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8/8/2011 9:01:46 AM
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elann.com Sock It To Me dankai
Coming: August 09, 2011 09:00 AM Pacific Time
Fibre Content:75% Superwash Wool/ 25% Nylon
Made In:Turkey
Care:Machine Wash, Cold, Gentle/ Dry Flat
Gauge:30 st/4 inches 2.5-3.0 mm (US 1-2)
Yardage:420 m (458 yards)
Size:100g (3.5 oz) ball

Big 100g balls of the highest quality sock yarn, in 6 amazing, slowly transitioning, super-saturated colorways!

Featured Design: Toe-Up Socks For The Family, designed for elann.com by Debbi Young is a great basic, easy to knit sock pattern. In sizes for children, women, and men, one pair of adult socks may be knit using just 1 ball of elann.com Sock It To Me dankai, or knit 2 pairs for children using just 1 ball!

This pattern is available free for the printing in the Free Patterns section of our website while quantities of elann.com Sock It To Me dankai remain.

Standard price for this quality is US$17.98 - Elann mill direct price saves you as much as 50%!


Unblocked & Blocked


This is a fuzzy yarn, and it shed on my black capris while knitting and I had to brush off. There are two plies (which is how they get the long transitioning shades I’m assuming, but my whole 10 yds were just two colors twisted together), each being a single ply, twisted loosely together. So a loose single ply, loosely plied into a 2 ply was a major problem for my style of knitting (throwing). The plies untwisted as I knit. I switched to picking (I can knit both ways) and it helped with the untwisting, but boy was it hard to knit with such small needles with my unpreferred method!

There is 25% nylon in this one, which gives it plenty of stretch, but wouldn’t hold out a stiff block if used on a shawl. I could break it. Not easily, but not a really hard tug either. I soaked it for awhile and when I blocked it, it went from a pretty even rectangle to a bit of a skewed rectangle (it biased just the slightest). This could be due to the plies untwisting as I knit. It may not be a problem if you can knit it without the plies untwisting.

I’m beginning to think I knit tightly, but yet the fabric of this swatch is not tight at all. Nope, I didn’t get gauge of 7.5spi on the suggested US2. I’d probably get that on US3’s. But, as I stated, the fabric I got is, in my opinion, rather loose if you were knitting socks. I’d go down to a US1 for socks with this yarn, but be forewarned, you’ll probably get somewhere between 9 and 10 spi (unless you are a super-tight knitter, then don’t go down to a 1!)

The fuzziness is probably due to the plies being singles, along with the nylon content. Even though it’s fuzzy, it isn’t really itchy. It felt a bit scratchy while knitting, but for the itch test, I forgot it was under my bra strap. Pill test didn’t do much but fuzz it up a bit more. Since this is superwash, the only thing that might make it pill is the nylon content and the nature of single plied yarn (even when plied together into a 2 ply) to pill. YMMV, but I’d guess it will be fuzzier, not pilled, over time.



- US2 (3mm) metal
- Unblocked: 8spi/10rpi
- Blocked: 8.5spi/11rpi
- Two fuzzy single plies, plied together
- Long transitioning color changes
- Higher nylon content = stretch with shape retention
- Biased slightly after blocking
- To prevent untwisting of plies, try continental knitting (picking)
- Sheds while knitting
9/3/2011 9:01:51 AM
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I'm currently knitting a scarf with this yarn on size 6 needles, which it's working out just fine for. I don't think I'd knit socks with it, though. It's weight is somewhere between lace and fingering. I don't think it would hold up very well as a sock, but it's fine for other accessories. I bought it knowing I wasn't planning to make socks, so no problem. I bought it in 3 different colorways. The colors are really lovely, and the long changes allow you to use a more intricate stitch pattern without obscuring it. You do have to watch it a bit as you knit, as it does tend to split. The scarf I'm making has a simple lace pattern, and it's not being obscured by the colors. I think I'll be getting a lot of complements on it when I wear it.

For the price, it's really a nice yarn for accessories and small projects, and the colors are gorgeous. I don't think it would hold up to hard wear, though. As mentioned, a hard blocking for a shawl might be risky, but a light block shouldn't be a problem.
9/4/2011 12:09:58 PM
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The 25% nylon content would actually be great for socks, but I agree, it is a light fingering at the suggested 30spi on a US1 or 2 and with the yardage at 458.
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