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11/13/2011 11:31:52 AM
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Tues, Nov 15 - Queensland Collection Rustic Wool DK
100% Superwash Wool
Made in Italy
Machine wash cold, gentle/dry flat
DK weight - 22st/4” on US6 (4mm)
50g - 120m (131yds)
Standard Price: $8.00US/$8.32CAD
Elann Price: $3.20US/$3.33CAD (60% savings)

18 colors of sumptuous, saturated colorways, DK weight, easy care wool!

Blocked & Unblocked

Let me first say that this one knit up just like it’s bigger sibling (aran weight review), with one exception; it biased toward the left just the tiniest bit! I was surprised. I think you could probably adjust this with a pinned block. I don’t pin out the swatches, as I like to let them dry naturally to whatever shape they are going to end up, with only minimal finger smoothing.

It’s a good solid yarn, creating a smooth even fabric. It wanted to curl like mad before the block, but laid flat nicely after. This one is a 4-ply which broke with a good hard yank. No splitting, easily frogged without wear and no plastic superwash feel.

While my pill test did fuzz it up ever so slightly, I could make it pill. There are few comments on this yarn, even within the project notes, but the ones that are made are positive.

Some of the colors are highly variegated and other are more tonal. Looking through the projects will give you a real good idea of how the different colors work up. My sample, burnished gold, knit up into a zigzag pooling pattern. I think I’ll keep to the more tonal colors. YMMV.

All in all, it’s a decent yarn at an okay price.

- US 6 (4mm)
- Preblock gauge: 21s/4”, 6.5rpi
- Blocked gauge: 21.5s/4” 6.5rpi
- Biased left just a little after block
- Frogged well
- Did not split stitches
- 4-ply
- Broke with hard yank
- Fuzzed only lightly
- Even, smooth stitches
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