them in the bath. Let them pull pillow and blankies out on the living room floor. Pop in Disney. Sit down with your yarn.

Get some rest yourself!
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