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8/31/2011 7:43:41 AM
Birds Nest Smoke Ring pattern question I'm getting ready to dive into a project using the Birds Nest Smoke Ring pattern. This would be my first project with a provisional cast on and a scalloped picot edging. The pattern instructions say:

"For scalloped picot edging, begin with provisional cast on. Wind 10 yards of yarn into a small ball, do not break yarn. This ball will be used later for the picot edging on the top."

The part that confuses me is "do not break yarn"... what am I supposed to do with this small ball if I can't break the yarn? Leave it attached to the larger ball? Is it saying that this small ball is used for just the picot edging on the top? Or for the edging on both the top and bottom?
8/31/2011 11:39:45 AM
Birds Nest Smoke Ring pattern question Thank you Alice for the butterfly tip. After further studying of the pattern I think I've figured out how the heck this works. In the section for the top edging, it says "Use provisional cast on. With contrast color waste yarn and crochet hook, chain 132. Using shawl yarn with small ball hanging as the tail, with 3.5 mm needles, pick up and knit 121 sts in the bumps on the backside of the chains." So that means that the small ball is at the beginning... somehow I just couldn't picture where the small ball was going to be.
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