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11/29/2011 5:41:32 AM
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100% Silk
Made in Italy
Hand wash/dry flat
Worsted weight - 20st/4” on US6 (4mm)
50g - 110m (120yds)
Standard Price: $8.95US/$9.31CAD
Elann Price: $3.98US/$4.14CAD (55% savings)

The drape and texture of raw silk with a fabulous matte finish! 12 colors, plus 1 more in lesser quantity.

Unblocked & Blocked

This one was okay for me. I prefer nubby, raw silk to the slippery, more refined silks. There was a tendency for the yarn to split, but from picking up strands of the loop from the row below when doing the couple rows of garter stitch. No splitting occurred on the stockinette rows.

This one is tough, too, as it wouldn’t break at all. No pilling, either or even fuzzing of any sort. The matte, slightly slubby finish makes it feel like a cotton. While there may be some sagging, as there always is with yarns with no fiber memory, I’d have to guess that it will be minimal. That matte finish and little rougher texture will help hold it in place. The yarn consists of three plies, each with their own 3 plies. While this makes a nicely rounded yarn, the stitches flatten out somewhat with the block. The swatch evened out nicely and didn’t want to roll, even unblocked.

Frogged about 6 rows, just for the halibut, and it showed nary a sign, not even untwisting the twist. While there are no comments for this yarn on Ravelry, there are some projects with comments about the yarn in the notes; all of them positive.

Not a ton of give to this one (hence the cottonlike hand), but it wasn’t hard on the hands to knit. I imagine cabling might not be easy if you’re doing it over more than a couple stitches, but one of the most popular projects is a Nashua-designed top with cables. They all look stunning!

I did not hit gauge. That being said, I like the fabric I got, though. Had I hit gauge, the fabric would have been a little too loosy-goosy and see-through for my tastes (for clothing, at least).

- US6 (4mm) metal
- Preblock gauge: 24/4”, 7rpi
- Blocked gauge: 22/4”, 8rpi
- Could not break
- Will not pill
- Matte, nubby finish
- May split stitches
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