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7/4/2011 6:16:24 AM
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LE Mode Mohair Long Prints
Fibre Content: 75% Mohair/ 10% Wool/ 15% Nylon
Made In: Italy
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 14st/4 inches 7.0 mm (US 10.75)
Yardage: 100 m (109 yards)
Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball

Luxurious mohair blend with beautiful, long color repeats!

Featured Design: Double Garter Triangular Shawl, designed and knit by Shui Kuen Kozinski, is the perfect format to showcase beautifully long color repeats. With finished measurements of approximately 76” in length by 34” at its longest point, after blocking, it uses 1 ball each of 4 colors of elann.com Limited Edition Mode Mohair Long Prints (colors 118, 109, 207, and 204), and will be available free for the printing in the Free Patterns page of our website while quantities remain!

Standard price for this yarn is US$12.00 - Elann discounted price saves you as much as 67%!


Unblocked Blocked photo to come.


Sweet! I got gauge on this (preblocking). Oh, wait. I had to use US11’s, because I don’t own 10.75mm needles. LOL! But, I did get 14s/4” (10cm) for those of you wondering which needles to use if you don’t have or can’t find 10.75’s. And with mohair, I tend to knit loosely, what with all the extra fuzziness and all.

It didn’t kill me to knit it either (as evidenced by my writing this), but I will say, I still didn’t like it. I’m just not a fuzzy fan. One plus was that it wasn’t a boucle mohair! I didn’t catch the needle tips in all the extra fuzzy while knitting and this yarn doesn’t split.

The fabric is nice, loose and airy, and the colors are pretty. I’m guessing I got the Camelia Grove, as my sample is a green/rose combo. It’s light and fluffy. Would make a great simple stitch shawl on even larger needles, much like ShuiKuen designed especially for this yarn (and it’s a free pattern, too! See above.)

I was able to break the yarn with a good, strong yank on it. I frogged a row and didn’t find it a problem, but would still suggest you not have to frog a lot. Mohair is usually difficult that way. It’s just a bit itchy to me while knitting up. And as I write this, it’s in the blocking bath, so I’ll edit to add comments once it’s dry on the softness after blocking. I’ll add after blocking pics then too.

As with most fuzzy mohairs, you’ll either love this or hate this. I don’t find there are too many in-betweeners with Hair of the Mo.



- US11 (8mm) metal (I’d suggest bamboo though)
- Breaks with really hard tug
- Unblocked: 3.5spi/4rpi
- Blocked: TBD
- Soft, but a bit itchy while knitting
- Frogged okay, but I only did one row (16 stitches wide)
- Pill test just fuzzed it up more (rubbed fabric together vigorously)
- Would probably felt well, though I didn’t try it with this one
7/4/2011 11:14:30 AM
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Here is the blocked pic.

The swatch grew in width but not in length. Measured 3spi/4rpi after blocking. Remained soft and the bit of scratchiness felt while knitting left completely with the block.
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