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3/22/2011 6:16:39 PM
Shui Kuen Kozinski Designs Contest! I love the pattern in the Bird's Nest Smoke Ring and want to make a baby shawl for my niece using this pattern.
Would this qualify or is it too far removed from the pattern?
3/27/2011 6:07:32 PM
Shui Kuen Kozinski Designs Contest! Thanks acb.
I'm currently trying to decide how best to add the picot edging to the sides.
3/28/2011 9:13:54 AM
Sonata in Nougat (7530) I have some if you still need it...
6/27/2011 6:59:18 PM
Shui Kuen Kozinski Designs Contest! Sadly, I won't get my project finished in time. Grass cutting and weeding seem to be cutting into my knitting time. Would it be possible to post a partially finished project? I'm about 1/2 done and I could block it on the needles to take a photo of it.

However, I know that you specified completed projects...

Just thought I'd ask.
6/29/2011 9:31:51 AM
Shui Kuen Kozinski Designs Contest! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I realize that everyone else got their projects done, so there really shouldn't be an exception for me. :-}

It's wasn't that big a project - I got hung up in the planning stage and then suddenly there was so much outdoor work to do. Plus, my knitting time was taken up by a gift for gand-daughter who's birthday is on July 1st. Luckily for me, my niece isn't due till the middle of July, so I still have a little time....

I will post my little baby shawl when it's done; it's such a lovely pattern.

Good luck to everyone else!
9/12/2011 10:23:58 AM
Project - Sharron's Stag Bag rdott has just posted an new project picture here: http://www.elann.com/Commerce.web/forums/ProjectDetail.aspx?id=126142 - check it out!
9/12/2011 10:47:33 AM
Project - Tam for Anne rdott has just posted an new project picture here: http://www.elann.com/Commerce.web/forums/ProjectDetail.aspx?id=126143 - check it out!
9/14/2011 4:31:29 PM
Project - Falling petals This is amazing! What a beautiful design.
11/8/2011 9:26:16 AM
Project - Hat for my grand-daughter and her mom rdott has just posted an new project picture here: http://www.elann.com/Commerce.web/forums/ProjectDetail.aspx?id=126178 - check it out!
11/8/2011 9:26:20 AM
Project - Baby shawl/blanket for my niece's son rdott has just posted an new project picture here: http://www.elann.com/Commerce.web/forums/ProjectDetail.aspx?id=126177 - check it out!
11/9/2011 9:47:01 AM
Project - Green snowflakes Nice hat! It looks like it would be very warm.
1/23/2012 10:05:38 AM
Project - Poinsettia This is amazing. I'm going to look this pattern up on Ravelry. Thanks so much for posting it.
8/2/2012 2:21:49 PM
Project - Summer Snowdrop Dress in Lara Lucky girl to have such a beautiful summer dress!
8/24/2012 6:31:02 PM
Project - Birth of a star What a nice shirt - so interesting a combination of knitting and crochet. Are you thinking of writing it out?
8/25/2012 8:18:39 AM
Project - Isabella Dress rdott has just posted an new project picture here: http://www.elann.com/Commerce.web/forums/ProjectDetail.aspx?id=126269 - check it out!
11/1/2012 7:20:02 PM
Project - First Snow Mittens Oh my gosh - are these ever pretty!
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