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10/2/2011 5:21:09 PM
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100% superwash wool
Made in Norway
Machine Wash cold, gentle/dry flat
DK - 23st/4” US4-6 (3.5-4mm)
50g - 109 yds (100m)
Standard $4.95US/$4.85CAD
Elann $2.48US/$2.43CAD - 50% Savings

Soft, easy care, pure wool in a versatile DK weight. 24 colors, plus 2 more in lesser quantities.

Preblock & Postblock

I wanted to like this one for all of you waiting with baited breath. Really, I did.

First impressions: felt like Red Heart. Bad first impression, huh? And I had just finished up a Christmas stocking (on commission) in RH, so there was no question what that felt like. As I was unwinding my sample skein, I kept thinking, “This stuff feels stiff and plasticky (new word!).” It knit up ok. I split, oddly enough, the stitch below while knitting on the garter stitch rows.

I’m not certain it’s a true superwash. I read throught the comments in the projects, as there are no comments on the comment’s tab. Only a couple mentioned the yarn itself: one said it felted in the wash; and, the other mentioned it growing with wear. My swatch didn’t want to play nicely. It curled like the devil (hence the before photo showing me trying to hold it down, while my husbunni held the tails to help me) preblock and went a little funky out-of-shape afterblock. The tails fuzzed and nearly felted. And the swatch itself was fuzzed. This didn’t bode well for the pill test. It took only 30 seconds of rubbing to get this: Pill tested

It’s just the tiniest bit itchy on my neck. I couldn’t break this one, even after the wash loosened the tail’s twist (4 plies). Oddly enough, the only thing that worked for me with this one was gauge. It didn’t change from preblock to postblock and it was dead on - 23s/4”, 7r/1”. Go figure! The fabric density at this gauge is fluid. Not too tight, not too loose. If you’re looking to get 20s/4” (some of you were, I know), you might get it with a US7 (4.5mm), but the fabric might be too loose for the drape/fabric density of the project.

If you’re jonesing for this one, plan on handwashing. I did dunk it in a soak, but forgot to grab a pic of it. It didn’t fuzz up with the hand wash/air dry. Just with the machine wash cold, gentle/air dry. Frogging this one was fine, because it was before it was machine washed. The yarn is smooth out of the skein. Actually, all the problems, for me at least, came after or because of, the machine wash!


- US6 (4mm) metal
- Handwash/air dry or you won’t be happy
- Pills with suggested machine washing
- Preblock gauge - 23s/4”, 7r/1”
- Postblock gauge - 23s/4”, 7r/1”
- Could not break
- Feels like acrylic to knit
- Sensitive skins will feel a little itch (this after the machine wash fuzzed it up - a handwash might not produce the itch)
- Frogged well preblock, but wouldn't want to frog after a machine wash block
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