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7/2/2012 11:23:38 AM
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Fibre Content: 35% Wool/ 30% Kid Mohair/ 35% Silk
Made In: Japan
Care: Dry Cleaning Recommended
Knit: 22 st/4 inches 4.00 mm (US 6)
Yardage: 120 m (131 yards)
Size: 40 g (1.44 oz) skein
Price: US$4.88

This gorgeous DK weight single ply blend of wool, kid mohair, and silk boasts stunningly saturated colors.

Standard price for this yarn is US$10.95 - elann.com discounted price saves you as much as 55%!

Unblocked, Blocked & Ravelry Yarn page link

First off, this is not the typical scratchy, twinelike Noro yarn. It is softer in hand and feels quite like Queensland Kathmandu while knitting. That kind of dry feel you can get with silks or cashmeres. There is plenty of give, but it’s not sproingy, since it’s a single ply yarn. I broke it easily, so be careful whilst knitting not to tug too hard on the yarn.

The blocked swatch softened up even more, but if you are sensitive to mohair, it will be too itchy for you. There is still a slight itch factor to it, but I don’t find it bothersome. My itch tolerance is higher than some (and, I suppose, probably close to what Sweaterfreak likes and can handle). The finished fabric is smooth and cohesive, but the silk/mohair/wool blend gives it a more rustic look and feel.

I found I really was impressed with how well it behaved. Knitting was easy peasy by feel alone, allowing for TV knitting. No splitting or snagging. Frogged well and reinsertion of the needle was a snap.

Many comment in the projects mention that this really isn’t a true DK. I was able to achieve gauge and the result is a fluid, drapey piece. It could easily be knit at a sport or even fingering weight gauge if you want a bit denser fabric. I find I’m thinking about enough for a shawl, maybe a striped shawl (I’m drawn to all the colorwork/striped shawls lately!).

If you’ve wanted to try a Noro yarn, but had heard horror stories about kureyon being butcher’s twine and scratchiness, this might be your opportunity. Are there colors you’ve been eyeing?

- US6 (4mm) metal
- Unblocked gauge - 22s/3.75”, 7.5rpi
- Blocked gauge - 22s/4”, 8rpi
- Broke easily
- Fuzzed up, but I couldn’t get it to pill
- Slightly scratchy
- Frogged well
- No snags or splitting
- Nice hand, even though it feels “dry”
- Easy TV knitting yarn
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