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5/8/2012 6:07:21 AM
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Fibre Content: 80% Bamboo Viscose/ 20% Merino Wool
Made In: China
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 19-21 st/4 inches 3.5-5.0 mm (US 4-8)
Yardage: 84 m (92 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Price: US$2.78

A worsted weight blend of bamboo, for incomparable drape and sheen, and merino wool, for just the right touch of elasticity!

Standard price for this yarn is US$6.95 - Elann discounted price saves you as much as 60%!

Unblocked, Blocked and the Ravelry page link

As expected, this yarn was lovely to knit with, having a soft hand and drape. It is a yarn consisting of six 2-plies twisted together. I couldn’t break it and I only had problems with it splitting on the garter edge stitch, as how I inserted my needle would pick up a ply from the purl bump of the stitch below. I didn’t split any knit or purl stitches as I was knitting across the row.

It frogged well, but I did have to pay attention to reinsertion of the needle to make certain I got all 6 plies on correctly. This wouldn’t be a problem if you are just tinking back stitch by stitch. The stitch definition is lovely and the fabric I ended up with still has fluidity and drape, even though I used the smallest recommended needle.

I was tempted to do a hang test to see how much this was going to grow lengthwise, but read through the comments first. It will grow. Take that into account when you are determining your project lengths. The bamboo is a lovely fiber, but not one that has any memory or bounce to it. And the 20% merino in this blend isn’t, IMHO, enough to counteract the weight of the bamboo. I don’t know why bamboo ends up feeling like such a heavy fiber, but it does.

Be aware, too, that while this yarn is assigned a “worsted” category, the gauge/needle size covers both DK/light worsted and Worsted weights. A fabric knit on US8’s in this would be way too loose for clothing where you want coverage, but probably perfect for a lace cardigan or shawl.

One very important point (at least I think it is): I swatched and blocked this at around noon yesterday (Monday, 5/7) and by this morning, as of this writing, the swatch is still damp! Even 100% cottons have dried faster than this swatch. So the pill test has been done with it slightly damp. Even damp, it showed it’s going to pill. And your FO is going to take forever to dry.

Lots of comments about the growth. Some about pilling. Lots of projects. Pretty sheen, without being shiny. YMMV.

- US4 (3.5mm) dull tip bamboo
- Unblocked gauge: 21s/3.5”, 8rpi
- Blocked gauge: 21s/3.75”, 8.5rpi
- Frogged well
- Can split purl bumps in garter stitch
- Could not break
- Takes a long time to dry
- Will pill
- Sheen and drape are beautiful
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