1/6/2013 4:22:00 PM
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I purchased this by mistake, duh, but thought I would give it a whirl. First time using this type yarn. Guess I am between beginner/intermediate to intermediate skill level.
Am I supposed to see both wrong and right side of the yarn as I look at the ruffles (i.e. when viewing one ruffle row is right side the next is wrong side out)? What about "draping?" It seems bunched up to me, i.e. not a lot of space between rows.
I am keeping the trailing yarn to the left as I work, have viewed videos, but still something is not seeming quite right to me. Perhaps I am overthinking this?
I put it down when I went to bed last night and have puzzled over it today while I worked. Perhaps those of you who have worked with this before can give me some advice/encouragement before I go back to work on it some more.
Thanks in advance!
1/17/2013 7:26:04 AM
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I'm sorry I didn't respond to your post earlier about the Ara yarn. hopefully this will help!

Studio Tricot Ara is a ruffle yarn (more of a webbed fabric) that is
prepared in such a way that a simple knit stitch turns it into a scarf or
shawl. Working with ruffle yarns is similar to regular knitting, but
instead of wrapping the working yarn around the right needle, the right
needle is slipped through the top edge of the yarn, and then pulled through
the stitch on the left hand needle. For example to create a Ruffled Scarf,
you work along the top edge of the yarn, inserting needle from back to
front, pick up 12 stitches, spaced approximately 1" to 1.5" apart, and
continue knitting every row (garter stitch) of 12 stitches, ending in a
complete row until there are just a few yards left of the 2nd ball.

Please let me knowif I may be of any further assistance.

All my best,
1/19/2013 8:26:56 AM
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Hi Glendus,

I started working on the shawl with this yarn. I purchased it on purpose, hahaha, I love the look. My ruffles are all consistent so all I can suggest is you make sure your yarn isn't twisting when you turn. Mine are also very close together and came out nowhere close to pattern dimensions. It called for 6 balls, I ordered 4 more. I guess I could try larger needles? I used 4.5mm.
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