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10/24/2011 2:06:31 PM
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72% Kid Mohair/28% Nylon
Made in Italy
Hand wash/dry flat
Aran weight - 18st/4” on US7 (4.5mm)
50g - 245yds (225m)
Standard $9.95US/$9.75CAD
Elann $4.48US/$4.39CAD - 55% savings

Luxurious, light as air kid mohair blend, with a subtle jewel-like sheen. 5 colors available, plus 1 more in lesser quantity.

before & after

I agree with the one comment in the projects on Ravelry.com: the yarn (at least my more obvious variegated) pooled in little blotches. Ugh!

Oh, and that Ugh! can just be the whole review, but I know you are all wanting something a bit more objective. I really dislike mohair. Period. This one stuck as I was just trying to get the little skein unwound so I could knit with it, hence I didn’t even bother with the frog test. Was in no mood to fight with it more than I already had. So, please, please, do not mess up and need to frog. This mohair blend is long and very hairy. This will make you a very unhappy frog queen.

One comment had it shedding, though I had on a navy fleece and wasn’t covered in little mo’s. YMMV, so just beware it may shed.

The stitches aren’t really even, because of the mohair catching on itself so much and blocking did nothing to the swatch to help even out the stitches. It didn’t change gauge at all with the block. Those stitches stick together like gum on the bottom of your shoe.

I’d guess this stuff would be good as a carry-along with a hearty felting wool if you’d wanna try felting with it. Would make a great hairy purse or slippers.

Broke with a really hard tug, which dug into my fingers! So while it’s a pain in the ass fuzzy-wise, it’s a tough little hairy yarn.

It doesn’t itch so much as feel just way too itchy, fuzzy. I can’t describe it any other way. Like that fuzzy that just keeps tickling your nose or the back of your neck that annoys the hell out of you.

As with all the other mohairs of late, if you’re a mohair fan, you might like this one, but it’s really sticky. If you don’t like mohair, you’ll want to be sure to stay far, far away.


- US7 (4.5mm) bamboo
- Pre & Post block gauge: 18s/4”, 6rpi (hit suggested gauge)
- Hard snap to break
- Fuzzy itchy
- Sticks like crazy
- Do Not Frog unless you have booze and a box of tissues
- No mohairs offered for November! Yay!
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