11/30/2010 6:47:36 PM
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Who is Betts? I just found this forum.
12/1/2010 8:23:42 AM
Alice Trueman
Alice Trueman
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Bets is a long-time chatter on this site and the Elann site on Ravelry. Most of us have not met her face-to-face, but we have got to know her and love her from the chat sites. She is one of the core group of Elannites who have stayed together over the years. The comfort blanket, with many people knitting a square, has become a tradition when one of the group is in crisis, has a baby, suffered a loss. Yarn and colours are set by the organizer, and each person knits her choice of pattern. Bets' blanket is in Sonata cotton because she lives in Texas. The red and gold are 'her' colours.

Salt Spring Island
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