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2/6/2011 10:21:59 AM
Sonata Print I am trying to find 8 skeins of Sonata Print in 9061 the Licorice color.

I do not need all the same dye lot.

Thank you
2/6/2011 12:32:49 PM
Just have to say.... I called into today after many times of trying to access stuff on their site and they were just wonderful!

Not only did I find out that the problem I was having was on my searching engines or lack there of.

I was not able to purchase the yarn I had my heart set on b/c it had be discontinued for a while now The customer service rep gave me some great ideas and also lead me to the "correct" website.

I don't think I have every dealt with a more wonderful company, I look forward to doing much business with them and hope everyone else does too!
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