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1/12/2004 7:31:41 PM
lamb`s pride? Patricia,
You are such an enabler!!!

Leslie, if mill ends are appropriate for your project (felting and such) you can buy Brown Sheep odd lots and discontinued colors at

But it`s in the U.S.
1/13/2004 3:46:06 AM
crayon box jacket Hi Pam-

Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting! Did you have to buy a pattern for your class-and if you did, who wrote it?

Hurry and finish your jacket so you can send in a picture!

1/13/2004 3:46:06 AM
crayon box jacket Hi Pam-

Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting! Did you have to buy a pattern for your class-and if you did, who wrote it?

Hurry and finish your jacket so you can send in a picture!

1/13/2004 3:54:22 AM
people cozies Patricia`s right, it`s called a capelet! There`s one in Knitty- called acapella, you can see it at

This is also not lacey, because it`s done with short rows, but you can crochet a lace edging on it.

It seems to me that I`ve seen TONS of these patterns, but since I live in the south, I don`t pay attention!

1/13/2004 4:02:19 AM
people cozies Also-
Ann Norling has a capelet pattern, and there`s also a "shoulder cozy pattern" @
1/13/2004 4:05:03 PM
lamb`s pride? Patricia-
do you mean DIL needs to have other people tell her what "cool" is? Eye-roll!

I yelled for your GBPs this weekend, but I guess not loud enough.

Did you see the Geisha coming up at the end of the month?

1/13/2004 6:09:16 PM
OOOH, Bets No, she doesn`t need it at all because her daddy would get p.o`d about her diapers showing thru the lace, and then I would be grouchy about doing all that work on those itty-bitty needles for no good reason. Can`t we get something frilly-girly in DK, and not fingering weight? any project I start now has to be 36 mos, because she`s in 12-18 mos NOW.
1/14/2004 3:58:05 AM
lamb`s pride? Hi
I gave up on the credit card, and yesterday, mailed elann my first check to pre-pay my account. I`m making OC`s Bistro Shirt right now (except I`m adding a little waistline shaping) out of "stuff" that was on sale at my LYS.
It sounds like you are training those DGDs right!
1/14/2004 4:08:31 AM
The new winter VK is out And man am I disappointed, so I`m going to crab to you all!

First off, I just got it, and it`s filled with all these scarves, hats and accessories that would have been PERFECT for Christmas gifts! Where was this 2 months ago? Secondly, I live in Texas, so most of these won`t be knitted until NEXT fall for Christmas gifts.

I thought there was a lot of What Not to Wear (WNTW!)-boxy, cabley things that stop 3" below the waist-you know, so you have absolutely no waistline whatsoever! On the whole, I don`t see a single design I want to make...but I did notice a lot of the 30s/80s silhouette is sneaking back in.
Anyone else?
1/14/2004 6:07:13 PM
Zoom knitting ribbon Hi Vicki-
Well the info on the ball band said:
Fibre Content: 95% Polyethylene/ 5% Nylon
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat/ Do Not Dry Clean
Gauge: 8 st/4 inches on 10-12 mm (US 15-17)
Yardage: 50 m (54 yards)
Size: 100g (3.5 oz) hank

But the pattern says: 6 st per 4"

-from the schematic, the front of that top should measure 48 cm or 19.2" so for area you want to increase, and I`m guessing about 4"-add 3 stitches per side. That is if you are working to the stated gauge.

Does that help?

1/14/2004 6:23:15 PM
The new winter VK is out Ok, -

Darla- Who puts out "knit it" Is there a publisher`s slip or something, is there info on the masthead? Don`t worry, you aren`t going to miss anything out of this issue.

And Moussie, is there publisher`s info for your new one also?

I used to LOVE the VKs, but now, pshhh! I think I have every single issue from 1985 onward, but this time, the articles didn`t even send me! I do like Knitters, because they do interesting things, and it`s a different theme every issue, so you can learn different things. There is one issue of Knit n` Style that I KEEP knitting out of, so I guess I appreciate their variety.

I`d appreciate any publishing info you can give me on those 2 magazines!

1/14/2004 6:31:30 PM
OOOH, Bets Oh, no, worsted is fine, and Encore comes in all those nice washable colors, that`s good!

1/14/2004 6:33:10 PM
MacChicklet is a Cutie! What a lil flirt! Good job on the capelet/mantle/dickie hood thing! You`ve got the perfect model!

1/15/2004 4:38:54 PM
MacChicklet is a Cutie! Ok,

Tell me how to do the MacChicklet lacy sonata thing, because my lil punkin head might need one of those!

CicconXXXXX? Did I get the start of it right?
1/16/2004 3:52:39 AM
Pattern for Sonata Lace Sweater Hi!

Ok, I think I can handle that! (It`s notlike I don`t have enought yarn....I even HAVE Sonata!) With a DK yarn and large needles like that, MacChicklet doesn`t snag on anything?

1/16/2004 4:04:51 AM
Steeked cardigan at left-what kind of knitting? Hi-

If I were the knitter, I would have thrown in the towel several years ago too! Is it entrelac, picked up and knit, intarsia....?

It looks like one of those mid-to-late 80s wonders that beat you down so much you only made one sweater a year. Fashion knitting or Rowan...what`s the yarn like?

Did you zig-zag or finish your edges after you cut them? Maybe some of that knitted seam tape would make it neater and more stabe.

Looks great-I probably would have felted it and made a pot holder from it!

1/16/2004 8:53:48 PM
knitting magazine gripes Well yes, I agree with both of you...Marion, I must confess to seeing 2 things made of fun fur that I actually liked-a "Davy Crockett" cap on Knitty and a collar and cuffs set (to dress up that classic sweater)---but in the slew of patterns in the past 3 years, that`s really not alot.

I did convince Miss Benne to give up her Cleo, but that`s more of a very short plush yarn, and not that Sasquatch stuff.

Frankly, I was looking at a magazine with a "fun-fresh" look garment, and I told my kid to watch her step or I`d make her wear it...she took one look and LEFT the room.

Here`s the thing...there`s a large number of garments I wouldn`t wear...and a large number of garments my DD wouldn`t who`s making all this crap????

I want a magazine that offers ONE classic fitted garment, one Aran style traditional garment, a Fair Isle, one intarsia, two men`s garments, 1 child`s and 1 infant`s garment, 3 things for the teen set, and 3 things for the 20-20 set, two accessories and 1 home dec item. That`s 17 tolerable patterns. Add two practically instant garments for beginners, and I think that is a tolerable mix. How hard could that be?

Apparently, REALLY hard. I think it`s really sad when the best thing about VK is the patterns from the past feature...oh, wait, they don`t even do THAT anymore.
1/16/2004 9:01:28 PM
YARN Paradise Fibers for those Brown Sheep mill ends....
1/16/2004 9:01:28 PM
Yarn Paradise Fibers for those Brown Sheep mill ends....
1/16/2004 9:01:28 PM
yarn Paradise Fibers for those Brown Sheep mill ends....
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