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9/19/2011 5:44:20 AM
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80% Wool/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon
Made in Italy - Hand Wash/Dry Flat
DK Weight - 21-22 st/4 inches 3.75 mm (US 5)
50g (1.75 oz) ball - 140 m (151 yards)
$2.98 USD/$2.86 CAD

Delicate single-ply cashmere blend that blooms to a luxurious cloud after finished project is washed!

Unblocked & blocked

First off, if you get this and feel it without having the snips or the sample skeins, you’re going to be scratching your heads wondering if Ducki fell off her rocker. Actually, if you have the snips or sample skeins so you can feel it before buying, you might wonder the same thing about me. Rest assured, my rocker is still firmly planted under my duckbum.

I admit, it wasn’t really pleasurable to knit with; the feel was somewhere between a cotton and a raw silk. The best I can describe it is, it feels kind of powdery dry. I know. NOT the best description. But, and this is a “baby got back,” big kinda but, this stuff blooms and softens like nobody’s business with a dunk and dry. I actually let it soak for an hour (way longer than most blocking soaks for me). The results were spectacular. It grew and is now nice and squishy, soft and, while it is 2 plied singles, looks like a one ply single.

This one broke easily and frogging left the strand a bit softer and untwisted a little, so multiple froggings may not be your friend. But that actually gave it a better hand. I’m at a loss as to how to really describe how this feels to knit. There isn’t much of a feel of wool in it, although it’s nearly all wool! All I know is, if you want a lovely after-product, get some of this. The knitting won’t be the worst experience you’ve ever had (the old Sonata was a worse experience, IMHO), but it won’t be like knitting with a lofty, bouncy merino either. There is a bit of give to the yarn while knitting, but if you knit tightly, you’re might not be happy. I didn’t split any stitches.

My sample is sugared maple. I wasn’t sure I like the color at all while knitting, but find, after the block, it’s growing on me. It’s not that the color changed at all, but more of the change in the fabric itself. Before the block, the fabric was quite dense and firm. After, its soft with more give. The pill test shows some fuzzing, so it may pill with wear, but with only 10% cashmere, it may take awhile before it shows that wear. The color palette is definitely autumnal.

This one is gonna be great for cowls, shawls, hats, mitts, even sweaters. Just keep the end product in mind while knitting with it.


- US5 (3.5mm) metal
- Preblock gauge - 5.75spi/7rpi
- Blocked gauge - 5.33spi/8rpi (suggested gauge is 5.25-5.5)
- Broke easily
- Will probably pill with heavy use
- Slight dry feeling while knitting
- Blooms and softens significantly with blocking
- 2 singles plied together, nearly looking like a plain single
- Frogging untwisted it slightly, multiple frogging not suggested
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