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5/15/2012 10:58:27 AM
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I am starting the Pi Topper for my friend who is going through chemo. I can't figure out how to join just nine stitches. I did it on faith, and I have a long stretch of yarn where i joined it. Is this correct? Also, when do you split the stitches between needles? The pattern does not say.
5/16/2012 2:33:58 PM
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You can use either 2 Circular Needles or double-pointed needles to knit in the round at small diameters.

To work in rounds, cast nine stitches on one end of the needle the same as you would on a straight needle. Check to make sure that the cast-on lays flat and smooth and is not twisted. Add a stitch marker to the end of the needle to mark the beginning of the round, and work the first round.

If you use double-pointed needles, please evenly distribute your cast-on over three or four needles, keeping one needle out to knit with. Make sure the cast-on lays flat and smooth and no stitches are twisted. If you'd like, add a stitch marker to the first needle to mark the beginning of the round. The needles either form a triangle (if you cast on to three needles) or a square (if you cast on to four needles).

For your information, I have provided the YouTube links below:

Knitting in the Round Part 1: Double Pointed Needles

Knitting in the Round Part 2: Two Circular Needles

I hope this information will help you.

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