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9/10/2003 4:35:27 PM
what not to wear......all these patterns!!!!Like the neblina turtle! Ok, Ms C,

We`re going to have to meet up at the Yarn Barn sometime.

I figure we might as well all stand up tall and try to look GOOD, whatever size or know there`s always gonna be someone richer, or prettier, with a better wardrobe, or smarter or thinner, (hasn`t there always been?) so we might as well try to look great as we are. We only have today, no one has a promissory note on tomorrow, I`m just trying to learn how all over again.

Theresa, how`s your shell going? Christina, what kind of yarn are you going to know you have some in your stash (VBG!)
9/11/2003 3:47:33 AM
Knitting meet-ups

That`s just it, we don`t, I got a cancellation this morning on ours--not enough people. I was wondering if we should pursue it.
9/11/2003 3:59:49 AM
what not to wear......all these patterns!!!!Like the neblina turtle! Hi-

No Tam, you don`t order and have them hemmed, you send them your measurements and they MAKE them FOR YOU! I think Levi`s on line will do it too. Just for you, and they save the template!

I married my husband when I was 34...and his oldest (9 at the time) and I were catalog-looking for clothes and she picked the masectomy suit out for me-THAT told me I had moved into Mommy-dom. (snort)

That was my favorite thing about my LIKE yourself more. THAT`S what you never see on the cover of all those stupid women`s magazines.

We gotta be more than the sum of our parts.
9/11/2003 4:46:26 PM
Knitting meet-ups Yes, I just got the cheapskate one, too. Where do you meet and what is the organization?
9/11/2003 4:52:33 PM
Beginning knitters - what kind of patterns are you looking for? Well, I`m not a beginner, but sometimes I want simple projects. I see a shortage of good summer patterns-everyone in the world writes deluxe winter patterns, but not everyone lives in the winter wonderland. I would guess that a lot of people want excellent fit and a lot of versatility. Simple finishing. I`d like to see cool, modest, and with a little kick in there that says "NO I didn`t buy it at Marshalls, I went someplace EXCLUSIVE!"
9/11/2003 4:55:38 PM
Spit splicing? Doesn`t this have to do with separating plies to join different balls of yarn? I think Rowan/Kaffe Fassett had something on this in one of their books-take your two year old to the library for story hour, and whiz thru the craft section. Not sure if that`s right, but hey, it was a free explanation!
9/12/2003 8:24:57 PM
Beginning knitters - what kind of patterns are you looking for? Kristine-

I thought about it some more-when I was first learning how to knit, my favorite pattern was from the old FinnTime series. (1985 or so) It was a cap-sleeved shell, with a U neck and 2 1/2" of ribbing at the bottom. I liked this pattern because it was naturally versatile-you could vary it with cables and stitch patterns, I think it was knit with 9 and 10.5 needles, and it was a very fashionable (at the time) shape. Finishing was simple. There were a few patterns in this leaflet, and they varied in difficulty and gauge, so you COULD find something in the sale bin to match up with your pattern. I get aggravated with Vogue and their "for beginners" patterns that call for 100.00 worth of yarn. I have a hard time spending 100.00 for yarn for ONE sweater. That`s why I shop here! I also remember the first time I bought the "right" yarn and made the sweater "just exactly like the picture" in Simplicity knitting. It was horrible, expensive, and I never did wear it. I`ve had a grudge against that yarn company for 15 years because of it!

Emphasize blocking in your patterns. It really does make the project.

Gonna go look at your stuff now.

9/12/2003 9:27:50 PM
Spit splicing?
is the link for "she ewe knits" and it IS the way to join balls of yarn without knots. The explanation seems pretty straightforward, so you just go try it when you get to the end of that first skein of beautiful wool you bought! Good skill!
9/13/2003 11:01:57 AM
A beginning knitter... Sirdar Snowflake...oh horrors. I ALSO bought a pattern, and I subbed the Snowflake with some (gasp) boucle Redheart-which, judging from these posts was a darned good idea, not to mention machine washable and economical-the pattern was for that little cutie ecru jacket with the Snowflake hood & cuff trim. Who engineers this stuff? The instructions said to knit 8" in Snowflake, fold in half, and sew it down for a hem, and THEN tack it down in half again. So there`s 4 layers of fabric at each of the 2" hems. Nothing like giving my darling granddaughter inner tubes around her head and wrists. I realize the object is to sell yarn, but ICK!
9/17/2003 8:09:15 PM
Need Diagrams/Better sizing Ah, yes, we feel your pain Victoria! Have you checked in at Adriafil? Since you have knitting experience, the pattern translation should be ok, there`s a wide selection, and they all come with schematics! I got to have my gripe session about sizing last week, and it sounds like you need a junior size! Those are tricky to find!
9/17/2003 8:18:57 PM
Patterns and sizing challenges- Our "What not to wear" thread, and Victoria`s wish for petite sizing prompts me to ask this question-

I was in my local Walmart last night, and was browsing the sewing patterns. Since the fit is more precise than many knitting patterns (they CARE what your back to waist length is, as well as your sleeve length!!!), and you can get a handful of say, summer top patterns in an envelope for 4.00, I`ve got to ask, has anyone here ever knit up a sewing pattern? They have those specifically designed for knitted fabrics, and while of course bias would be a pain in the neck, a better fit might be worth it. Plus, they follow the general style trend very closely.

