8/7/2009 11:49:04 AM
Nice cotton bags. I really like the combination of blues. What pattern did you use? I`m thinking I might do market bags for teach gifts this Christmas. How much Sonata did you use?

8/7/2009 11:59:45 AM
Posts 1406
Oh, Suzann! What adorable bags. I LOVE the fish embellishment. I hope you posted deets on Ravelry because I need a close up. What a great idea to make the bags even more cute. I did flowers on my last round but I LOVE those fishies! WTG!
8/7/2009 3:02:08 PM
Posts 1442
Suzann, I really like those bags too. The fishes are adorable. I`m interested in details too.

8/7/2009 4:01:37 PM
Posts 3164
Suzann- Your bags are so cute. Does this mean the knitting mojo is back? Here`s hoping so!
8/7/2009 4:58:23 PM
Sandra D
Sandra D
Posts 4497
Really cute bags and I love the addition of the fishes ...which reminds me I need to get away to the beach this summer!
8/7/2009 6:05:51 PM
Posts 2711
The bag pattern is
But there are at least 20 free market bags at Ravelry.
The large fish is a pattern from Pieceworks
This pattern is all ss and the head rolls terribly. I ended up just sewing it closed. I left off the fins.
The small fish is
I knit it in the round, including the tail. I need to put an eye on it.

On the Sonata bag I doubled the yarn for the base. To make it a bit more sturdy. The lace is done with size 6 needle. It was really just too loose with a larger needle. The lace pattern is Van Dyke very very simple. I managed to mess it up. But Dawn doesn`t care and she nearly had a fit when I said I was going to frog it back to the mistake.
It is a drop stitch pattern, so lots of fun. I think the pattern is in book 2. I have to look. But it goes
K 2tog, yo twice, k1.
K1, K first Yo,drop second yo, k1
K 1, yo twice, K2tog
Repeat row 2, knitting first Yo, dropping the second.

Bri my knitting mojo returned just in time for Charlie to retire. He is wandering around the house, wondering why I am knitting, when I could be dusting..hahaha
Actually he has been pretty good about it, as I am still using the cane and moaning a lot.

The orange bag is Lion Cotton Ease. I knit that according to the pattern. Just did the straps differently. As Dawn didn`t want ribbon straps.

You know SK`s coin lace would make a beautiful bag. Maybe the next one. And I have to finish Dawn`s socks. It is only 97 outside, but she is planning ahead :-}
Thanks for all the compliments. The bags are dead easy, and if you mess up. I doubt the bagger at WalMarts will notice.
8/7/2009 6:46:23 PM
Posts 18978
"Wandering around the house wondering why you are knitting..."

Well, obviously to make such cute bags-these are cute. I lik very much. I am having issues with all the interfacing bags they are trying to sell us-these are much cuter and probably a lot sturdier!!!
8/7/2009 9:11:07 PM
Posts 2140
Oh, you`ve been having fun - and what results! I love your beach/market/go-everywhere bags.

8/8/2009 7:46:22 AM
Posts 19258
Suzann, those bags are so great! I love the fish and additions you put on them, you clever girl. Yeah, I`ve got that husband around the house constantly thing going on, I need a cane, I have to bend double and moan to keep from cooking. Gotta laugh, lest we cry. ;)

8/8/2009 10:04:18 AM
Posts 3462
Suzann, Yesterday`s post didn`t get posted. I love the colors of your bags and just adore the fish. They are just the motif for a beach bag. ALso great to hear of a mom-daughter project!
8/10/2009 7:16:06 AM
Posts 3839
I love them. Thanks for posting the picks here. I had already checked out your fish patterns and cued them in ravelry, but I love to see them on your bags.
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