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10/9/2011 2:30:08 PM
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100% Superwash wool
Made in Italy
Machine wash, cold, gentle/dry flat
Aran weight - 16-18st/4” on US7-8 (4.5-5mm)
50g - 99 yds (90m)
Standard $8.00US/$7.84CAD
Elann $3.20US/$3.14CAD - 60% savings

Easy care wool in both tone-on-tone and variegated colorways. 18 colors available, plus 3 more in lesser quantities.

unblocked & blocked

This one got much different results than the Viking of last week. No weird, squeaky superwash feeling while knitting. It was pretty smooth flowing and I didn’t split a stitch. It frogged well (3 rows - 1 frogged twice!) with nary a sign. I couldn’t break the yarn; 4 plies with good twist. My color, one of the multis, isn’t my cup o’tea, but used alternating with a solid (their solids are still a little tonal) for some stripes would be cool.

The fabric I got was very flowy, almost flimsy. You can see in the Blocked picture, especially, the white of the paper showing through. I worked it up on the US8’s, but would definitely knit this yarn on US6’s if I were going to make a garment in which I needed coverage.

Some of the comments agree with this review. Some don’t. But note that more than one comment reported underweight skeins. You might want to consider an extra ball, over and above your usual “extra ball” when ordering.

Washing in the machine evened out the stitches and smoothed the swatch, as it wanted to curl up quite a bit before it’s run through. I laid flat to dry, but there was one comment about machine drying working well. Up to you if you want to try it, maybe with your swatch. You all do swatch, don’t you? evilgrin

My gauge didn’t come agree with this yarn being Aran weight. Worsted is more like it, because it didn’t even swell with blocking. Gauge didn’t change one bit!


- US8 (5mm) metal
- Pre & Post block gauge - 5spi/6rpi (did not change)
- Machine washed beautifully
- Could not break
- Did not split
- Pill test showed a tiny bit of fuzzing
- No squeaky superwash feel while knitting
- Worsted, not Aran?
- Stitches evened out after block
- Next to skin soft
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