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2/14/2012 7:56:47 AM
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Fibre Content: 96% Wool/ 4% Nylon
Made In: Japan
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Knit: 14 st/4 inches 6.5-8.0mm (US 10.5-11)
Yardage: 91 m (99 yards)
Size: 100g (3.5 oz) hank
Price: US$9.98

Fabulous thick and thin boucle yarn in the superb colorways of Eisaku Noro!

Standard price for this yarn is US$25.00 - elann.com discounted price saves you as much as 60%!

Unblocked, Blocked & worming

This one isn’t a favorite. But then, I think you all know how I feel about boucle. It’s itchy (it is Noro), even after it’s bath, to me. The thick and thin wormed it’s way down the nylon core, as can be seen in the picture up there.

As a bulky, it knits up quickly enough. You could finish up an afghan rather quickly with this. The yardage isn’t bad, but the price is a little steep.

I might have suggested using it to felt, but one project made the comment that she did exactly that and it did not work out well. YMMV.

Can’t really say much at all that draws me to this yarn. Sorry for such a rotten review, but I think so far, it’s been my least favorite ever. And some of the boucle’s I’ve reviewed have been a pleasure compared to this one. :/

Sorry. Not my cuppa. Is it yours?

- US11 (8mm) plastic (yes, I still have plastic straights!)
- Preblock gauge: 14s/5.5” (way off), 3rpi
- Blocked gauge: 14s/6” (even more way off), 3rpi
- Did not snag (the boucle isn’t really pronounced loops)
- Frogged ok, but wouldn’t want to have to undo a BO
- Probably won’t felt well, even at 98% wool
- Not even going to guess at pilling. Who can tell with a boucle?
- Cranky duckbunni does not equal a good review on a crappy yarn. Sorry.
- Wormed
- Oh wait, I do like some of the colors (there’s a positive!)
- Broke easily
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