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12/12/2012 4:36:51 AM
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I am working on the pinwheel sweater shown in the Nov 28, 2012 bi-weekly bargain buzz. The sleeves call for doing a provisional cast on as follows:

Next Round: knit the first set of 18 stitches and the yo from the round before, place the second set of 18
stitches on a holder, join a new ball of yarn and cast on 18 stitches using a provisional cast on - see below
for provisional cast on instructions (this will be the sleeve later), join yarn and continue knitting 4 more sets
of 18 stitches plus the yo's from the previous round, slip the next 18 stitches on a holder, join yarn and
cast on 18 stitches using a provisional cast on, knit the last 18 stitches and yo from the previous round.

Provisional cast on:
Using a crochet hook, a knitting needle, and a contrasting colour yarn, make a slip knot.
Put the crochet hook through the slip knot and hold in front of needle.
Bring yarn around the needle, from left over top of needle behind the needle then over the hook and make
a stitch (the yarn around the needle is the stitch).
Repeat this until 18 stitches on the needle.
Slip these stitches onto the stitch holder.
These stitches will become the stitches for the other half of the armhole when needed.

I assume I am supposed to cast on the provisional stitches on the right hand working needle, but I am unsure how to get it started. I also don't know why I have join a new ball of yarn to do provisional cast on. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
12/27/2012 11:48:19 AM
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The stitches that you set aside are half of the sleeve circumference, to create the other half, and to continue knitting the body, you cast on 30 sts using the provisional cast on, and work these sts with the rest of the body. Once your body is complete, you remove the provisional cast on, and work on both the 30 stitches that were set aside, and the 30 sts from your provisional cast on for a total of 60 sts for your sleeve.

I would recommend using a crochet hook in the same size, or one size larger than your knitting needle, and crocheting a chain that is 36 chains long. Turn the chain over, and pick up 30 sts from the small bumps in the back of the chain using your working yarn from the body of your sweater. Once you have picked up the 30 sts, continue working around the body with your working yarn. Repeat for the second armhole. When you are ready to release your provisional cast on, carefully unpick the chain, placing the stitches onto your needle.

You can see a photo tutorial for this technique at the following ehow link:


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional help.

All my best,
4/27/2013 7:29:04 PM
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Why do they say to put the provisional stitiches on a stitch holder rather that how you describe it?
3/8/2014 10:57:23 AM
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Hi there, sorry for taking so long to reply to your question.

We have recently updated both the Adult and child Pinwheel sweater pattersn to try and make the instrucations for the sleeves easier to understand. Take a look at the wording now and let me know what you think.


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