12/19/2009 5:15:05 AM
Folks, it is all in the house now, and I thought I`d be mailing tomorrow, but with this storm planning to center itself right underneath my island, it looks doubtful. Maybe Monday. I can`t guarantee you`ll get it before Christmas, and I am sorry about that. I can`t really set it up before I have it all, so whenever the last bit comes in I start packing it and the week before Christmas is a little tight.

On the other hand, this last thing that came in I think everyone will like. (well, I think you`ll like every thing...)

If you live in a severly cold place - like Diane, please email me with the answer to the following question:

What shall I do with the item Benne warned us all about? I could

A. Send it back to Benne, and send your "benne" item back to you.

B. Send it back to Benne, and send your "benn" item along to her anyway. (She may object strongly to this but we are free to ignore her if we care to)

c. Send your entire package to some location where it won`t be left out in the cold - neighbor, place of work, you`re always home so I should not worry...

d. Hold on to your package, you`ve decided to fly down and visit me for New Year`s and you`ll get it then.

e. Wrap carefully and send, you`ll take your chances.

f. Ask that it be held for you at the post office. If you chose this, please call your local post office and find out exactly what it is they want me to write on the package to be sure this happens.

g. Some other idea I have not come up with.

Please spell it out for me, don`t just put the letter. I am easily confused, and more so when up to my nose in wrapping paper.

Just offhand, we are figuring that it won`t be too terribly cold near Alice, that Les has that in with the postmaster and hers won`t be out on the stoop so it should be ok, we already know that Diane may have a problem, I figure our Southerners are ok. Is there anyone I`m blanking on?

12/19/2009 5:33:40 AM
Posts 3839
Thanks for all you have done T. As one of the Southerners I should be fine with whatever, its just cold here, but not enough so to turn our nasty rain into snow. (Although it did sleet enough yesterday to let school early, but it doesn`t take much.)
12/19/2009 6:57:01 AM
Unusual weather upsets things - usual weather hardly ever does. When I lived in Syracuse and Watertown people routinely drove through snow that would paralyze NYC.

I`m sorry you are having lousy weather, though. I hope you get some chance at least to curl up during it and knit with your feet under a blankie!

And you are very welcome, Amy, and very gracious to thank me.

12/19/2009 8:33:35 AM
Oh, just send it and we`ll all take our chances, K?

It might get frozen even when you send to the south too.... packages are already in a northern climate (NY) and depending on how they ship, planes, trains, or trucks, it has a good chance of freezing where ever it is heading.. (They don`t usually heat cargo space!)

So I think we should just take out chances!
My 2 cent:-)


I have received Orchids in January before....
12/19/2009 9:17:32 AM
Hey, T....you are only a few degrees warmer there than here currently:-) -2C in NYC and -4C here in the frozen north!
12/19/2009 9:48:13 AM
Posts 19258
T, thank you for doing all of this. Every year you do a great job and a lot of work to put this fun stuff together for the rest of us. If anyone has a mishap with what I sent, please let me know and I will send again when the weather is warmer, okay? I should have thought of this before possible snafu but y`all know me. ;)

Everyone keep warm (or cool) depending on your location and enjoy your snow or sunshine. :)

12/19/2009 10:06:32 AM
Posts 4244
You`re right, T. I am "in" with the postmaster! Just send.
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