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3/5/2012 4:52:25 PM
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Fibre Content: 70% Pure New Wool/ 30% Cashmere
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 20 st/4 inches 4.0-5.0 mm (US 6-8)
Yardage: 110 m (120 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$3.98

Cashmere and pure new wool for utter luxury! Some colors available in lesser quantities - shop early to avoid disappointment!

Standard price for this yarn is US$11.50 - elann.com discounted price saves you as much as 65%!

Unblocked, Blocked & Ravelry Link

I swatched on all three suggested sizes. Unblocked, 6’s gave me 20s/3”5/8ths; 7’s was 20s/3”3/4; 8’s was 20/4”. Came up with gauge finally on the US8’s, but it grew in blocking. That being said, I really like the fabric at all gauges, but for better coverage, with a tighter fabric, choose the 6’s. For just a bit looser fabric, great for something you’ll wear with a shirt under it, the 8’s are still great. I suspect I’d have hit gauge, blocked, with the 7’s.

I expected the yarn to bloom a bit, but found that it. The block smoothed everything out and lined up the stitches evenly. This yarn would hold cables (at a tighter gauge) or lace (at a any gauge) well. It’s an evenly spun 4 ply that didn’t break, snag or split. I frogged it three times going from the 6’s to the 7’s (1), 7 to the 8’s (2) and the BO (3) because I bound off too soon and had too much yarn left. Didn’t show any signs of wear or stitch memory even by the 3rd frog. Actually, if knitting at a looser gauge, you might want to consider that the fabric will sag, since it really didn’t have any stitch memory by the 3rd frog. That would be the cashmere.

This one is going to pill, sadly. Another reason to use the US6’s instead of the 8’s. The tighter the gauge, the less chance of those little fibres popping out to pill. And it’s soft. Baby-bum soft. Peach fuzz soft.

With 16 pretty colors, I’d imagine this one will go. Maybe not as fast as the Kathmandu, but it will go. Did I mention it has cashmere in it and no man-made fibers?

- US8 metal
- Unblocked - 20s/4”, 6.5rpi
- Blocked - 20s/4.25”, 7rpi (only blocked after swatching on the 8’s)
- Did not split
- Could not break
- Will pill
- Soft
- Cashmere!!
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