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12/12/2012 4:36:51 AM
Pinwheel sweaters I am working on the pinwheel sweater shown in the Nov 28, 2012 bi-weekly bargain buzz. The sleeves call for doing a provisional cast on as follows:

Next Round: knit the first set of 18 stitches and the yo from the round before, place the second set of 18
stitches on a holder, join a new ball of yarn and cast on 18 stitches using a provisional cast on - see below
for provisional cast on instructions (this will be the sleeve later), join yarn and continue knitting 4 more sets
of 18 stitches plus the yo's from the previous round, slip the next 18 stitches on a holder, join yarn and
cast on 18 stitches using a provisional cast on, knit the last 18 stitches and yo from the previous round.

Provisional cast on:
Using a crochet hook, a knitting needle, and a contrasting colour yarn, make a slip knot.
Put the crochet hook through the slip knot and hold in front of needle.
Bring yarn around the needle, from left over top of needle behind the needle then over the hook and make
a stitch (the yarn around the needle is the stitch).
Repeat this until 18 stitches on the needle.
Slip these stitches onto the stitch holder.
These stitches will become the stitches for the other half of the armhole when needed.

I assume I am supposed to cast on the provisional stitches on the right hand working needle, but I am unsure how to get it started. I also don't know why I have join a new ball of yarn to do provisional cast on. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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