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12/27/2011 5:41:18 AM
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Fibre Content: 100% Extrafine Merino Wool
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 18 st/4 inches 7.0-8.0 mm (US 4.5-5)
Yardage: 90 m (98 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$4.25

Plush, pure merino softness and a gorgeous variegated palette!

Standard price for this yarn is US$9.50 - Elann discounted price saves you as much as 55%!

Unblocked & Blocked

Ravelry link, for those who use Ravelry.

This yarn is lovely. It doesn’t split, snag, bias or pill. It didn’t tantrum (Oh wait, that was me who didn’t tantrum) at all while knitting. The frogging and reknitting was painless. Couldn’t break it.

You will notice that the suggested needle size seems off - that’s because, in typesetting, things got transposed. It should be:

Gauge: 18st/4” on US 7-8 (4.5-5.0mm)

And I got it on the 8’s preblocked! But it grew by just a 1/2 stitch over those 4” after. If you knit tightly, stay with the 8’s; looser knitters should try a 7.

My one and only complaint: the variegation. You can see on the sample sweater has a ziggy-zaggy, old analog TV out of focus, wavy line thing going on. My sample did, too. That’s the crudshoot of a short-space dyed yarn. It helps to eliminate large areas of pooling, but can, instead, create that weird zigzag thing. I would certainly use this lovely, lovely yarn for accessories. Not so sure I’d want to induce a seizure in anyone by using it for a sweater.

The Rav page contains no comments, but the few projects that do contain comments on the yarn relate softness and squishyness.

- US 8 (5mm)
- Unblocked gauge: 18s/4”, 6rpi
- Blocked gauge: 17.5s/4”, 6.5rpi
- Did not split
- Did not pill
- Soft, squishy
- Variegation can be overwhelming in a large item
- Loves frogs
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