I`ve READ about doing this here and there, but has anyone actually tried it? What worked and what didn`t? I`d love to hear about this experience.
9/18/2003 5:21:25 PM
Patterns and sizing challenges- Hi-

Yes, I just need to finish TWO projects before I even buy the pattern, tho. As a kid, my mother would copy patterns off this big mass of squiggles (Nihon Vogue I think) with a tracing wheel onto brown paper sacks. I have done it with Burda patterns-they all come on a sheet, and you trace them. We all KNOW how flimsy pattern tissue is, so tracing it without all the seam allowances would be ideal. I`d go for the easy pattern tho...pointy bust darts would probably stump me. They bug me anyways.

Still waiting for that hand to go up somewhere in cyber-land and someone to say-"oh, yeah, you just..."and tell us how easy/successful this is.

Fran do you program? You are talking about retaining strings.....

9/20/2003 5:48:56 PM
Hoping it`s not on the list of what-not-to-wear Hi-
Actually, I was debating on the exact same jacket-just because it looks neat and I have some Kuryeon. As a matter of fact I sent my mother in law a picture of the same jacket, to get her read on it. It`s like an extended bolero...and I`d have to go back to that thread to see what you don`t like about yourself C, but I think it`s wearable if fastened at the waist. There are no horizontal stripes on it-not like school crossing zone or anything. I think I like it because it`s reminiscent of Grace Kelly, and NOT huge. (I swear, we`re gonna have a st:tch and b:tch at the Quarry. Give me two weeks to finish up my projects! I`ll meet you there with Kuryeon!)
9/23/2003 4:36:42 PM
Baby Blanket Wool Ok, since it seems to be baby season (was January cold this year?) also check Smiley`s and Paradise yarns-Pradise carries Brown Sheep seconds. I am also of the wool/acrylic blend camp for gifts-I don`t know anyone who`d BE careful with a woolen blanket. There are also allergies to consider. I went to a baby shower and brought one of those cutie "fruit" caps-it was a hit, so don`t worry about a blend being "lesser" quality. There were only two hand-made gifts at the shower- these days, people are lucky if someone makes them a SANDWICH, never mind a gift.

Also, consider doubling your yarn to get the gauge you want to work in.

Let us know what you find-
9/24/2003 6:22:40 PM
Update On The Woollen Blankie You SHOW your husband the yarn you get in the mail????? Goodness, I just kick it into the closet and hope he doesn`t see!!! (It`s starting to creep tho...

May the knitting force be with you-

who is trying to beat a deadline for the county fair...must finish the shawl collar tonight, and have to start and finish a pair of (BORING) sleeves!
9/24/2003 6:25:49 PM
Knitting related in name only I had to smile when I saw the color names for the new fall Maybelline campaign- Pull the wool Pink, Knit one Purl too, cable something or other. It`s the Shaggy Chic campaign at your nearest Walgreens or wherever. B
9/26/2003 8:23:32 PM
Baby Blanket Wool Hi-

Theresa, what lovely thing did you decide to make for yourself?

Judy, Smiley`s has some lovely chunky wool that`s a superwash, and it comes in a ton of COLORS-the emphasis on color vs. pastel! I am all about BRIGHT! Consider those-they look fun!

9/26/2003 8:24:59 PM
When is Betsy gonna shut up and knit???? Hi all-

Just a question-where can you find care labels to sew in? Gotta go handle those stupid boring sleeves now.....
9/26/2003 8:31:33 PM
Help in time of M-ths Hi
I would be the sapce bag advocate. Well, here`s the thought (and I do have a shopping disorder). If you buy a bunch of space-bags and organize your yarn put a few mothballs in a cloth square somewhere in the sack. THEN take them out to the garage at the first frost/snow and LEAVE them out there. This will kill whatever (and are you sure they are after your yarn?) AND you will have so much room in your house you will have to go to Smiley`s to buy something! VBG.

Betsy, who is also inefficient at cleaning, but notice the people complaining about it at my house are parked on their butts, so I`m not worried. And are you a fan of Gabriel Marquez?
9/28/2003 7:06:52 AM
When is Betsy gonna shut up and knit???? Hi-

Gregory, I wondered where you were...are you feeling ok? I`ve got a project that I want to finish for the county fair, and I`m down to the sleeves and finishing. I`m knitting both sleeves at once, which means the progress SEEMS doubly slow. I`ve got to have it ready next weekend...and I`m on #9 needles, it`s just not very interesting.

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