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8/1/2011 9:44:46 AM
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elann.com Limited Edition Light Mohair Long Prints
Coming: August 02, 2011 09:00 AM Pacific Time
Fibre Content:75% Mohair/ 25% Nylon
Made In:Italy
Care:Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Gauge:22 st/4 inches 3.0 mm (US 2)
Yardage:225 m (245 yards)
Size:50g (1.75 oz) ball

preblock & postblock


Nine beautiful, long color repeats, in a sumptuous luxury mohair blend!

Diagonal Garter Square Wrap pattern will be available free for the printing in the Free Patterns section of our website for as long as quantities of elann.com Limited Edition Light Mohair Long Prints remain.

Standard price for this quality is US$12.00 - Elann discounted price saves you as much as 67%!



Light Mohair. Is that like an oxymoron? I cringed when I opened my samples, because you all know I’m no big fan of the fuzzies. So, I started off by it laughing at me as I tried to untie the little knot in the sample skein. But I won out! Knit it up on the suggested needle size (masochist, yes?) and was actually pleasantly surprised. It is a very lightly haired Mo, so the stitches, though tiny, slipped off easily with no snagging on the fuzzies at all. I ripped some stitches, cuz, ya know, I just hadda and found that it frogged pretty easily the first time. Um, second time wasn’t so much the charm. Yeah, the yarn snagged on itself with a second frogging (on purpose just cuz of that masochistic tendency of mine), because the little hairy Mo’s were a bit tufted from the first frog/reknit.

I gave the yarn a good yank and was able to break it, but not nearly as easily as I thought it was going to go. In hand, it felt a bit on the scratchy side, which I’d hoped would lessen with a dunk and dry. Not so much. While it was softer in the hand after it’s spa treatment, I didn’t like it rubbing against my cheek so much. Speaking of rubbing, it fluffed up some, but didn’t pill. Might though, just because of the inherent nature of fuzzilicious yarns.

I think this would make a great shawl or wrap (like the pattern shown or maybe something really open on much larger needles, like a Wisp), it might also work really well for a cardi done up at a larger gauge than the yarn calls for such as Mohair Swing Wrap.

I didn’t get gauge using the suggested needle size, but the fabric I did get I rather liked (It was tighter at 6.25/1” once blocked rather than Elann’s 5.5/1”), but it went a little out of shape with the block. Of course, I didn’t pin it out, just smoothed it and left it to dry, so I’m certain it would block neatly if pinned.

If mohair is your thing, you might like this. Not as fuzzy as some, so much easier to knit!



- US2 (3mm) bamboo
- preblock gauge: 6.75spi/9rpi
- postblock gauge: 6.25spi/8.5rpi
- Breaks with effort
- Frogs okay once, not twice
- Soft, but not next to face soft (for me, at least)
- Fuzzed nicely after it’s spa treatment
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