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11/2/2011 4:56:49 PM
Sample snips and skeins -- worth it? Havent received my samples order yet, but plan to make lengthwise scarves garter st of a variety of yarns. have made several, usually focussed on just 1 color. the variety of textures & shades creates an exquisite sumptious scarf. everyone loves them, & so brainless to do while reading a book. usually cast on abt 200 +/- st on 11 for it, doubling any thin yarns, or just having 2 diff yarns knit as 1. make great thank you's at Christmas, etc. usually edged in eyelash & w/a few strands eyelash elsewhere also. run out of a yarn mid-row, no problem, just attach another. great for using up stash too.
Susie in Phx
11/2/2011 9:29:39 PM
Sample snips and skeins -- worth it? i posted some pics of the stash garter lengthwise scarves to give u some idea of the lushness of the texture. usually make these at work (cuz brainless) & everyone drools over them.
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