4/7/2012 11:06:01 AM
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The 1000 meters the pattern called for is not going to make the sweater.

I would be in heaven if I could get 1-2 balls of Colour Banana Cream, Lot 95. I bought this about 2 months ago in the 10 bag clearout.

Love the yarn. Hate the quandary. Thanks,
4/28/2012 5:02:07 PM
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I ordered two full bags of Insense in color banana cream, dye lot #95. I love Insense, too, and my daughter picked out the color for a PhylliSweater, my one of a kind designed sweaters. I shall design and sweater for her. when she has specific ideas for design. I haven't used any of the yarn, yet, although I ususally use 1-2 skeins for gauge/patterns in the sweaters I design. I get good yardage from Insnese and I always order two full bags on Elann's special offerings.
If no one has offeedr to help you get to heaven, I could send you 1-2 balls. Plese respond.
Phyllis Mikity
Wilmington, DE
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