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6/13/2011 8:48:26 AM
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Schoeller Stahl Pantino
60% cotton/40% acrylic
Made in Romania
Machine wash cold, gentle/dry flat
Aran Weight - 17st/4inches 4.0-5.0mm (US6-8)
50g ball - 90m/98y
Standard Price: $5.95US/$5.71CA
Elann Price: $2.48US/$2.38CA (58% savings)


33 colors (21 of them in lesser quantities). Free pattern offer on Skacel’s website for a cropped jacket.


unblocked and blocked

I CO 21 stitches with the thumb loop. While knitting the first row, the stitches split like crazy (probably because the thumb loop method, for me at least, untwists the yarn). Didn’t split a single stitch after that! The yarn is made up of 18 threads - 3 plies twisted of 6 plies each. It’s a nice twist, not really tight, but definitely not a loose twist. It was really easy to knit and the stitches are pretty even with good definition. Not really certain I’d want an aran weight cotton sweater, but it would be great for baby bibs, hats, washcloths. Those who live in a really warm climate where a heavier cotton sweater in their “cooler” months is their “winter wear” would find this yarn just dandy!

Our power went out just as I was swatching, so I just dunked this in a cold water bath in the sink and swished it around a bit. The washing instructions are for machine wash cold, gentle cycle anyway, so probably not much difference. Laid flat to dry.

If anyone can break this yarn, you should let Guiness Book of World Records know, because it’s very, very sturdy. I couldn’t even break one of the 6 stranded plies alone! While there is acrylic content in this one, I only felt the cotton. It wasn’t hard on the hands to knit though, so the acrylic was doing it’s job adding some “give”.

With 33 colors to choose from, this is one you should give serious consideration to if you want an aran weight cotton blend. My only suggestion is to use the recommended size 6 for a tighter gauge if you are making a garment, unless you want something looser that will droop. I swatched on 8’s and it gave a really nice fabric, but I can see it ending up longer by the end of the day.



-US8 metal needles (5mm)
-Could not break
-preblock: 4.75spi/6rpi
-postblock: 4.25spi/7rpi
-lots of colors (though some in lesser quantities)
-Suggested needle size is US6-8 (4-5mm): got gauge on 8’s after blocking. Knit at tighter gauge to help with droop factor.
-Soft, but not fuzzy at all
-Great stitch definition
-Abrasion test showed no pilling (take that for what it’s worth - my abrasion test is rubbing the swatch together vigorously for a few minutes) or signs of wear at all
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