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10/20/2012 4:29:56 PM
Ruffled Scarf in Studio Tricot Ara Hi
I am a intermediate to experienced knitter and am baffled as to how to start the ruffled scarf using the Studio Tricot Ara yarn.
The instructions seems to start after an inch or so of fabric is knit from the photos but there are no instructions leading up to it.
Appreciate whoever can guide me in the right direction.
10/28/2012 4:42:39 PM
Ruffled Scarf in Studio Tricot Ara Hi Maggie
Sorry I took so long to respond. I have been out of town for work.
I am afraid, I am a very visual person and so am not able to see what you are describing. I will have to look for some beginner pattern perhaps that actually walks through what you are describing. Thanks for taking the time.
10/28/2012 4:46:23 PM
Ruffled Scarf in Studio Tricot Ara Just found a uTube video and now everything you say makes perfect sense.
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