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6/13/2011 5:54:05 AM
PI Topper Chemo Cap Hi Maggie,

After diligently studying this pattern like a crochet bible for about 2 weeks and reading your explaination to Ken , I finally understand and got the concept of creating the wide/edge and hat band. But I still have one problem. After knitting the 12 rounds, I started knitting it to size knitting 29 rows. The hat is about a 2xl even after starting the wide/edge and hat band. Are there suppose to be 29 additional rows or 29 rows total? I love this hat but it looks like I will definitely have to rip out some of the rows. Thanks again for your help.

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6/13/2011 1:39:55 PM
PI Topper Chemo Cap Cyndi,

Thanks so much. I will rip it out tonight and probably finish it tomorrow. I love this pattern and look forward to making more hats.

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