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12/6/2011 4:55:42 AM
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53% wool/23% acrylic/14% cotton/10% nylon
Made in Italy
Hand wash/dry flat
Aran 10 ply
18st/4 in US6 (4mm)
50g (1.75oz) - 130m (141y)

A poetic wool blend, rich with texture and nuance!

Unblocked & Blocked

The little tufts of the lighter color making up the boucle wanted to flick out with my needle tip, as they are just short little pieces spun into the yarn held by the nylon. They stayed in place fine with the frog, though. It was only if I caught the needle tip in it without catching the running yarn, too.

It was, actually, one of the easiest boucles I’ve ever knit up. I had no trouble finding the loops on my lefthand needle, as you do with some heavier boucles in which to insert my righthand needle. But if you are a tight knitter, you’ll want to go up a size or two on the needles, as the nubs sometimes didn’t want to be pulled through to make the stitch. And I didn’t get gauge on the suggested needle size. I did get a fabric I liked though; not airy, but not dense.

There is just a tiny bit of fuzz after the pill test, so I’d say it will wear well for quite awhile with minimal pilling. The wool gives it a bit of stretch, you don’t really feel the cotton and it’s soft and not itchy for me. The texture of the fabric is totally lost in the boucle, so the stitches blend all together (which made it impossible for me to get a row count!) and I wouldn’t suggest any intricate patterns or cables. Frankly, I like the purl side better than the knit side! It presents more of a terry cloth-like look.

If you like boucle yarns, give this one a try. The tone-on-tone colors and the texture give this yarn life.

- US6 (4mm)
- Unblocked gauge: 22st/4”
- Blocked gauge: 20st/4”
- Broke easily
- May pill down the road
- Won’t show patterns or cables well
- Frogged well
- Lighter colored boucle nub can be pulled out with needle tip
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